Issue 2

By El Loco Hombre69

Weather wise, this weekend sucked. It just kept raining, and rainingÖand raining. My friends that I usually hang out with on weekends were either working or gone for the weekend, so I was bored as hell until my friend Joe called. I was kind of surprised because he was my cousinís best friend, and I didnít really know him to well, although he was pretty cool when I hung out with him. Then my cousin picked up the phone and told me to come over his house. They liked wrestling and they knew I did too, so they invited me over. When I got there, they invited 3 other kids as well. We all brought the wrestling tapes we had, and I brought over the 2 ECW DVDs that I own, Deep Impact and Barely Legal. My friend already had Path of Destruction and Extreme Evolution. So we got all the essentials: 2 bottles of soda, popcorn, microwave burritos (a must!!), and we ordered some pizza. So we were all set for the dayÖ

Deep Impact DVD
The other kids that my cousin Jack brought wanted to watch some of the WWF PPVs that they taped, along with Jack himself. Of course I objected, and wanted to watch the ECW DVDs and tapes I brought over. Joe wanted to watch them as well. After about 15 minutes of arguing, we agreed to watch Path Of Destruction first, then the recent Judgement Day PPV. These kids had no idea what they were in for because these are casual WWF fans, so they donít really know that much about ECW. But when we popped in that DVD, these kids were amazed. After every match, these kids thought that was the greatest match ever, until the next match blew them away as well. 

What was supposed to be an alternating ECW to WWF tape day turned into an all ECW video day. For 8 hours straight (hey, I have a lifeÖI just had nothing to do at home..) we watched all the ECW DVDs and then after that we watched the Heatwave 98 video the kid Joe had. I havenít seen that tape in such a long time and, to tell you the truth, was awestruck by some of the stuff they did as well. My favorites on the tape were the Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible and Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka matches. Those were just great matches to watch, and those 3 kids couldnít believe that they were missing out on this. They realized some of the people in the tapes now on WWF TV like Taz, Raven, Jerry Lynn, Justin Credible, Perry Saturn, Spike Dudley, Chris Jericho, Tajiri, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, etc. They thought most of these guys were jobbers because of the way WWF is mishandling them, but after seeing the tapes and DVDs they realize how awesome all these guys really are. And sadly, they also asked if ECW was on T.V. Well, me and Joe had to break it to them that ECW was no longer in existence, and they were kind of saddened by this. But, they were telling me that they want to get as many ECW tapes as they could.

The List goes on and on!

After about 10 hours of watching tapes, my dad finally came in (the whole time he was talking to my aunt and uncleÖdamn, I still canít believe how they wasted 10 hours) and told me that he was ready to go home. My eyes were red and hurt like hell, my stomach was in pain from the burrito and pizza intake (and man I was feeling those burritos last nightÖ.WHOO!), and my legs felt all cramped from sitting in that position. But I didnít want to leave. I still wanted to watch more tapes with those guys and spread the word of ECW, but I knew that it was probably best if I went home. 

On the way home, I was thinking to myself, this is what ECW is about with the fans. This was one of the reasons why it went from underground to mainstream. Just a bunch of fans trading tapes and showing off how great ECW was compared to the crap WWF and WCW were feeding us. And in the end, I felt good. I felt good that even though ECW is dead, I had made some new fans of ECW, and thatís the way things should be done. And I would urge any one of you reading this. If you have friends that arenít into wrestling, or donít know what ECW is (And yes, there are people like that out there as I fund out firsthand), then show them an ECW tape or DVD, show them the reason you love wrestling, and keep the dream of ECW alive.

Blowing kids away....

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