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Mike Campbell

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

New Jack's recent return to the ring is culminating with a TV Title shot at November 2 Remember against Rhino. While we are all very familiar with the recent activity of New Jack, ECW News' Mike Campbell looks back in time at New Jack's first appearance in ECW in the first edition of ECW Rewind.

June 16, 1995 is a day that all ECW arena fans will remember for a number of reasons. One of the first things that comes to mind is the debut of one of the best tag teams and subsequently one of the most popular wrestlers in ECW history.... New Jack.

It started out innocently enough. Public Enemy, then the ECW tag team champions, were in the ring with Axl Rotten waiting for him to choose his "dream partner" for a tag team title shot. That was back when TPE was known as "The Undisputed Mack Daddy's of Violence." Axl Rotten, who was too violent for television back then due to his blood feud with Ian Rotten, had made it known that he disputed that nickname seeing as he and his brother were involved in a number of different types of barbed wire matches at that time.

Axl Rotten chose his little Brother Ian Rotten for his mystery partner sparking a huge cheer from the crowd and even Joey Styles said, "Oh, it's going to be bloody." However, this was not the case. Bill Alfonso, who was a referee and not yet a manager, was a referee who was hated because he had power from the PA State Athletic commission and actually enforced the rules. He entered the ring and reminded the crowd, as well as the Rotten Brothers, that Ian and Axl had signed a contract stating if they lost a match against the Pit Bulls in January that they would never team again. Axl Rotten became outraged and, after calling Alfonso a few choice names, told the fans that as much as he wanted to win the tag belts he wasn't going to screw the fans out of their hard earned money to buy a ticket. He then turned and attacked Ian and they brawled to the back.

After that Public Enemy's music hit and they began to dance. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two men hit the ring and began to attack TPE with all sorts of weapons. Joey Styles went on a verbal rampage telling the fans who they were and that "they didn't even work here." These two men were New Jack and Mustafa, better known as The Gangstas.

Following the attack The Gangstas were arrested and taken out of the ECW Arena in handcuffs but they had left their mark leaving Public Enemy lying bloody and beaten. That vicious attack put the "Hoodies" in the title of the show "Barbed Wire, Hoodies and Chokeslams "

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ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

After The Gangstas debut the stage was set for a tag title match against Public Enemy but that was not the case as on June 20, 1995 in Jim Thorpe, PA The Gangstas cost Public Enemy the world tag team titles to Raven and Stevie Richards. It seemed strange why had New Jack and Mustafa thrown their own chances of ECW gold out the window? It was simple; they didn't care about gold they wanted to show Public Enemy who the real "Hoodies" of ECW were. Hardcore Heaven '95 was the first sanctioned match between the two teams with Public Enemy coming out on top. The Gangstas rebounded by defeating Public Enemy in a cage match at Heatwave '95.

The Sandman who was then the ECW Champion soon aligned himself with the Gangstas. A series of 6 man tag team matches with Sandman and The Gangstas fighting Mikey Whipwreck and The Public Enemy occurred, Mustafa soon became injured and 2 Cold Scorpio replaced him. On September 16, 1995 an ECW arena show titled Gangstas Paradise was when Public Enemy thought they had rid themselves of The Gangstas, after brawling everywhere in the building and Mikey and TPE coming out on top over New Jack, Scorpio and Sandman in a 6 man cage fight, Mustafa ran to the ring and brawl went on with TPE getting the better of The Gangstas. The Gangstas were not to be seen again and Pubic Enemy thought they had proved who the Hoodies of ECW were or so it seemed.

3 months later at Holiday Hell '95 was when TPE was once again attacked by New Jack and Mustafa. TPE found themselves laid out and bloody while New Jack and Mustafa told the ECW Arena that they would be around for a long time. Soon after that show, Public Enemy signed with WCW and on January 5, 1996 at ECW House Party '96:Farewell to the Public Enemy The Gangstas and TPE had one last bloody battle that saw TPE defeat the Gangstas. The Gangstas had finally rid ECW of Public Enemy but they didn't know what to do now that TPE were gone.

