Breakin' All The Rules
By The "Straight Shooter" Shane Stevens

Welcome to another edition of "Breakin' All The Rules.”

What’s up folks?

    Since the inception of Breakin’ All The Rules, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to make this the best column on the ‘net. I came up with a few ideas, some of which may be introduced in the future, but one of which is going to be laced into this fun-filled venture effective immediately. Keeping up the “straight shooter” image, I’m going to offer the readers of my column something interesting. I’m a stickler for people’s input, good or bad(Thanks to the people who wrote in since last time, if I haven’t gotten back to ya already, I will).

   Whether it be my email @, or my AOL-IM @ Str8tShooterECW, I want to give you all the chance to “shoot” back at me about something I have said in a past column that you may have disagreed with(i.e. Me saying Tajiri is the best thing going). Maybe you just wanna add something I may have missed. The feedback that I choose will be put into my next column, and from there on out. As DeVito likes to say, “if you think you can be hardcore, email me.” I think that this could prove to be very enlightening and fun for all.

     Onto the world of Extreme Championship Wrestling! Like the Dave Matthews Band, last week I had “so much to say,” but I just couldn’t fit it all into one column. One of the things I wanted to touch on, is the ongoing situation between ECW, and its potential TV deal with USA, FX, ESPN2, or what have you. I’ve said for some time that for a promotion the caliber of ECW to go from a national platform such as TNN, however good or bad people say TNN was, back down to syndication, could mean certain death.

    Without a national outlet for ECW to showcase its product to the world, they are having to survive merely off of one hour of TV a week. One mere hour of ECW television per week. Think about it. Take out the commercials and promos, and that adds up to usually anywhere from 30-35 min. of actual match/promo/etc time. That means less angles, less guys on TV, and less exposure for everyone. This is certainly taking a toll on the company. Look at the cancelling of the 10/27 Camden, NJ and 10/28 Bethlehem, PA shows. The evidence is there that the company is suffering to an extent from not having a network.

    I’m not trying to sound negative at all when I say these things, because I believe there is something in the works to bring ECW back to national prominence again. I most certainly believe that things are going to get better. The only question is......when?

November 2 Remember 2000

    I wanted to turn in my predictions early because I thought I would break the grain and predict some things that people would probably knock or disagree with, but, someone else beat me to it. Read on........

FBI v. Mikey/Tajiri = FBI

I love Mikey/Tajiri to death as a team. Everyone seemingly has taken to the tandem put together by the Sinister Minister. They’ve held and defended the titles against some stiff competition, regardless of how long the reign was. With all of that said, I want to put my bid down on the FBI.

   I know what you’re thinking......... “But, Tajiri is you’re favorite Shane, what are you saying!?” Tajiri may be my favorite, and Mikey may have held all the gold in ECW before, but the FBI simply has their number. Plus, I think it’s Guido’s time to shine and Paul knows that. He’s one of the people who’ve stuck around, and has busted his ass to make it where he is today. The guy is in incredible shape, and he’s got skills out of this world with an attitude to match. As for Mamaluke, the bump machine himself, his style accentuates his partner’s style and in my opinion they can only get better from here. One way or another, Tony “I won’t rib you about the doll” Mamaluke and Little Guido have their number.

Nova v. Chetti = Chetti

     Nova has tried to get his hands on Chetti for some time now, and he’ll finally get his chance in the Windy City. Chetti, who is under the influence of Lou E. Dangerously now, has been creepin’ lately. He’s been trying to throw the “InNOVAtor” off his game. Chetti is my pick to win this one because for one thing, Nova has a history of getting screwed. More so though, Chetti will win because Lou is in his corner. Dangerously has the know-how to get the job done, and he’ll lead Chetti to victory.

Da Baldies v. Chilly Willy/Balls Mahoney *Flaming Tables* = Da Baldies

   Expect nothing but an all out brawl between these four guys. I want to say we’ll see Red Dawg come into play from the happenings at “ECW New York” but, who knows. Red Dawg came on the scene for the Baldies a while back, then disappeared, then reappeared recently. Again, who knows......

   Balls has a lot of experience in this category, and as much as Frank Romeo may want Chilly Willy to really be Axl Rotten, it’s not going to happen. Chilly doesn’t have the experience in this type of match, and if you wanna fight the dumb man’s argument, he is the only one that doesn’t have a damn shirt on. Let me remind you all that Balls got severely burned doing these type matches with Spike v. the Dudleys and he wears like 2 F’N shirts! I say that the Baldies get the nod, but, I sincerely hope Chilly isn’t the one to take the plunge. He’ll go from “Everybody’s Favorite Homeboy” to “Extra-Fried Homeboy” in a split second.

