How ECW Stars Are Affecting WCW
By Dilk Bathoon

In my last article, I looked at how yesterday's ECW stars are impacting today's WWF. This week I will take a look at the other side of the coin; WCW. With the number two promotion slowly working towards their relaunch, it is obvious that some very crutial roster changes are in the works. With all the former ECW stars on the indy scene now, it is most likely that at least some of them will be picked up to work in the new WCW. The following is a list of who I would hire, and what I would do with them. 

Kid Kash and EZ Money- EZ Money (aka Jason Jett) made an early splash in WCW during their cruiserweight tag tournament, and recieved an substantial push as well. Then several weeks before WCW went off the air, Kid Kash showed up on Thunder for a tryout match, and much like they did in ECW, the two tore the house down. Now, I'd like to see these two feud as much as the next guy, but instead I would have them use their undeniable chemestry as a tag team. The new cruiserweight tag division is going to need teams to compete for the titles, and I think these two could pull a classic out of whomever the champions where. 

Kid Kash & EZ Money!

Nova- Call him Super Nova, Hollywood Nova, Venom Nova, Aquaman, Mighty Mouse or whatever; you can't deny that the guy has big time talent. Nova has earned the reputation as one of the best innovators in wrestling today, so I would pit him in a feud against another great innovator in Kanyon. These two could rip up the ring in technical matches, and then finish the feud in some sort of PPV gimmick match. 

Rob Van Dam- Theres no doubt that Mr. Pay Per View would be a huge asset in any wrestling organization, and he brings the kind of outside star power that WCW will need. In ECW, despite being the most popular guy on the roster, Rob never got to get a run at the World Heavyweight title, that mistake wont happen in WCW. Whether a face or a heel, I would have The Whole F'n Show rubbing elbows with WCW's main eventers from the get-go, and always be a contender for the organizations top prize. 


The Sandman- Sandmans semi-successful first run with WCW as Hardcore Hak was unfortunatly cut short, and with all the great technical wrestlers headed WCW's way, theres going to have to be some room for someone to swing those chairs and Singapore cains; enter Sandman so to speak. I would pair The Hardcore Icon with his origional WCW valet Chastidy, as I though the pair had excellent chemestry, and would enter a feud with a young wrestler despritly trying to make a splash between injuries; Johnny the Bull. I think Johnny is very underrated in the ring, and him and the Sandman could brutalize each other old school hardcore style. And speaking of Old School...

Steve Corino- Corino's much deserved run with the ECW World Heavywight title was unfortunatly cut very short, and while I think he would eventually be a contender, I wouldn't start Steve at the top of WCW. Instead, I would have him resurrect one of the greatest 'old school' titles ever, the WCW/NWA Television title. WCW made a big mistake in burying the beloved title, and this would be a sensable excuse to bring it back. And I would have his sidekick Jack Victory around for the ride too. 


Dawn Marie- My favorite ECW valet, I just want to see her on TV again. 

I know that there are a lot of ECW wrestlers who deserve to be in the new WCW, but realistically only a few at best are going to be hired. These are only the wrestlers I think would best benifate the organization, but if I had it my way, the new WCW would be the old ECW. 
By Dilk Bathoon