They began to gun for the tag team titles in February of 1996 when Perry Saturn and John Kronus known as the Eliminators were the champions. The time was right to go after gold now that TPE were gone. But first they had to contend with The Head Hunters a huge team of 400 pound men, The Sandman and 2 Cold Scorpio also made it known they wanted A piece of the Gangstas. After dealing with those teams they began to fight Saturn and Kronus but no matter how hard they fought against them, no matter how many weapons they used they couldn't seem to get the job done. In June at Hardcore Heaven '96 ECW gave The Gangstas their last shot at The Eliminators but before the match New Jack and Mustafa were attacked by the team of Samu the Silk and Mack Daddy Kane known as "The Gangstas of Paradise" also Ron and Don Harris The Bruise Brothers attacked them and stole their title shot. New Jack and Mustafa had lost their opportunity for the gold but later that night they came back to get revenge on Samu and Kane and it wound up becoming a 4 way brawl with The Bruise Brothers and Eliminators becoming involved. At Heatwave '96 they got a match with the Gangstas of Paradise, maybe match isn't the right word as they basically destroyed the two Samoans. August 8, 1996 ECW signed a 4-way dance between The Eliminators, The Bruise Brothers, The Gangstas of Paradise, and The Gangstas. The match was a violent and bloody affair and The Gangstas came out on top and they got their first set of ECW tag team titles.

New Jack and Mustafa were finally champions but little did they know it was the beginning of the end for the team of the Gangstas.

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ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

After winning the tag team titles The Gangstas had to go about defending the titles. They defeated such teams as, The Eliminators, Sabu and Rob Van Dam, The Bruise Brothers, The FBI, and The Dudleys. The Gangstas built up and impressive win streak and at the 1996 November to Remember defeated both The Eliminators and Sabu and Rob Van Dam in a 3-way dance.

  The Gangstas lost the titles back to Saturn and Kronus on December 20, 1996. They began to get back in the title run to regain the belts but were sidetracked by the end of the family feud of D Von and Buh Buh Ray Dudley. The Dudley Boyz were taking teams out left and right. The Gangstas were no exception and they lost their chance to win the tag team titles when The Dudley Boyz did it first. So now The Dudley Boyz were the target of The Gangstas.

April 13, 1997 ECW's first Pay Per View Barely Legal saw New Jack and Mustafa once again have to switch targets as Perry Saturn and John Kronus defeated the Dudley's for the tag straps. Now they were back to chasing the Eliminators when it all became worth it for The Gangstas.

After another title change with The Eliminators and The Dudley Boyz The Gangstas found themselves in line for a title shot against Buh Buh Ray Dudley and D Von Dudley at Heatwave '97 and they made the most of their opportunity and recaptured the ECW tag team titles after 7 months of chasing the champions, feeling the wrath of the Dudleys, and taking brutal punishment.

Less than a month later when Mustafa became injured The Gangstas had to forfeit the tag titles back to the Dudleys. Perry Saturn had parted way with John Kronus and two tag team wrestlers who were old enemies became a tag team. September 20, 1997 at As Good As It Gets. The Dudley Boyz lost the tag team titles when they were defeated by The Gangsta-Nators, New Jack and John Kronus. New Jack now had tag team gold yet again but it was without his original partner.

There was friction between New Jack and Kronus stemming from their past history. They didn't stay on top long and were defeated by the team of Tracy Smothers and Little Guido. The Gangsta-Nators never got the titles again as their friction caused several losses to the Dudley Boyz. They soon aligned themselves with Buh Buh Ray and D Von's half brother Spike Dudley who was also feuding with the Dudley Boyz. The trio defeated D Von, Buh Buh Ray and "Big" Dick Dudley in several 6-man tag encounters. But in tag team competition they were getting defeated. At Better Than Ever, New Jack and Spike were defeated by The Dudleys, and at House Party '98 Kronus and New Jack fell to D Von and Buh Buh Ray as well.

