Breakin' All The Rules
By The "Straight Shooter" Shane Stevens

Welcome to another edition of "Breakin' All The Rules.Ē

First thing this week, I want to extend a get well wish to Jim Mitchell. As most of you know, he was injured/burned seriously at the November 2 Remember. Get well soon Jim, because without you in the fold, ECW just isnít as ďsinister.Ē

Time................Itís a luxury some of us donít have. That includes me here lately. No no, I havenít contracted Frank Romeo-itis on you all, its quite the opposite. Iíve been working probably about 60% of the time, and sleeping probably around 30%, which leaves me a slim window of opportunity to do whatever else. In the time that I have had, I have chipped and chipped and chipped away at my third offering. I hope you all enjoy.............

Do any of you remember the sky-high push ECWís up and coming high-flyer Kid Kash was getting at one point? He was at one point teaming with Van Dam setting up a possible angle for the future between the tandem, as well as body-surfing his way to the ECW Television Title. Now, heís teaming with various partners against various opponents. in tag matches and 6-man bouts. Not that this is a bad thing, but, I personally was enjoying his singles run. How much longer will we have to wait for the RVD v. Kid Kash feud? The friend gone bad angle maybe? I donít really care what kind of angle goes, just that the match goes down at some point. Kash is too hot of a commodity to be in tag matches. His style canít be unleashed in a tag match as much as it may be let out in singles competition. As Joey likes to say, ďKid Kash is money.Ē So let the man take it to the bank......

Rumors have been flying lately like scorching pucks at a defenseless Atlanta Thrashers goalie. At the same time, Paul Heyman has been playing the defense for the team. Paul quickly shot down the rumors on RVDís departure, and RVD followed suit on his site, Rob discussed the movie he just finished working on, Black Mask 2 with Jet Li, as well as the rumors. As dumb as this whole thing was, thereís always a mastermind behind things. You know, if you have that much time on your hands that you have to screw with people, then, I suggest you enroll in knitting classes or something. Or do like my buddy Frank does, and look at Lita pictures all the live day long.

Oh, and Meltzer..... nice reporting on that one. Credibility is a big thing in the wrestling, and after that, you really have none. You should rank high up on Corinoís ďMark of the WeekĒ list now. Good job.

Now that weíve got the ďBad GuyĒ in ECW, the real survey to be taken here is.........

ďHey Yo! or Hey NO?Ē

Hall is looking to get back on track in more ways than one, and Heyman has given him that opportunity here in ECW. Fans pretty much rejoiced when he made his debut in the land of extreme, but is it really all good? Scott Hall, who has a history of causing problems, drinking, etc. is now in the fold. Will it be a problem for the tightest locker room in the business? Time will tell. Do I think so? No. It is a question to be raised though. Another question to be raised that is a bit more important, is how long will he be around? Will Scott debut in the Arena on 12/23? Will he be around next week? Thatís another topic thatís getting the rumor mill grinding again. Who cares..... For however long that he is here, I think it will be beneficial to ECW all around. Thatís all Iím gonna say on that. In conclusion, I think that Scott Hall could put on some great matches in ECW, as long as he stays clean and does his thing. I do hope he sees the historic ECW Arena, if its the only time. His name would be etched into history next to the greats who have wrestled in the building like Funk, Foley, Douglas, Taz, etc.

Poll: What do you think of Scott Hall in Extreme Championship Wrestling?

Iím pulling the trivia for this week, so I can replace it with this poll. Iíd really like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Email me @ and tell me if and why you like/dislike Hall in ECW. Also, last weekís trivia winner was I did get an array of answers, all of which were on track, but not the correct answer.

Hey, I have a little qualm here. Not with anyone, just in general. Why do almost all of the guys in ECW have a page right? And one guy in particular, has a page that hasnít been updated since 4 days after Cyberslam in the Arena. Someone out there step up, and give my man Yoshihiro Tajiri a tight webpage!!!! And update it!

Time keeps on flying by, and before too much longer ďMassacre on 34th StĒ will be at hand. Steve Corino will be bloodied. The return to the Hammerstein will be much anticipated. After all, its the building that put NYC back on the map(Remember?? Paul dumped on Philly plugging for NYC). From an outsider perspective, it is a nice building and its great for TV. Does it compare to the Arena? I canít really say anything, because Iíve never set foot in the Hammerstein. I will say this.....The ECW Arena is about a classic as youíre going to get. It may not be the prettiest building, in the nicest, cleanest neighborhood, but what takes place inside the building is nothing short of phenomenal. In my opinion, nothing compares to the Arena. The feeling you get when youíre sitting in there is eerie if you think of the past there. Ask some of the boys about how it is performing in the ring inside it. To be inside the same building that launched ECW onto pay-per-view television for the very first time....The same building where more blood has spilled than any other, and where so much has taken place...... Itís something special.

Back to the PPV...... Without a card announced, I can only poorly speculate on what will go down. With Super Crazy back and Scott Hall in the mix, it should prove to be worth every penny regardless. How about a rematch with Hall/Credible so extreme fans from all around can check it out? Team up Crazy/Tajiri against the FBI which lets Mikey recover a bit more to get him back to 100%. Crazy/Tajiri are two mad men with a license to fly.... let em go! Triple moonsaults and the stiffest kicks in the business versus bumps galore and mat technique..... Thatís a formula for a great match. Oh, and the tag titles would be on the line! If Crazy/Tajiri won the belts, where would that leave Mikey? There are seeds that could be sowed for the future.........

Rhino..... he seems to forever want a piece of Robbie so hell, book it again. Let Van Dam knock off some of the rust that may have come about while overseas with a matchup against the ďman monster.Ē If this were to be booked, itíd be a big fín deal(pun definitely intended).

Other than that, I canít really think of too much more. I know that Steve Corino is going to have his work cut out for him if heís matched up against any of his previous challengers. Gee, and I thought Steveís face turn was going to mean he could let his head heal up. If it isnít Justinís cane, its CWís fists, and if it isnít that........ itís the Sandmanís cane. To quote Shane Douglas on Sandmanís ability to swing the stick, ďHeís swinging for the fences.Ē Oh, and Douglasí view on getting hit with the cane..... ďIt sucks.Ē Poor Corino. If you werenít the stand up guy you are, Iíd suggest you run.... LoL. Either way, Iím sure Steveís going to take a pounding, but, regardless of who heís up against, heís walking with the belt. Why? Because heís taking the title back to the Arena in Philly on Dec. 23rd............ Case closed.

Thatís all Iíve got for you all this week! Till next time....donít hurt nobody.