Francine Interview

ECW News:  You've been in ECW for over five years now. Why have you stuck with ECW for so long when you've seen alot of other women come and go?

Francine:  Actually, it's going on 7 years that I've been with ECW. Anyway, I have stayed with them for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to learn as much as possible and everyone here has been great at helping me with my promos, new moves, etc. Second, I trust Paul and my locker room. I have always been able to voice my opinion and Paul has been a great boss over the years because he has always listened to me. Third, I was with the company when we had to give away hot dogs and free seats at the ECW arena just to fill hard camera side up. So to still be here when we have sold out biuldings is a great feeling for me. I have seen so many girls come in and out of ECW. I'm just proud to still be here!

ECW News:  You have taken a number of extreme bumps throughout the years. What has been the most painful bump you've taken in the ring since joining ECW?

Francine:   Well. when Bam Bam pressed me and threw me to the mat, I fractured my pelvis in two places. That hurt! Since then I have broke my nose, which was very unconfortable. I've also cracked my ribs which was extremely painful. I've had a contusion on my sacralilac joint which made it hard to walk. I had to sleep upright the first week after it happened (at the Canada show) and I am thankful that I'm healthy again. You have to expect this kind of stuff to happen. professional wrestling

ECW News:   Out of all the people you have managed over the years, who did you like working with the most and who did you learn the most from?

Francine:  Each person that I have worked with has taught me so much. I really can't pinpoint one guy. You never stop learning. I'm still learning everytime I go to the ring. I try to improve with every performance. And I take a little from each of the men that I've been with over the years.

ECW News:  What has been the most rewarding aspect of your tenure in ECW thus far?

Francine: To me, just being able to perform is rewarding. Also, making it to ppv was a thrill. I just want to see the company as a whole skyrocket in the future. I think we all deserve it!

ECW News:  You've tended to be a heel more often than not in ECW. Is that your preference? What makes a good heel manager?

Francine:  I perfer the heel role rather than the babyface role because playing a "bad guy" is so much fun! But whatever role I am put in, I always give 100%. A good heel manager has to be able to get the crowd against them. And I have no problem with that. I think my mic work is improving and I have more confidence in myself on the whole. I truely love working, no matter what Paul has me doing.

ECW News: What was your reaction when you heard the angle planned at Cyberslam where you would turn on Tommy and then be Justin's manager?

Francine: I thought it would be great if it worked and it did because nobody expected me to leave Tommy again. Not even the sheets. The plan was for me to stay out there with Tommy after Raven was bumped so I could show support for Tommy. And we even teased Justin bumping me in the match to throw people off, and it worked. We were all very happy with the outcome, especially Paul.

ECW News: Looking back now that you have been paired with Justin forImost of the year, has your pairing with Justin worked out better than you initially expected?

Francine:  I have been friends with Justin and always thought of him as a great worker, so when Paul came to us with the idea, I was excited. Not only to work with Justin, but to work with him as a heel. I feel I've done my best work as a heel and Paul was giving me the chance to work with the Heavyweight champion. The one thing I wanted to improve was my mic skills and Justin is real good with letting me talk too. I'm horrified by talking on the mic, but a good performer has to be well rounded in every aspect, so I'm learning. I think we make a great team together and we always have fun.

ECW News: What other women in the industry, if any, do you most enjoy watching?

Francine:  Now my favorite worker is Ivory. She's got it all. She's so talented and her gimmick now is brilliant. I still love Sherri's work too. I watch a lot of wrestling and I learn from all the woman in the business. Some more than others :)

ECW News:  Who has been your favorite woman to work with in ECW thus far?

Francine: My favorite woman to work with has been Jazz. She's so easy to get along with. There are no ego's involved and we always have fun working together. She's a great talent with so much potential

ECW News: What did your family think of your decision to go into pro wrestling?

Francine:  In the beginning, my parents hated the fact that I'd come home beat up all the time. They didn't understand what "Paying you dues" meant. But I told them as long as I can pay my own bills, this is what I want to do. And they supported my decision. Now, if I make the cover of a magazine or something, they proudly show it off. But my Mom still doesn't like when I get bumped. And she never will :)

ECW News: You've done practically everything there is to do in ECW. What do you hope to accomplish yet before your time in ECW is up?

Francine: I have done a lot already in ECW, but I feel that as long as I can work and I still look half-way decent, I have so much to offer. I want the company to find a home on national tv. One that will treat us right this time. I want every wrestling fan to know who I am and I want them to be able to see me work. I really enjoy wrestling and will do it for as long as I can.

ECW News:  In an interview with just after leaving ECW, when asked about you, Shane said, "Francine is a good friend. She's brought something new to the women's side of wrestling and she excels beyond just being a head cheerleader. She took the time to learn all about the business. Every night we would sit down and talk about what she did right, what she did wrong, why. I think she took well to being with a 15-year veteran and capitalized on it." How does it make you feel to hear something like this when there are other "experts" out there who have said you are just T&A at the ring?

Francine:  To be honest with you, I have never heard anyone refer to me "as just T&A". If there are people who feel that way, then I guess I don't meet their standards. I'm not going to sit here and praise myself and my work because the fans know what I have done already and I am very proud of what I've done in ECW. I try my best, that's all anyone can ever do. If people like me, then great. But if they don't, they are entitled to their opinion. I've learned that you can't please everyone. But I'll keep trying to!

ECW News: Word Association:

ECW - Hardest working locker room in the business. And a great bunch of people. Definitely my extended family.

WWF -Very entertaining and fun to watch.

WCW -Wish they'd push the younger guys more.

XPW - Who?

Justin Credible -A great friend and partner. Fun to work with.

Raven -Very complex but a cool guy nevertheless.

Tommy Dreamer -It would take forever to describle how I feel about him. He's wonderful.

Shane Douglas -Taught me so much about the business.

Pitbulls -I was so new to the business when I was with them. But them putting me through the table put me on the map, so thanks guys!

Stevie Richards -He's doing well for himself and that's cool.

ECW News:   Will you be accompanying Justin Credible or Steve Corino to the ring at the PPV on Sunday or will we have to tune in to find out?

Francine:  What kind of a question is this? Of course you'll have to watch to find out. And seriously, I hope you all do.

ECW News: Thanks alot for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with Any final comments?

Francine:  Thank you to ECWnews for the interview time :) And remember, come visit my webpage at