Living Dangerously '98 was the moment that New Jack and Spike Dudley were waiting for. In a 3-way dance against The Dudley Boyz and Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten they got a chance to finally defeat the Dudleys and after they jumped off a balcony to put The Dudley Boyz through tables it gave them a long awaited victory.

That marked the end of the Gangsta-Nators as a team and the alliance with Spike Dudley. New Jack began to go at it alone in search of singles gold when it all took a violent twist.

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ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

In mid 1998 Jack Victory had made his way to ECW and had transformed from the technition of the 1980's to a violent brawler. New Jack and Jack Victory were at each other at once. Victory had alligned himself with New Jack's old foes The Dudley Boyz while New Jack sided with Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten and his old parnter John Kronus. In addititon New Jack also formed an aliance with The Dudley's current foes of Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, and Spike Dudley. This feud brought out a different side of New Jack, he was always portrayed as a criminal who wasn't afraid of jail but in interviews New Jack revealed himself to be a college graduate who had been on both sides of the tracks.

New Jack and Victory were supposed to have a weapons match at Heatwave '98 in Dayton, but Victory and The Dudley Boyz attacked him in the parking lot and the weapons match was canceled. After The Dudley's had been defeated by Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike Dudley, Jack Victory ran to the ring and attacked the victors. New Jack ran to the ring with a shopping cart holding a garbage can full of weapons, and a stop sign. He along with Dreamer, Sandman, and Spike quckly ran off Victory and The Dudley Boyz.

The Feud with Victory soon dried up as New Jack defeated him in several tag team matches and Victory soon became a thug for Justin Credible. New Jack began to do little else than run in and have "matches" where he basicly used weapons and won his matches, as popular as he was he began to get lost in the shuffle.

After Sandman had left ECW, Dreamer was left without a partner for a tag team match against Credible and Victory, he had a mystery parnter for the 1998 November to Remember. New Jack said it was him but he was injured by Victory and Credible before the match. New Jack shortly afterwards gave a "shoot" interview where he dicussed his career in ECW, his oppinions of those who left and his tag team partners. One of his quotes was "I did Mustafa a favor, I carried him." This quote would cause New Jack dearly later on.

At Guilty as Charged in January of 1999, The Dudley Boyz who were in their fourth reign as ECW Tag Team Champions issued a challenge to any team. Spike Dudley acccepted and as the fight ensued New Jack hit the ring for a reunion with an old partner. The Dudley's gave New Jack a Dudley Death Drop (3D) on the rap and easily won the match. New Jack was feuding with the Dudley Boyz all over again. At Crossing the Line in February of 1999 as New Jack was coming out to fight The Dudley Boys he pointed to the locker room and Mustafa emerged, The Gangstas has reunited. Mustafa turned on New Jack in the match and was paid by The Dudleys for his act.

Mustafa had heard New Jack's comments about how he carried him and was going to prove him wrong. At Cyberslam The Dudleys and Mustafa who was now known as "Mr. Mustafa" beat New Jack, Balls Mahoney, and Axl Rotten in, what was ironicly a Gangstas Paradise cage match like The Gangstas had brought to ECW over 3 years earlier.

Living Dangerously '99 was when New Jack got a one on one match with Mustafa and it wasn't pretty. They both used considerable amounts of weapons and at the end just as he did one year before New Jack leaped off the balcony and put Mustafa though a table for the victory.

After the match Mr. Mustafa was gone from ECW and New Jack was left looking as to what to do now. He formed an impressive tag team with Axl Rotten but they lasted only a few months untill Axl had reunited with Balls Mahoney. After ECW had gone national on TNN New Jack was left without a thing to do he was only hitting the ring at times when someone needed help to give a helping hand. He wasn't in line for title shots or involved in feuds. At Anarchy Rulz in September of 1999 New Jack hit the ring durring a huge brawl between Nova and Chris Chetti and Danny Doring and Roadkill. He cleared the ring instantly and used his newest favorite weapon, a staple gun.

New Jack found himself voted to receive a shot at the world heavyweight title on TNN. It was a typical New Jack brawl with considerable amounts of weapons used. Untill he was thrown through a table and beaten, New Jack was in controll.

