Issue 5

By El Loco Hombre69

Hello everyone, and welcome once again to In ECW We Trust. Now, in the last column I did, I talked about what former ECW stars should come back if ECW ever started up again. Well, there is another thing to take into account if this ever happened, and that is all of the lost talent. Many people like Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, Rhino, RVD, and Taz are all well off, and probably wouldn’t go back to ECW. Now, to fill their place, I made a list of guys from Indie feds that I think would fit in perfectly with ECW, so here are my picks….

-Chris Daniels: The Fallen Angel has been causing quite a stir since he left UPW where he made a name for himself. Daniels has put on many technical masterpieces with the likes of Kurt Angle, RVD, and Mike Modest. Some have compared him to the likes of Dean Malenko and Eddy Guerrero, and we all know how awesome these wrestlers were, so I think he would be perfect in ECW. Maybe put him in a feud with Jerry Lynn for the title of best technical wrestler of ECW.

The Fallen Angel!!!
-Mike Modest: Hailing from APW, Mike Modest is another very good technical wrestler. Recently he was invited to wrestle in NOAH, one of the best promotions in Japan, and has also wrestler for the Hart’s Stampede Wrestling. He has also caught the eye of msny people because of his wrestling skills, and would be great to be thrown into the middle of a Daniels/Lynn feud, leading to a show stopping triple threat match at one of the PPVs.

-Ric Blade: So far, I have mostly talked about technical wrestlers, but now it’s time to bring in some hardcore wrestlers. Hailing from CZW, Blade is one of the best at both hardcore and technical wrestling. He is probably most famous for messing up a senton bomb from the balcony onto the waiting opponent on a table, where he landed right on his ankle, shattering it. He is also a loyal company man, staying with CZW since it’s inception. It would be hard to pry Blade from CZW, but I think the allure of ECW would be to great, and Blade would eventually join. I think it would be great if he was put up against someone like Mikey Whipwreck (that is of course Whipwreck decided to un-retire), who is a small hardcore/technical wrestler like Blade.

Ric Blade: From CZW to ECW?
-Messiah: Messiah is one of the stand outs of XPW, which is notorious for it’s “garbage wrestling” as most people call it. The King of the Deathmatch title holder has gone through hell in exploding death matches, which is perfect for ECW. Put him up against New Jack, and watch as they tear up the building (literally) like they have in XPW.

-Minoru Fujita: Another wrestler from CZW, Fujita has been said by some people as the next Masato Tanaka. This man is pretty big, yet can pull off the high flying moves, and also mixes in some hardcore. I think it would be awesome if ECW would somehow get Masato Tanaka to make another run in ECW, and put these 2 men up against each other.

Standout of  XPW!
-Luis Ortiz: An excellent high flying wrestler from Chaotic Wrestling, Ortiz would be great in ECW. I have seen this man live, and I must say that he is awesome. He took some nasty bumps, yet still continued, which is expected of wrestlers in ECW. Also, he would fill the void that RVD left very nicely, because he reminds me of a younger RVD. 

-Crowbar: And last, but not least, is Crowbar. Now, some of you might say “oh, but he was in WCW recently, he’s not an Indie wrestler.” Well…he was released about a year ago, and where do you think he’s been making his money? Exactly. I still have no clue why WCW let this guy go in the first place. I mean, this guy put his body on the line every night for WCW. He took a nasty bump from the WCW sign to the concrete in last years horrible WCW Uncensored, giving the only highlight of that very ,very, very, very, very…(30 minutes later)…very, very, very suck ass PPV. His hardcore style would fit like a glove on the hand that is ECW (damn…my attempt to be poetic failed…MISERABLY! Please forgive me…)

Anyways, that’s all for now. Hope you liked reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this (which wasn’t very enjoyable for me), so as always, drop me a line and tell me what you thought of this installment of In ECW We Trust. So until next time, this is El Loco Hombre signing out.

A Young RVD?

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