Why ECW NEEDS to turn on WCW
By Dilk Bathoon

Well, so far this 'Invasion' has made to some pretty interesting television, but theres one thing that sounds really wierd no matter how you say it;


Now, I can see how it would make sence storyline-wise for these two companies to join forces to go up against the WWF, but it's getting to the point where the storyline is going to run it's course, and the obvious way to go would be for our beloved ECW to turn on WCW, of course.

It has been well reported over the last few weeks that the WWF has aquired a new two hour time slot on TNN on Saturday nights. And while this wouldn't be my first choice for days to air a wrestling program, it sure beats Fridays nights. The WWF, even without the seven athleates who 'departed' to ECW, still have a pretty packed roster and filling in four hours of RAW/Smackdown/Heat shouldn't be a problem, so it's a given that they probably don't need the Saturday slot to advance storylines, characters, etc. However, ECW/WCW do.

I can see it now, Smackdown opens and all the ECW/WCW troops hit the ring to a chorus of boo's, and with all the WCW guys placed convieniently in front of the 'tribe of extreme'. Shane gets on the mic and blah blah blah's about how industructable the alliance is when suddenly the ambush occures. ECW lays the royal beat down on the boys from Atlanta, while Steph and Heyman laugh it up, claiming ECW doesn't need WCW to be the dominent force in Sports Entertainment. This would plant the seed for somewhat of the three-way rivalry over the next few weeks.

WCW could end up with the Saturday spot, mainly because they are, arguably still the #2 brand to most casual fans. This would be a good way to advance a WCW vs. ECW rivalry while the WWF could go back to running their own shows.

There are also a lot of mega-talented WCW guys sitting around in Ohio Valley, and a whole slew of ECW workers in the indies. Bringing in guys like Jung Dragons, Johnney the Bull, and Mike Sanders could only add to the WCW talent roster on TV, and ECW could bulk up with the likes of Kid Kash, Jason Jett (EZ Money), Balls Mahony, and The Sandman. Having these two armies going at it for ownership of the show would hopefully bring in the ratings Vince is looking for, and the support from TNN needed to expand and thrive.

I probably still wouldn't watch it, being Saturday nights and all, but I'd definatly tape it

Till next time, Dilk "ECW2k.com Exclusive" Bathoon