ECW History Synopsis 1

Two Different Synopsis's on the Beginning of ECW!


They started as Eastern Champion Wrestling, a member of the National Wrestling Alliance at the time. They hosted the NWA's World Heavyweight Championship tournament in like 1994. Shane Douglas Won the tournament in the finals against 2 Cold Scorpio, he was a member of ECW and the ECW champ at that time. The ECW title was not a world heavyweight title at that time because they were members of the NWA and a member promotion of the NWA is not allowed to have there own world heavyweight title, so Shane said that the NWA Wolrd Heavyweight Championship meant nothing, he threw it on the ground and picked up his ECW title and said it would be recognized as the ECW World Heavyweight championship. ECW got into a big fight with NWA then the next day the ECW withdrew themselves from the NWA and renamed themselves Extreme Championship Wrestling. And Paul Heyman was always in the, you could say, "boss" position.


Extreme Championship Wrestling started off as Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1992 as a divison of the National Wrestling Alliance. ECW started off in Philadelphia and is still there. Then 2 years later when the NWA held a tournament to crown a new NWA World Champ, on August 10, 1994, ECW got gold. NWA held the event in the ECW Philly Arena. The finals match came as Shane Douglas beat 2 Cold Scorpio for the belt. Shane won the NWA World Title and had the ECW title as well, but the ECW title wasn't a world title. Then after he was awarded the belt, Shane threw the NWA world belt to the ground and then took the ECW belt. He lifted it to the air and proclaimed that the ECW title is now a world title and that ECW is out of the NWA.
The next day hell broke out between ECW and NWA. The head commity of NWA demanded that Shane give back the belt but ECW refused. Then ECW finally broke away into Extreme Championship Wrestling. The head of the Eastern Championship Wrestling divsion, Paul Heyman, took over the company and lead ECW to where they are now.