Issue 3

By El Loco Hombre69

A Hello everyone, and welcome once again to In ECW We Trust. Now…I know I have been missing for about 2 weeks (school is finally over!! YES!!) but I am finally back and ready to uhhh…tear up the writing (yeah that sounds right). So….now comes the hard part…trying to figure out what to talk about in this edition of the greatest column in all of the e-wrestling world! But then after hearing Balls Mahoney talk a couple of weeks ago, I got my idea….

As most of you probably know, Balls was on an internet wrestling show a couple of weeks ago (the name escapes me at the moment), and he was talking about the usual things like where he is, how is he doing, etc. When ECW was brought up, Balls said that he thinks ECW isn’t dead, and that Heyman wants to run a company, not be an announcer for one. Many people that Balls has taken too many shots to the head, but this got me thinking….if ECW ever got started again, who would lead the new ECW into glory, and make it back to the 3rd biggest fed in the country. I am going to split this into a 2 part column. This week’s will be which ex-ECWDubbers should come back, while next week’s is going to be about which Indie stars should be a part of this. So here are my picks.

Two Many Shots To the Head!
-Tommy Dreamer: This is probably the most obvious choice. Tommy Dreamer IS ECW. Dreamer never left ECW, even when he had the chance to wrestle in WWF or WCW. He is the ultimate company man, and would be the perfect man to lead the new ECW. Also, he isn’t doing much these days except Primal Conflict (PCW) shows, so it would be a perfect fit.

-Raven: Raven would have to come back to ECW and become the ultimate heel once again. Right now he’s scratching his ass in the WWF, waiting to wrestle in a match. If he was brought back to ECW, he should be put back into a feud with Dreamer, and have everyone around them sucked in, like the last time they feuded

-The Sandman: This is another obvious choice to make. The Sandman was the hardcore icon of ECW, and everyone loved him for it. Give him a 6 pack and a Singapore cane, and see the mayhem that ensues from him. He isn’t doing too much in the Indie circuit except a couple of shows here and there, so it wouldn’t be a big loss to the Indie circuit if he jumped ship to ECW.

Scratching His Ass!
-The FBI: The FBI were one of the most hated, but respected stables in ECW. Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke put on many grade A matches with the likes of the Impact Players, The Unholy alliance, etc. Also, bring back Big Sal, and the whole package would be complete. Both of them are doing Indie bookings, so I think they would be more than happy to come back and work for ECW.

-Francine: So far, I have listed all males, but what is a wrestling fed without women? And who better to fill that void than the Queen of Extreme herself Francine. She would be a great asset in the ring (hubba, hubba) and she would be the perfect manager for…

-Shane Douglas: Shane Douglas was one of the most hated men in ECW ever, quite possibly even more than Raven. The Franchise would be a perfect fit in the new ECW because the fed would need some star power, and Shane Douglas is as big as they come for a fed like ECW.

Nice Assets!
-Dawn Marie: God she is SO HOT! I could see an immediate feud with her and Francine that would lead to some sexy and kick ass cat fights. Also, she would be the manager of….

-Justin Credible: Right now, Justin Credible is pretty much going nowhere in WWF. So, I think it would be great if he came back with Dawn Marie and was put in a feud with Shane Douglas. This would lead to some awesome main event matches, and it would be the feud to kick start ECW as a major promotion once again. And finally last, but no way in hell least is…

-Jerry Lynn: Man….I can imagine the matches between Jerry Lynn and Little Guido. How awesome would these matches be? And seeing as he’s also going nowhere in WWF, he would jump at the chance to come back to the fed that made him a star (well….in hardcore wrestling circles that is…). 

In part 2, I will talk about some Indy guys that would be a good fit in ECW to replace some of the major stars of ECW that were lost like RVD, Sabu, and Lance Storm. So whadda ya think. Genius? Craptacular? Wanna punch me in the face for leaving out Mikey Whipwreck? (he’s retiring remember!). Drop me a line and tell me what you think. So until next time, this is El Loco Hombre, signing out.

Very Nice Assets!

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