Jerry Lynn

Jerry Lynn AKA The New F’N Show

Real name: Jerry Lynn 

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 213 pounds

Birth Date: June 12th, 1963

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnestoa

Finsiher: Cradle Piledriver

ECW title history: 1 time ECW Heavyweight Champion

Bio: Jerry Lynn made his pro wrestling debut in 1988 working indy feds around the country including Minnesota Independent Wrestling (MIW) and IWA – Minnesota. His first big break came in 1991 when he signed with the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF). There he held the GWF Lightweight title. After a short stint, he left GWF to go and wrestle in the United States Wrestling Alliance (USWA) and went on to wrestle in Michinoku Pro in Japan. Finally, in 1995, he got his big break and signed with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). He went with the masked man gimmick of Mr. J.L, but he was nothing more than a jobber there. After this, he wrestled in one match for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Finally in 1997, he was singed to Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW).
ECW History: When first signed to ECW, he was used as a jobber to put over up and coming stars. However, Paul Heyman saw something in this young athletic young man, and teamed him up with ECW veteran Chris Chetti. In his first PPV, Living Dangerously 1998, the team of Jerry Lynn and Chris Chetti went on to defeat FBI. In the summer of 1998, his singles potential was put too the test as he was put in a series of matches against Justin Credible. After trading wins and losses, the feud climaxed at Heatwave 98 where Credible pulled out the win against Lynn. After these series of Matches, Heyman was certain that Lynn was destined to become a singles star. The months went on as Lynn increased in popularity, and Lynn started to gain a small push. However, he still lost to the established stars of ECW, like Lance Storm at November to Remember 98. However, it is fitting that on the same PPV that he made his debut in, it would be the same PPV that started the greatest feud in his young ECW career, and arguably one of the best feuds in ECW history. At Living Dangerously 99, Jerry Lynn went up against “The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam for the ECW TV title. After putting on a grueling match, Jerry Lynn lost. However, he gained a very important victory that night, and that was the support of the fans. This feud went on for about half a year, culminating in many great matches including a classic PPV confrontation at Hardcore Heaven 99. 
As this feud went on, Lynn and RVD were stuck in a precarious position. At Heatwave 99, they were forced to team up together against the Impact Players (Justin Credible and Lance Storm), who Lynn had previous singles feuds with. The two men beat the Impact Players, creating a tag team feud that lasted for the remainder of the year. Lynn resumed his feud with Lance Storm, which ended at Anarchy Rulz where Storm came up victorious. As RVD went on the shelf because of a broken leg, Lynn was pushed into a serious of matches with the “Japanese Buzzsaw” Tajiri and Super Crazy, two of the best fly flyers in ECW. As the amtches went on, a feud was started against Tajiri and his partner “The King of Old School” Steve Corino. After a couple of matches, a match was set up for Guilty as Charged where Lynn was teamed up with Little Guido of the FBI against Tajiri and Super Crazy. However, Little Guido turned on Lynn, causing him to lose the match. Lynn was supposed to start a feud with Guido, but in their first match against each other, Lynn blew a high spot, causing him to injure his ankle and lose the match. 
Lynn was out for a couple of months, until he returned in April. On his returnal, a match was signed between Lynn and RVD for Hardcore Heaven 00. After a confrontation in the ring where Lynn turned against RVD, both men went into Hardcore Heaven 00 as enemies instead of friends. After a match filled with high spots and close calls, RVD’s good friend Scotty Anton turned against him, giving Lynn’s first ever win against RVD. and Lynn handed RVD's first loss in over 2 years. After the match, Lynn begins to call himself “The New F’N Show” After this, Lynn was pushed into a main event feud with Justin Credible. Lynn got a couple of shots at the ECW Heavyweight Title, but came short, until finally on October 1st, 2000, Jerry Lynn defeated Justin Credible and was crowned ECW Heavyweight Champion.This title reign lasted for a month before dropping it to Steve Corino. However, at this time, ECW was dieing out. Wrestlers were jumping ship. To try and somewhat rejuvinate the product, Lynn was pushed as a heel, siding with then top heel Cyrus. At Guilty as Charged 01, the final ECW PPV, a tag team match was set up with Lynn and Cyrus going up against Joey Matthews and Christian York. This match ended with a Lynn and Cyrus victory, and Lynn being put over as a heel. Sadly, before Lynn could be pushed as a credible heel, ECW closed it’s doors for the last time. 
Where is Jerry Lynn Now: Shortly after ECW closed it’s doors, Paul Heyman went to WWF to become a commentator. Along with him, he brought along some ECW stars. Among them was Jerry Lynn. After working a couple of house show and dark matches, Jerry Lynn made his WWF television debut on Sunday Night Heat, defeating Crash Holly for the Light Heavyweight Title. From this start, it looks like Jerry Lynn has a bright future in the WWF.

Memorable matches:

Masato Tanaka & Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Awesome & Justin Credible: 7/18/98
Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible: Heatwave 98
Jerry Lynn vs. RVD: Living Dangerously 99
Jerry Lynn vs. RVD: Hardcore Heaven 99
Jerry Lynn vs. Tajiri vs. Super Crazy: November to Remember 99
Jerry Lynn vs. RVD: Hardcore Heaven 00
Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible: Oct. 1st, 2000

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