"Hardcore Perspective"
by Jamie Webster

So it seems that ECW are going through a 'bad patch' at the moment. With no TV deal and no shows recently... It seems that ECW is dead. But I, personally, think ECW will live on to provide good old-fashioned violence for all the family.

Earlier this week, Spike Dudley addressed his fans about why he made a statement on the Future of ECW. These are his comments:

"We're not dead... If the boys can't defend ECW who the hell will? Furthermore, what promotion is more worth defending than ECW. Where would wrestling be if ECW folded? Worse off than with ECW.

I did speak with a very jubilant Paul... he thanked me profusely for defending him. This is why I will always stand by this guy. He gave me a chance, made me a semi-star and has allowed me to live a dream. If struggling through the bad times is the worst thing that can happen from all of this I say bring the s*** on!!! I'll go down with him (not on him) if that's our future but we'll sink together. NOTHING would be more offensive to me than to see the boys abandon the guy who has completely given his life for ECW and it's employees. So if we're going to go down I want to go down as a loyal dumb-ass, not just a dumb-ass."

Thanks to: spikedudley.net

So there you have it. And if you feel you want to do you're bit for ECW, then there is a petition online that will be sent to all the major TV companies in hope for ECW to get a TV deal. Click Here to Sign it.

Thanks for reading Hardcore Perspective. So until next time, STAY EXTREME.

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