Find out the Bare Facts about ECW and our site!

1. What does ECW Stand for?

ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

2. Why is ECW so different from any other Wrestling Federation?

ECW was the first Federation to bring the Hardcore Wrestling of Japan to America. They started the whole Extreme Revolution that the WWF and WCW copied to become more edgier and popular. They also bought back actualy technical wrestling , not gimmicky, dorky wrestling that the Big 2 had been using for years. Two leanr more about what ECW did and what it meant to people check out the Columns and Articles sections.

3. Who were the "big" Wrestlers in the Federation and do I know any of them?

Some of the biggest wrestlers ever to compete in ECW were:

Steve Austin: Went on to become the most popular WWF Champion ever.
Shane Douglas: Probably the most dominant wrestler ever in ECW, went on to work for WCW.
The Sandman: The Hardcore Icon enjoyed a brief stint in ECW.
Raven: The 2 Time ECW Champ went on to enjoy good runs in WCW and the WWF.
Taz: Went on to WWF as the commentator and wrestler, Tazz.
The Dudley Boys: The 9 Time ECW Tag Champs went on to become WWF Tag Champs.

For a Complete lis of Wrestlers ever to set foot in ECW and Where They Are Know, please Check out the WHERE ARE THEY KNOW? Section!

4. Who was the mastermind behind ECW?

The owner and creator ECW was Paul Heyman (better known to some as Paul E. Dangerously). He ran almost every aspect of ECW and was the creator of the Hardcore Revolution that swept American Wrestling. He is know a commentator for the WWF.

5. What's the story of ECW?

The story of ECW is to large to write out here, please refer to our History Section, full of useful Facts and Figures.

6. What happened to ECW?

In 2001, Paul Heyman could no longer afford to run ECW. He was in massive debt, and couldn't afford to pay the wrestlers, among other things. ECW had no choice but to fold. The WWF is rumored to be buying the ECW Brand and History to use in a 24 hour wrestling channel.

7. Why make a site devoted to a dead Federation?

ECW2k is devoted to keeping the ECW Legacy alive. That right there sums it up pretty well.