Issue 3

By El Loco Hombre69

After I was done watching WWF Smackdown this week, I realized something: WWF sucks ass at handling former ECW guys that have recently jumped ship. I was watching the Jeff Hardy vs. Jerry Lynn match and was kind of excited before it started. I was thinking to myself, ďfinally, Jerry Lynn isnít on Jakked anymore and now has a chance to shine and show everyone how good of a wrestler he is.Ē During the match, I was getting even more excited. Both men put on a very good match considering that it was smackdown, and then it all went to hell. Jeff Hardy did his stupid series of moves and got the victory. WHAT THE HELL!!! DAMNIT!! WWF is pissing me off so much. For months they have kept Jerry Lynn on Jakked, beating jobbers (in pretty good matches I might add) and then put him on a big show and make him job to a giant flamer! Jerry Lynn has so much potential, and the WWF is just letting it go to waste. Now that he dropped the belt, Iím guessing that heís going to go back to Jakked fighting such jobbers as Just Joe, Mike Bell, and Micheal Shane (I just realized how sad it is when I rememeber the names of jobbers).

Doing the J-O-B
And this isnít just Jjerry Lynn weíre talking about. WWF is messing up with other guys as well. Take Taz for example. Here you have the human suplex machine, one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport. Since WWF has this wrestler with tremendous talent on his hands, what do they do? They put him as a commentator on Smackdown. GreatÖ..just great. And when he actually does wrestle, heís usually doing the job putting over guys, like Ryhno for example (who I will get to later). I mean, I seriously canít remember the last time that Taz has won a match, I really canít.
Then we have Justin Credible. God did they mess up with Justin Credible. Sure, he might not be the best wrestler in the ringor on the mic, but he would be a pretty good midcarder. So what does WWF do? They stick him with X-Pac. Of all people X-Pac. Dear god, why does the WWF still keep pushing this guy. Donít they realize that he SUCKS!!! Justin Credible is another guy doing the J-O-B on J-A-K-K-E-D.
The final guy that Iím going to look at is Tajiri. Now, I know that WWF is trying to set him up for some kind of story line, but putting him as Regalís butler? Give me a break! Tajiri is one of the most talented wrestlers that the WWF has right now, and he hasnít even been on any matches yet!! Just end this stupid butler story line and put him in a wrestling match! Whenever Tajiri is shown on the screen, you can hear the crowd cheer for him. The fans know who he is, and they want him to step into that ring and show off the amazing ring skills that he has!

Doing The J-O-B!
I'm Noticing a Pattern....
Now, I know I may seem a little harsh, and I will admit that WWF is doing some good things. Iím glad that Ryhno (why the stupid spelling change??) is getting a semi-decent push, and it looks like he is going to be a regular in the intercontinental division. Also, I seems that the WWF is also setting up Raven for something big down the line, which Iím hopeful will turn into something major. Also, the story line with Spike Dudley and Molly Holly is turning out to be very funny, and hopefully thisíll give Spike a good boost with the fans. And right now Iím most happy with the pushes that ex-ECW wrestlers Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit are getting. It seems that Triple HHH getting injured was a pretty good thing after all, giving other guys a chance to shine. However, I hope WWF keeps these guys in the main event, and not drop them down to midcard after Triple HHH comes back (*cough* Kurt Angle *cough*).
Anyways, Iím glad I finally got that off my chest. I know the WWF is crowded enough as it is and that some people arenít getting the pushes that they deserve, but I think a good suggestion would be to take some of these guys and put them into the new WCW. Right now WCW is short on big name stars, and it seems that some guys like Taz, Tajiri, and Kurt Angle (I know he wasnít ever in ECW but Iím trying to prove a point) would be best suited there because they would have a better chance of getting pushes. 

At Least Some Guys are Getting Pushes!
OK, Iím done for this week. Next week, Iíll hopefully be in a better mood and also in better health (being sick SUCKS ASS!!) to write about the regularly scheduled ECW filled happy smiling time column. So this is El Loco Hombre signing off until next week.

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