New Jack v. Rhino= New Jack

    This is where I was supposed to break the mold, but it’s also where Craig King beat me to the punch. I’ll give you your due because you obviously see something going down as I do. Anyway, I predict there will be weapons..... and blood..... and -..... only joking folks. After all, we usually get that everytime New Jack hits the ring. Joking aside, I see Rhino falling to the O.G. by pinfall. That’s right. 1...2...3 Rhino drops the belt to New Jack, and we have a new TV champ. I can’t explain it..... I just feel it “in my bones.”

Kid Kash/Doring/Roadkill v. Simon Diamond/EZ Money/Julio Dinero = Kash/Doring/RK

    I think we’ll see every bit of 10-15 minutes of this one and it’ll be a treat to the fans live and at home. These guys will show out making this possibly the best match on the card yet. I can’t wait to check it out.

Corino v. Lynn v. Credible v. Sandman = Jerry Lynn

    Drag me out to the street and shoot me for saying this, but I don’t like the way the match is set up. Maybe if I see it play out I’ll like it, but as it stands now, I just don’t think this setup will bring the four participants to their best right off.

    When it all comes down to it, I wanna just lay it out there and say Corino walks with the belt. As much as I’d like to see it, I think he’ll play second fiddle to the champ, and put Lynn over. No complaining though, because regardless of who is facing who, when you put Lynn/Corino/Credible together in any combination against each other, you’re going to come out with a 5* match nine times out of ten.

    Oh, and then there is that other guy. You know.....The Sandman. A 3-time former ECW World Heavyweight Champion. He’s no factor in this one......................Yeah right. A guy who can drink 75 beers on his way to the ring without being fully inebriated, and on top of that swings the meanest cane in the biz is a pretty damn big factor. Personally, I just don’t see the cards falling in his favor though. Somehow, the champ is leaving the Odeum with the belt in hand..............

    I’m sure some of you may have been waiting for this part, and by god, who am I to disappoint?

    Frank Romeo, Frank Romeo, Frank Romeo.............. tisk tisk. You should know better than to beef with me. Don’t hate on me because you don’t keep up your end of a deal jack. The first thing that comes to my mind when I see or hear Frank Romeo is the word “hypocrite.” Oh, that my friend, is true.

    You see, at one time, I was on the outside looking in at and I saw some things happening. I saw people putting out columns every now and then, and you putting them out somewhat regularly. Once upon a star, I even read a few “Shootin’ With The Franchise” installments. As S.E. Hinton would say, that was then, this is now.

    Your response to my mentioning your hair is bringing up the same couple people you seem to bring up in all your writing to vouch for its credibility. Truth is, hardcore juggalos would probably beat your ass to the floor if you sported that look at an ICP show. Change it now for your own safety bro. Mikey can always be paid off to miss with one of those fireballs if you catch my drift. Damn..... what’s that I smell burning?

    As for “challenging your musical interests” as you called it, not quite. I had to laugh at that. If you paid what I said half the attention you pay to your hair, you would have understood that I wasn’t digging at those mentioned. Matter of fact, the likes of Rob Zombie(White Zombie as well, same difference basically), Biohazard, Korn, Godsmack, and a bunch of others of the genre grace my CD case. Don’t even get me started on a 2Pac v. ICP binge........ It’s a fact that 2Pac has sold more records worldwide than ICP has, and will ever dream of.(Oh, by the way, check out 2Pac’s “The Rose That Grew From Concrete” due out 11/21) So, putting two painted up white boys who had deprived childhoods much like your own in the same category as a man who very well could be that greatest rapper that ever lived, is a joke to say the least. I wouldn’t put my stock in 2 guys that run from some cat whose name is also that of a candy. Figure it out....

     Couple more things before I leave you alone “Franchise.” One being your recent diss on Philly fans. Frank, my suggestion to you, is that you don’t break your scary ass off in any part of Philly til the few people who actually read your stuff forget about it. Otherwise, you just might end up like that Devils fan you spotlighted. If you don’t like the atmosphere the Philly fans project, don’t go to the Arena. Go to Hammerstein next time, or whatever other NY show that is held, because after that, the folks in Philly probably don’t want you. In closing, you stick to your “ shootin’ ” as you would like to call it, and I’ll continue breakin’ all the rules............

    This week’s trivia question is: Before undergoing a change into who he is today, a returning Mikey Whipwreck fought which wrestler and lost, and proceeded to snap causing him to mumble things, and plain act crazy? The question may not be put together all that good, but, if you’re an ECW fan, or a Mikey fan at least, you know what I’m getting at.

Last week’s trivia winner was: and the answer was...........

   Heatwave 1999 which was held at the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH Props to Craig, Fonzaholic, and Paul O’Brian who also got the question correct.

    One final thing before I leave, I’m interested in hearing from you all in yet another capacity. This time being your encounters with the personalities of ECW...... I know I have a ton, and may eventually let em out of the bag, but I’d like to hear yours, especially if its got a cool hook to it instead of just..... “I met Justin Credible last week.” Send em in to, and if I have the space next week, the one I like will be featured in the next “Breakin All The Rules.”

Till next week.... don’t hurt nobody.