Barely Legal Tape Review
By Gilleys22


Match #1 – The Eliminators vs. The Dudley Boyz

 The match seemed pretty one sided to me with Kronus and Saturn hitting some pretty big moves all through the match. The Dudleys do have some but very little offense in the match. Thankfully the match isn’t too long and the Eliminators Finnish off Buh Buh Ray Dudley with the TOTAL ELIMINATION and they win the ECW World Tag Team Championship. But what’s this, its still not over? That’s right Joel Gertner has to come and run his mouth. But he quickly receives TOTAL ELIMINATION, which I thought was pretty damn cool.

Winners – The Eliminators

Rating – 3½ stars

Match #2 – Lance Storm vs. Rob Van Dam

 The man from Calgary… Alberta, Canada goes up against “Mr. Pay-Per-View” in a pretty good match. It starts off fast paced and keeps up that momentum for the majority of the match. It also had a lot of good moves and spots thrown into it. Some of them even had me going “Oooohhh!” Overall this was a pretty good match to watch and with the cool moves was pretty entertaining.

Winner – Rob Van Dam

Rating – 4 stars

Match #3 – Michinoku Pro 6 Man Tag

 “O my god!” This match was friggin amazing! It’s easily the best match on the video. It involved TAKA Michinoku, Dick Togo, and Mens Teioh a.k.a. “Terry Boy” vs. The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, and Masato Yakushiji. This was the first time I had ever seen Michinoku Pro wrestlers wrestle. I was so amazed. The entire match was fast paced and had super great spots all through the match. The match went for about 15-20 minutes and my only problem was that it should have been longer.

Winners – The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, and Masato Yakushiji

Rating – 5+ stars

Match #4 - Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2

  From a great match to this horrible piece of junk. This is easily the worst match I have ever watched from ECW in a long, long time. I don’t even want to write the review for it. The entire match they just kept doing the same moves over and over.

Winner – Shane Douglas

Rating – 1 star

Match #5 – Sabu vs. Taz

 “Eighteen months of building emotions collide in the Grudge match of the Decade.” This is used to describe the match. Yet I really didn’t see that much hatred. This match was a disappointment because I expected a lot more from them. I didn’t really see that much a grudge match either. It looked a lot more like a normal match. The only thing that actually looked like they were mad at each other is when Taz breaks Sabu’s nose. There wasn’t really that much spectacular about the match. Hell, I didn’t even get to see a single Triple Jump Moonsault during the match. Then at the end when RVD comes down and starts beating up Taz with Sabu and Bill Alphonso leaves Team Taz for RVD & Sabu. I thought that was just plain gay.

Winner – Taz

Rating – 2 stars

Match #6 – Terry Funk vs. The Sandman vs. Big Stevie Cool

 When I first saw this match I thought it was going to be really bad. Like I mean The Sandman has very little wrestling ability and Terry Funk was way to old to wrestle back then. So that pretty much left Stevie Richards to carry the whole match I thought. But was I surprised, there was very little wrestling and just 3 guys beating the shit out of each other. It was a really good match with lots of kick ass weapons brought into it. First, Sandman leaves, only to bring back a ladder, which he promptly smacks the hell out of Funk and Richards with. Second, Sandman leaves again and this time he brings a special garbage can. The can is special because it’s wrapped in sheet metal. Third, Sandman goes under the ring and brings out some streamers. At first I was like “Streamers? What’s that gonna do?” Then after another look I realized it wasn’t the streamers he was after. But the barbwire hidden in the streamers. Some sick stuff is done with the barbwire that is hard to describe. So I thought I would just let you watch the match and see for yourself.

Winner – Terry Funk

Rating – 4½ stars

Match #7 – Raven vs. Terry Funk

 Now the winner of the previous Three-way Dance is supposed to go on and face the fresh World Champion Raven. So of course the 52-year-old wins the match. The match is horrible, I don’t think Funk stands up on his own the whole match. The only good thing is that Raven busts open Funk so much they have to bring in a doctor to pause the match. Luckily to help make this match better, Raven’s Nest comes down and sets up 3 tables below the announce position. Where Tommy Dreamer just happens to be announcing. So I was pretty happy as somebody was going to get chokeslammed through the 3 tables. With that Big Dick Dudley returns and tries to put Dreamer through the tables but reverses and Big Dick goes through. Dreamer then makes it down to the ring and screws Raven. It was a horrible match but had a kick ass finish.

Winner – Terry Funk

Rating – 3 stars (just because of the exciting finish)