Issue 6

By El Loco Hombre69

Hello everyone, and welcome once again to In ECW We Trust. Now…I know all of you are anticipating my two cents in this matter (not bloody likely), so here I am to give it to you. So you know what I think? Well, here are what I feel are the good and bad points of this whole Invasion.

The Good:
-The surprise factor: Seriously….who the hell was expecting ECW to come out of nowhere to invade the WWF? I mean, just seeing all these ex-ECW wrestlers all in the ring at the same time united, with Paul Heyman at the mic….it brought a tear to my eye. I mean…..was there seriously any ECW fan in the whole world who wasn’t marking out like hell when they saw that ECW logo flash, and all those wrestlers in ECW shirts? Man…that’s what was definitely needed to kick start this Invasion…

-Putting the spotlight on mid carders: After ECW shut down, most of the ex-ECW wrestlers went on to star in WWF and WCW, and were instantly put in the mid card (I go into more detail in my first ever column, remember?). But since this whole ECW Invasion started, the spotlight has shown right on some wrestlers that regularly wouldn’t have the spotlight on them like Raven, Justin Credible (he’s finally out of X-Factor…I hope!), and Taz (He’s finally wrestling! GADZOOKS!). 

Surprising As hell!
-ECW being put over as a bad ass fed: And that’s the way it should be! Every time someone from the WWF comes in, the ECW guys run in and give the beat down that they deserve, instead of getting their ass kicked as most expected because of how small of a group they are. I’m glad that the WWF is doing this, because ECW was much smaller than WWF, but a hell of a much better in many aspects. Hopefully, this will translate into the Invasion PPV as well.

-Paul Heyman leading ECW once again: Now this….this is one of the reasons I was marking out like hell. When Heyman went into that ring, and revealed that ECW hat and shirt, I couldn’t believe it. Heyman was ok as a commentator, but his true role is that of a leader, and his killer promo about taking away everything from Vince solidified that position.


Marking Out Like Hell!
-The Bad:

-Whether or not this storyline will last because of legal crap: As most of you know, that bitch Bob Ryder over at 1wrestling (oh shit I’m gonna get myself in trouble because of that) is complaining about the use of the ECW name, logo, music, etc. because he owes some stock in the company and because it is now in Chapter 7 Liquidation, blah, blah, blah. What all this essentially means is that if Vince McMahon doesn’t sort out all this legal crap, the ECW storyline will be gone, meaning our moment of glory is over.

-The wrestlers representing ECW at the Invasion PPV: Ok, the WWF has a pretty good roster of wrestlers going into the main event of Invasion with Stone Cold, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Kane, and Chris Jericho. Now…WCW/ECW has Booker T, DDP…..and the Dudleys and Rhino? WHAT THE!!! OK…now, I have no problem with the Dudleys, but they do not represent ECW that well in the ring. If it were me, I would have put in Taz and Raven or Tommy Dreamer instead. Now…as for Rhino. Well…I don’t know if I said this before but I HATE RHINO….EXTREMELY!!! To me, Rhino is the ECW equivalent of Hulk Hogan, except he knows one less move. This is a Rhino match pretty much….punch, punch, kick, punch, spear, over. Now…let’s see if I can figure this out. Let’s use Tommy Dreamer in this example. Dreamer was in ECW for what, about 6 or so years? And how long did he hold the world belt? About 10 minutes? And Rhino, he was in ECW for about a year? And he held the title belt AND the TV belt when ECW shut down? WHAT THE HELL! And now he’s in the main event? AHHHH!!!! RVD would have been a much better wrestler to represent ECW in the main event.


Hates The Man Beast!
--Some of the wrestlers being mistreated: Perfect example of this? Raven. Raven was one of the corner stones of ECW, so how does WWF treat him in this whole ECW Invasion angle? They put him in a 5 minute squash match against Kurt Angle where he gets his ass royally handed to him. I had the feeling that the WWF was going to do this, and it just pisses me off. ECW is bad ass as a group, but in individual matches, the WWF just doesn’t know hot to treat them right.

-Stephanie McMahon as owner: Ok...I know that this makes sense storyline wise, as the 2 kids trying to over throw their dad, but HELLO! HEYMAN IS RIGHT THERE! HE OWNED THE WHOLE F-N COMPANY!!! They should have at least mentioned Heyman as former owner, or part owner, or somethign like that instead of being shown as somehting as a former announcer for ECW to new wrestling fans. Now...this isn't very major to me, but for us old ECW fans, it's a big issue to us.


What About RAVEN?
Well….I guess that’s pretty much it. This invasion angle with ECW isn’t perfect, but the good does outweigh the badin my opinion. Anything that has ECW featured in it is good enought for me. But…I’ll wait until after the Invasion PPV to give my review of how this angle turned out, and if the payoff was worth it. So feel free to drop me a line, and until next time, this is El Loco Hombre signing out. 

P.S - right before I sent this in, I heard that Terry Gordy, one of the Fabulous Freebirds. As we all know, Gordy was the recepient of the 15 foot elbow drop heard round the world by Perry Saturn, and wrestled in ECW with "Dr. Death" Steve Williams. He will be missed, and my condolences go out to the family of Terry Gordy.

At Least it's back!

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