New Jack didn't know it then but he was about to have his toughest opponents yet, another group of Gangstas.

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

In October of 1999 three ECW undercard wrestlers, Tony DeVito, Vito "Skull" Lagrosso, and Spanish Angel formed an impressive street gang based on the fact that they all lack one Da Baldies who were out to prove themselves as a tough gang couldn't get it done and were ridiculed in arena's across the country and laughed at by millions watching ECW on TNN so they decided to get people to take them seriously.

October 23rd, 1999 an ECW Arena show which became known as "Re-Enter The Sandman" Da Baldies with their newest memeber Newz were brawling with Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten when New Jack hit the ring and began to take them out. Angel grabbed New Jack's Staple Gun and stapled him in the eye. Mahoney and Rotten helped New Jack in the back and fortunatly no damage would be long lasting as a result. November To Remember in Chicogo was when New Jack made his return in a handicap match to even the odds. He put DeVito through a table from a balcony dive, hit Skull with a stop sign. But Angel hit New Jack with his own guitar and got a 3 count on the "Original Gangsta" . New Jack had one goal.....Revenge.

New Jack began to take his revenge out on Da Baldies. He ran Skull out of ECW to WCW, Newz left ECW after New Jack used a balcony dive to put him through a table. DeVito and Angel rebounded by adding the 400 lb Grimes "The CEO of Hardcore". In January at Guilty as Charged New Jack fought Angel in a "King Of The Streets" match. Gimes and Devito were constantly getting involved but New Jack dealt with them accordingly. He didn't deal with Angel using a shovel and Angel became King of the Streets. Embarrased by the loss New Jack took some time off.

He returned in determined to get Da Baldies out of ECW. At Living Dangerously he and Grimes were fighting on top of a 25 foot high scaffold and they both went down with Grimes landing on top. New Jack suffered a concussion. In May he returned again and this time there was no stopping him. He hit the ring to save Danny Doring and Roadkill from Da Baldies and hit Angel with a chair and got his first 3 count victory over him. At Hardcore Heaven he beat Angel in a re-match from Guilty as Charged and reclaimed his title as King of the Streets. It was time to move on.

In June as he was saving Kid Kash from a vicious attack by Chris Hammerick, EZ Money, and Julio Fantastcio, New Jack broke his ankle in a balcony dive. He would be out for three months. When ECW came to Los Angeles for Heatwave New Jack went to the ring to say hello to his hometown fans when he was attacked by Da Baldies. Chris Chetti and Nova made a save before any serious damage could be done.

He came back in September when ECW made it's debut in Canada. He was saving his old friend Spike Dudley from Rhino and Justin Credible and wound up caned and put through a table. New Jack was named as the referee for Justin Credible VS Jerry Lynn for the ECW world title match at Anarchy Rulz. Credible and Rhino took him out...or so they thought. As crooked referee Danny Daniels was about to make a 3 count on Jerry Lynn New Jack hit the ring and took out Daniels. Credible caned him but it was enough for Jerry Lynn to win the match fairly and New Jack celebrated with him.

New Jack got severl pinfalls over Justin Credible and teamed with various people against Credible and Rhino. He challenged Rhino at November to Remember in Chicago for the TV title. He systematicly destroyed him from the opening bell but Rhino survived a guitar and put New Jack though a table to score a pinfall, not without a little help from Danny Daniels however.

As of this writing New Jack has wrestled since his loss at November To Remember. One would suspect that he is looking for a re-match against Rhino but only time will tell if New Jack ever gets a singles title. After over 5 years with ECW New Jack has proven why he is a member or Team Xtreme. Coming back from attacks, betrayal and even defeat. Next Week ECW Rewind take a look at Little Guido and the FBI

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

When one thinks of all the people who have come through ECW stars such as Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and Eddy Guerrero come to mind. When one thinks of the wrestlers who have been loyal to ECW and not jumped to other promotions you think of Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer, but one person has stayed with ECW though thick and thin for over 4 years that man is Guido Maritato.

