"ECW's rebirth; don't get too excited..."
By Dilk Bathoon

Two weeks ago, Paul Heyman and Vinnie Mac shocked the wrestling world by breathing new life into the terribly mis-handled WCW vs. WWF storyline by introducing our fallen commrade; ECW, into the mix.

The beauty of the whole thing was that nobody saw it coming. Well; to be truthful several rumers about the event had been swerling around the internet mere hours before RAW went on the air, but most, including myself, would be lying if they said they didn't disrigard the rumers as mindless internet spam.

And then after the mark out moment which played out like tazzjay's wet ECW dream, the momentum dropped slightly later in the evening when it was announced that storyline-wise, ECW and WCW would be joining together. And thats where my fear lies;

That this is just a storyline.

As soon as the WWF purchased WCW, it was announced that there would be some inter-promotional mumbo jumbo, and then WCW would be run as a seperate entity, and until recently I believed %100 that was still the WWF's intentions. However, with the inclusion of ECW, things have gotten a little more complex and confusing, and it is now a little harder to predict what Vince's agenda is. If both the WWF and WCW are to run as seperate entities, where does that leave ECW? Will it get it's own show, or will it's stars once again depart for either WWF or WCW?

Unfortunatly, I fear the worst for the "Tribe of Extreme". Having three major wrestling companies touring North America, working large stadiums seems like a too much, and sorry to say, but it would take just as much work to get ECW accepted as a major wrestling company in the eyes of most casual wrestling fans as it will WCW. So I ask myself; will WCW run as a joint promotion with ECW, or will ECW once again fade, only this time as a watered down shell of its once 'extreme' self?

I don't know the answer to these questions, but what I want to tell my fellow ECW fans, is that don't get too excited about any long term plans for ECW, because right now they are #3 on the WWF's priority list, and that more then likely, right now ECW is just a crutch to help WCW.

**Good or bad feedback please, and if you disagreed with what i was trying to say, please say so. I was hoping this article would cause a bit of speculation/argument.**