Issue 9

By El Loco Hombre69

Well….I’m bored as hell, so…what the hell, why don’t I just bang out another one of these columns! Anyways, I thought long and hard about which wrestler to pick this week for thinking up a good way to push them. Well, after trying to figure out which misused ECW guys to pick (all of them pretty much), I just picked Mike Awesome. Right now, he’s not getting pushed very well. Scratch that last comment, he’s not even on TV anymore! So I thought, “What would be a good way to bring him back? “ So I thought this would be a good way to start for him.

It is just after Summerslam, and we see Mike Awesome talking with Lance Storm and Justin Credible in the background. During the conversation, Kane and Undertaker walk by, holding the WWF and WCW Tag Titles. When they walk by, Mike Awesome makes a remark towards them. Kane suddenly stops and looks at Awesome:

Kane: You got something to say to me? Say it to my face!

Awesome: Oh, I was saying nothing. Just talking about how much you guys suck up that ring.

Kane: This coming from a man who had a mullet? You and me in the ring tonight, and we’ll see who…

[Yes, that dialogue sucked ass, but you get the point. They hate each other! HATE!….EACH OTHER!]

Suddenly, Awesome, Storm, and Credible would gang up on Kane and Undertaker. They would leave both men lying on the ground as Awesome spits on Kane and walks away. 

Later in the night, the two men would square off. After a pretty decent match, Undertaker would run in and help Kane beat down Awesome. This would cause Storm and Credible to come down, causing Edge and Christian to come down to take out Storm, causing Hugh Morrus to come down to take out Edge, and so forth, until the whole ring would be full of wrestlers beating the crap out of each other.

Fear the MULLET!
The following night, Awesome would come down to the ring with Storm, Credible, and Hugh Morrus. He would start off by saying how great of a career he has had, how he has beaten many great wrestlers like Masato Tanaka, Hayabusa, Jinsei Shinzake, etc., all Japanese wrestlers who could mop the floor with any wrestler in the WWF. He would go on to say how Kane is no where in the same league as Awesome, how he could’ve torn Kane apart if it wasn’t for his bad knee. Suddenly, Kane’s music plays, and out he comes, along with Undertaker, Edge, and Christian. This starts a rather long promor between the two, culminating in a challenge. It would a 4 on 4 match at Survivor Series, with the old Survivor Series rules (for those who don’t know, two people start in the ring. Once one person gets pinned, the 2nd person from the team comes in, etc., until one team is left standing.) Later in the night, Kane would be taking on Albert, and out of the crowd, Awesome would run in and start beating down Kane. Credible would come in and set up a table. Awesome would lift up Kane and hit an Awesome Bomb through the table on the outside. This would cause Undertaker, Edge, and Christian to come down, causing Awesome and Credible to escape into the crowd. However, he would see a shot of Kane, holding his right arm. 

On next weeks Raw, we see a shot of what happened, and then a scene showing Kane with a cast on his arm. With Survivor Series about 3 weeks away, the doctors say that they think Kane shouldn’t wrestle in that match, because it could take about 6 weeks for his arm to feel. Kane says no and storms out of the office. Later in the night, a match between Awesome and Undertaker is set up. It is a pretty back and forth match until Kane runs down and hits a clothesline on Awesome with the arm with the cast. Kane holds on to his arm in pain, while Awesome clenches at his jaw, writhing in pain on the ring outside. The match is a DQ. In the back, we see Awesome being attended to, as the doctors say that his jaw might possibly be broken.

For the next 3 weeks, matches are set up between each men in that survivor series match until the night of Survivor Series finally arrives. Before the show on Heat, we see the camera cut to both teams. When we see both teams, they are both plotting ways to attack the injured wrestlers in this match, Kane and Awesome. At the exact moment, both teams split up, and both teams attack the 2 men simultaneously. This leaves both men laying on the floor. The members of the team come back to see the big men of there team layed out, down for. However, they both say that they will still wrestle in the match. 

The match is put in the middle of the card and the match is back and forth. Christian is eliminated first, then Storm, then Edge, then Credible, then Undertaker and Hugh Morrus would hit double clothesline and score double pinfalls, causing Kane and Awesome to come out to face each other. The match is a little slow at first because both men are selling their injuries, but the match picks up, and both men are putting on a pretty good match. All of a sudden, Storm comes out of the back, hits Kane with a chair, and Awesome gets the win. Edge comes from behind and starts beating on Storm, while Awesome comes to help, etc. until all 8 men come out and start beating on each other in a giant brawl. 

His Old Pal Lance!
As the months pass, the feud starts to go away from the 8 man feud, and starts to focus on the Kane/Awesome end of the feud. They go back and forth, even at one time, having Awesome and Storm win the WWF tag titles from them. However, they eventually drop it, and it goes back to a singles feud. This all leads to Wrestlemania, where the feud would end in a cage match. We would see Awesome hit and Awesome Bomb on Kane from the top of the cage, but then we see Storm climb up an hit Awesome off the cage. Undertaker would then run in and drag Kane out, giving him the win. This would set up a feud between Storm and Awesome. This would keep adding momentum to Awesome’s push, giving him a feud for another year to come.

Hmmm…..that was a sort of short column, but strangely exhausting to write. Eh….anyways, it’s 3 in the morning, and so I’m trying to finish this up because I’m in desperate need of sleep and I don’t want my parents catching me using the computer (Those bastards! Banning me from my sweet, sweet computer….oh crap…now that was just pathetic.) Anyways, see you all later, and I hope you enjoyed this. As always, e-mail me, blah blah, you know the drill.

This is El Loco Hombre signing off.


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