Back in March of 1996 there was no FBI or Little Guido, there was Damien Stone, a former wrestler for UWFI in Japan and a prodigy of Billy Robinson. He made his ECW debut on March 8th, 1996 teaming up with El Puerto Ricano to face The Bad Crew. Although the match was ruled a no contest, the crowd in Philadelphia saw one of the few pure wrestlers ECW had. Around the same time an African American Wrestler, J.T Smith had been telling everyone who would listen that he was an old world Italian, and that he was a distant cousin of Joey Styles. One night Smith got in the ring and told the world that Damien Stone was his long lost cousin Little Guido. Stone hit the ring, and to the surprise of the crowd, acted as if it was true. Then they began to team and the FBI (Full Blooded Italians) were born.

Smith and Guido were good as a team but soon became involved in a feud with the Dudley Family and began to pile up numerous losses. They began to add members to the FBI including Sal Bellomo and a 7-foot tall monster known as Big Guido. In late 1996 when JT lost a loser leaves town match to 2 Cold Scorpio, Guido began to bad mouth him saying that he was the weak link in the team. Guido then re-formed the FBI with Tracy Smothers and "The Big Don" Tommy Rich. When Guido asked ECW newcomer Chris Chetti to join the FBI Chetti turned him down and they began a blood feud that ended with Chetti teaming with JT Smith to defeat Guido and Smothers at ECW's first Pay Per View Barely Legal in a dark match on the card.

After the feud with Chetti ended the FBI began to feud with Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten and just like before with the Dudley's they found themselves going nowhere fast. They were surprised in late September of 1997 when they found themselves in line for a shot at the ECW tag team titles against The Gangsta Nators. After a hard fought battle and some timely interference from Rich, Guido and Smothers walked away with the ECW tag team titles.

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

After Guido and Smothers won the tag team titles it seemed as if Guido was right about Smith being the weak link. The FBI were never taken seriously until they beat a team that no one thought they could beat. They defended the titles against such great teams as The Dudley Boyz, Lance Storm and Chris Candido, Blue Meanie and Super Nova.They showed how great they were at November To Remember '97 the first one on Pay Per View, when they won a 4 team elimination match against The Dudley Boyz, The Gangsta Nators and Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten. In December they were defeated by former WWF Team Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon.

In January after they once again offered Chris Chetti a spot in the FBI and he once again refused they attacked him but Jerry Lynn made the save. Lynn and Chetti were successful at beating the FBI at Living Dangerously in March. At WrestlePalooza in May they were defeated by Blue Meanie and Super Nova. This humiliating loss to two men who were mere comedy wrestlers was enough to make Guido consider ending the FBI.

Fast forward to September 1998 when the Madhouse of Extreme in Queens, NY witnesses the debut of Sal E Graziano, also known as "The Big Salbowski" It wasn't long before Guido had kicked Smothers and Rich out of the FBI and reformed it with Graziano. Guido began to pile up wins in singles competition. He got submission victory's over the likes of Nova, Chris Chetti, and David Cash (now known as Kid Kash) Guido seemed primed for a title but before he could get his hands on once he became embroiled in one of ECW's hottest and most talked about feuds.

Throughout 1999 Mexican star Super Crazy and "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshihiro Tajiri were involved in a classic feud with many memorable matches. Guido who had now become known as the "Sicilian Shooter" had scored pins over both men as well as avenging a loss to Spike Dudley for his partner Big Sal. ECW soon began to Guido, Tajiri and Crazy in all sorts of triple threat matches. At Guilty as Charged in January of 2000 in a dream partner match between Crazy and Tajiri, Guido became angry that Steve Corino who was managing Tajiri's affairs had named Super Crazy as Tajiri's partner to ruin the match. Paul Heyman ordered a tag match between Crazy and Tajiri and Guido and Jerry Lynn. In the end Guido turned on Lynn and Tajiri scored a pin. Guido was still on a title hunt though as he had been in ECW for over 3 years and had only one title as a result. He didn't know it yet but fate would intervene in the form of an annoying wrestler who was fresh off a horrific stint in WCW.

