Justin Credible

Justin Credible

Real Name: Peter Polaco

Height: 6’

Weight: 225 lbs.

Date of Birth: October 16, 1973

Hometown: Ozone, New York

Finisher: That’s Incredible (jumping tombstone piledriver)

ECW Title History: ECW Tag Team Title (2 times)
ECW World Heavyweight Championship

Bio:         Peter Polaco was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, excelling in soccer at an early age. His other interest lie in professional wrestling and Peter spent countless hours emulating his favorites. After graduating high school in 1991, he came upon an advertisement for the Hart Brothers Wrestling Camp in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A few days later he took out a loan and set out to Calgary for a two and a half-month stint of training. In Calgary, he was trained by Lance Storm, a man who would play a part in Polaco’s career later on down the road. 
        When his training was complete, Polaco debuted in Rocky Mountain Professional Wrestling under the name P.J. Walker. Walker slowly made a name for himself in the Canadian promotion, both in the ring as well as backstage, where he was known to be hard-working and a team player. 
        A few years later in January of 1993, Polaco signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation at the early age of 19. Still using the moniker P.J. Walker, Polaco wrestled on many of the first Monday Night Raw telecasts, wrestling against superstars like Lex Luger and even scoring a pinfall victory over the “evil” (*puts pinkie to lips like Dr. Evil*) accountant Irwin R. Shyster. After impressing some of the WWF’s top brass, Vince McMahon came up with something different for Polaco. 
        The WWF was looking to expand into several more international markets and was looking for a character that would appeal to the Portuguese-speaking countries of South America and Brazil. Being of Portuguese descent as well as fluid in the language, Polaco seemed to be the obvious choice. Thus was born Aldo Montoya, the “Portuguese Man-of-War”. Before Aldo’s first match, Polaco was given his red, yellow, and green outfit and worse yet, a bright yellow mask that bore an uncanny resemblance to an upside-down jockstrap. The combination of bad gimmick, bad costume, and a myriad of matches buried in the undercard, the Aldo Montoya character never really got over. He was soon sent to a developmental territory, but asked for his release a few months later. His friend Chris Candido introduced him to ECW owner Paul Heyman, and Polaco soon signed a contract.
ECW History:        ECW wrestler Bilvis Wesley had once suggested the name Justin Credible for himself, and Heyman thought this was the perfect gimmick for Polaco. After wrestling a few matches as PG 187, Justin made his ECW debut in September of 1997 at “As Good As it Gets”. After an introduction by his old WWF friend and new manager Jason Knight, Credible impressed the crown by defeating Jerry Lynn in the first of their many encounters. 
        A few months later, Justin had amassed an impressive undefeated streak. He continued it by upsetting Japanese legend the Great Sasuke with That’s Incredible, his powerful new finisher of a spinning tombstone piledriver. All streaks must come to an end, and Credible’s came to a sudden halt when he was pinned by the original underdog, Mikey Whipwreck, at the 1997 November to Remember. 
        After a rematch that once again saw Mikey victorious, Justin forced him (albeit temporarily) out of wrestling by breaking his already injured knees. After once again defeating and embarrassing the Great Sasuke, this time taking his mask, Justin found the man who would make the ultimate stepping stone to success, Tommy Dreamer. 
After Dreamer’s grandfather had died, a 10-bell salute was given to honor the man. Always one to make an impact, Credible stormed the ring, interrupting the ceremony and disgracing his memory. After a lengthy feud, Credible worked in programs with Jerry Lynn (which yielded a “Summer Series” worth of four star matches), the Sandman, and “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Though he had yet to hold a title, Credible was clearly in the thick of things, along with his stable of “The Sexiest Man on Earth” Jason, Chastity, and for a short time, Nicole Bass. 
        Through his feud with Douglas, Credible formed a partnership with Canadian superstar and his former trainer, Lance Storm. The pair became known as the Impact Players, and with the aid of Jason and Storm’s valet Dawn Marie, they performed true to their name. In June of the year 2000, Storm and Credible captured the ECW Tag Team Titles from Tommy Dreamer and Raven. They became two-time champions a few months later in a chaotic three-way-dance featuring the teams of Mike Awesome/Raven and Masato Tanaka/Dreamer. 
A pivotal night for Credible was April 22, 2000 at Cyberslam in Philadelphia. It was at this event that Tommy Dreamer realized his lifelong dream and defeated Tazz for the ECW World Heavyweight Title. Before Dreamer could celebrate, Credible stormed the ring and threw down his tag team title belt, challenging Dreamer for the Heavyweight strap. Dreamer accepted this impromptu challenge, and due to the surprise interference of the Francine, the Queen of Extreme, Justin Credible captured the World Championship. 
        With his new manager Francine in tow, Credible had a lengthy title reign, (nearly six months, a lifetime in these times of weekly title changes) and sealed his reputation as a fighting champion by taking on all challengers. He was eventually defeated at Anarchy Rules 2000 where longtime rival Jerry Lynn overturned the champ. After several rematches and other main event programs, Justin left Extreme Championship Wrestling to give the WWF another try. 
What He’s Doing Now:        Justin is currently performing in the WWF (thankfully without an athletic supporter on his head) and is part of the X-Factor stable, along with Albert and his old friend X-Pac. The trio is slowly catching on as one of the top heel groups in the company. If Polaco continues to be a backstage leader as well as a top-notch worker, the sky is the limit for this young man. 

Memorable ECW matches:

Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn – 9/20/97 
Justin Credible vs. Mikey Whipwreck – 5/3/98
Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn – 8/2/98
Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer (Stairway To Hell match) – 1/10/99
Justin Credible/Lance Storm vs. Tommy Dreamer/Raven – 1/9/00
Justin Credible vs. Tommy Dreamer – 4/22/00

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