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

In the beginning of 2000 Little Guido Maritato was not at his best. He was caught in a feud with Tajiriand Super Crazy, he was going nowhere fast and couldn't get a title. He made itthe semi finals of the TV title tournament and Living Dangerously but was eliminated by the eventual winner Super Crazy. He was the first one Eliminated in a 3-way dance between Crazy, Tajiri and Himself and Tajiri wound up with thetitle. 2 weeks after Crazy lost the title Guido got a pinfall over him.

The FBI also had a kid who failed an attempt to get over in WCW trying to jointhem. Tony Mamaluke as he was called was interfering in their matches and wasfound in the FBI locker room with a FBI T-shirt on. Guido made a deal with thekid. When he got his first victory he would be welcomed in the FBI. The first attempt was a tag team match against Mikey Whipwreck and Balls Mahoney. It wasa failure as a vile chair shot did them in. In a 4 way dance on hardcore TV The FBI was able to eliminate ECW newcomers Joey Matthews and Christian York, but soon after Nova debuted a new move known as the 3rd degree, 2 pile drivers anda power bomb and Tony Mamaluke had got the FBI eliminated.

In August of 2000 ECW held a tag team title tournament in Manhattan. Guido and Mamaluke made it to the Semi Finals before Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated them and went on the win the tag team titles. One night later the FBI were given a title shot at the new champions, After a few double teaming tacticsand Guido hit "The Kiss of Death" which is a double arm face busteron a steel chair to get a 3 count and win his second ECW tag team title. The FBI defended against all comers and were victorious. They beat Tajiri and Whipwreck in a rematch an Anarchy Rulz in October, beat Danny Doring and Roadkill several times, At November to Remember in a title defense against Mikey and Tajiri, Whipwreck was hurt and Super Crazy replaced him but they still got a win. 5 days later when Crazy and Tajiri were challenging for the titles again, Big Sal made some timely interference and Tony Mamaluke pinned Super Crazy.

One night later they attacked Danny Doring and Roadkill and cut Doring's hair and shaved Roadkill's beard. They made a challenge to them for Massacre on 34th St. on December 3rd, 2000 in Manhattan the same location they won the titles. If Doring and Roadkill beat the FBI then they win the titles but if they lose, they must never team again. Doring and Roadkill won after Mamaluke was hurt and a double team on Guido brought a 3 count. There was defiantly dissention and the last thing that Mamaluke had to say was "I'm glad he didn't pin me" and Sal rebounded with "The kid has a point". Whether the FBI breaks up or not it has established it'spart in ECW history.

ECW Rewind
by Mike Campbell

In the years of ECW many women have come and gone. Some like Jazz and Prodigette have been capable inside the ring as well as a manager/valet. Others such as Francine, Dawn Marie and Elektra have been used as a means for a wrestler to win his matches. The first one of these types of women was Beulah McGillicuty who was the centerpiece for a feud.

The story was that Tommy Dreamer and Raven both fell for the same fat girl at summer camp. Years later when Tommy Dreamer was throwing Steve Richards around the arenas, Richards promised to bring someone to ECW who would take care of Dreamer, that man was Raven. After playing mind games and ambushes they had their first one on one match at "The Three Way Dance" on April 8, 1995. Steve Richards got on the mic and had a surprise guest from their past and out walked Beulah. Raven was upset at Richards for bringing that "Fat Piece of Hell" to ECW but it was obvious that this woman had lost all baby fat. During the match Richards began to kiss her which led to her slapping him across the face and when Dreamer made the save she sprayed hair spray in his eyes leading to a victory for Raven.

One week later they had their rematch and Tommy Dreamer got his hands on Beulah and delivered a piledriver to her that became known as "The Piledriver heard round the world" Raven who had the upper hand with Beulah as a physiological advantage was outdone when Dreamer brought Luna Vachon to ECW. In June at Barbed Wire, Hoodies, and Chokeslams. Beulah got a pinfall victory over Luna in about 15 seconds.

Around this time a woman began to appear in the ECW arena holding up various signs which displayed her love of Stevie Richards and caused many memorable jokes by Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously such as "She must be his sister, no she's too good looking to come from that gene pool". At Heatwave '95 Stevie and his admirer who was known as Francine (not yet the queen of extreme) began to kiss and a cat fight ensued. This led to a sanctioned match Beulah Vs Francine which can be found on ECW: Extreme Warfare Volume 1. The referee Stevie Richards wound up superkicking Francine to give Beulah a victory.

After her loss to Beulah, Francine began to manage the Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls defeated Raven and Richards for the ECW tag team titles at Gangstas Paradise. Unable to regain the titles Beulah and Raven spent the rest of the year making Tommy Dreamer's life a living hell. But unknown to Raven Beulah found an old friend and made a new one.

At House Party '96 Stevie Richards to show how studly he was attempted to kiss Beulah who insisted she didn't want to be touched. She told the world that she was pregnant which led to Stevie Richards jumping up and down yelling "I'm an uncle". Raven hit the ring and chastised her and she finally told Raven it wasn't his. She then told him "It's Tommy's" Dreamer hit the ring and attacked Raven leaving him unconscious in the middle of the ring. Dreamer and Beulah then embraced and left the ring. Raven bounced back and won the ECW world title and introduced his new valet, an oriental woman named Kimona Wanna Laya. The relationship didn't last long as she didn't like Raven's treatment of Beulah and she wound up with Tommy Dreamer as well.

Hostile City Showdown '96 was when Shane Douglas who was in a pact with Dreamer to protect Beulah. Told the world that he had a huge scandal. When Beulah was with Raven she was cheating on him with Dreamer but she was also cheating on Dreamer. Dreamer demanded to know who it was and Kimona grabbed the mic and yelled "It's me!" then the kiss with Beulah and Kimona that got ECW thrown off TV.

Dreamer and Douglas began to feud, Kimona soon left ECW and when Francine began to manage Douglas an old feud was rekindled. The feud lasted until Holiday Hell '96 when Douglas and Francine beat Dreamer and Beulah in a mixed tag match that can be seen on Extreme Evolution (uncensored) but before Beulah hit a moonsault on Francine.

1997 was when Jerry Lawler began to badmouth ECW on WWF TV and cause ECW to actually take over RAW IS WAR. Jerry Lawler soon got Rob Van Dam and Sabu to help him attack ECW along with Rick Rude. Raven left ECW and tried to get Beulah to join him but she stayed and helped Tommy Dreamer defend ECW and watched helplessly as Dreamer and various partners were destroyed each week. She did team up with Tommy to beat Rob Van Dam and Bill Alfonso at one point. Raven showed up in WCW and rumors flew about Beulah joining WCW in the near future but she never did and proved her loyalty to Tommy Dreamer and ECW.

In 1998 Dreamer was feuding with a young man known as Justin Credible and for they're match at Living Dangerously many though Beulah would favor Justin Credible and drop Dreamer who was plagued with injuries from his wars with Sabu, Rob Van Dam and others. Beulah showed her loyalty again and helped Dreamer to a win. Dreamer began to help his friends Spike Dudley and The Sandman with the Dudley Boyz Buh Buh Ray, D Von and "Big" Dick. She even got to rough up Joel Gertner and Sign Guy Dudley a couple times but she was the victim of 3D The Dudley Death Drop and was never seen in ECW again. Tommy Dreamer went on a revenge mission which ended in success.

In her 3 years in ECW Beulah has gone from the hated valet, the flag waver of ECW, a respected competitor in the ring and a stunning distraction outside the ring. It's a shame she never got to get a proper farewell. Rumors are still circulating about a return to ECW but they have thus far been untrue, given the way ECW is heading right now anything is possible.

The next ECW Rewind will look at the most vile incident in ECW history and the aftermath of Shane Douglas breaking the neck of Pit Bull 1 Gary Wolfe.