Lance Storm Interview

This interview was conducted by reporter Wrestling Matt Harris recently at a
ECW house show. Credit to Wrestling Matt and link to
  Matt: Ok Lance, we're here backstage at an ECW show. ECW know for hardcore,
extreme wrestling, how do you think your type wrestling technique fits in
here in ECW?
  Lance Storm: Well Matt, I think it just rounds the company out. I consider
myself extremely talented, and not necessarily extremely hardcore. So I guess
it's kind of a contrast to the norm around here. I guess you could say I'm
the calm in the storm, which is kinda ironic to my name, but not everyone can
do the hardcore stuff, so I do pretty much everything else.
  Matt: Ok, so of course everyone knows you're from Calgary-Alberta Canada,
the city that has been know for so many talented wrestlers, the country that
has produced so many talented wrestlers. What does Canada mean to wrestling,
everyone knows the Harts, the Storms, the Benoits, the Jerichos of the world,
but there's a different style from Canadian wrestlers, what's the difference
between Canadian wrestlers and American wrestlers?
  Lance Storm: Ya know, I think it's more of a work ethic than anything else.
A pride in what they do. I think everyone who came out of Canada, like
myself, probably styled themselves after the Dynamite Kid. I think he was
really the innovator. In my opinion, he's probably the greatest worker ever.
You look at Owen, Bret, Benoit, Jericho and myself, and it's the work ethic
of the Dynamite Kid that we all strived for that really makes us all
  Matt: Ok, Lance let's go back a little to Smokey Wrestling Mountain (SMW)
alot of great matches and events in your head from your SMW days, what's the
one match or maybe particular incident from SMW that stands out to you.
  Lance Storm: I think the best match, the one that sticks out in my mind
would have to be, two actually, one was the "Night of Legends" with Jericho
with the broken arm. It was a bloodbath from hell. That to me, was just an
incredible match, I mean we had the match and Jericho had surgery scheduled
for the next day. and the night after, for me personally as a match would be,
"The Fire on the Mountain" against Jimmy and ton I thought was just an
incredible match. One that sticks in my head as one of my all-time favorites.
  Matt: Ok Lance, if there was one person, past, present or future that you
could work in a match, who would that person be and why?
  Lance Storm: I think if it was anyone at anytime if would definitely be the
Dynamite Kid when he was in his prime. If it had to be anybody today, it
would probably have to be David "Fit" Finley. I think Dynamite was just
incredible, and I've wrestled Finley in Europe before, and to me, he's
definitely one of the most talented men in the business right now.
  Matt: Ok Lance, it seems now that your fellow Canadian, Chris Jericho has
finally has hit his payday in the WWF. What are your thoughts of Chris
Jericho in the WWF?
  Lance Storm: I hope he does really well, I haven't seen too much of his
stuff yet, but I certainly hope he doesn't get caught up in the
comedy-entertianment end of it, and forget the wrestling aspect of the
business. But I feel he'll do extremely well there, he's extremely talented.
He's a great guy too, and I think e'll be on top there for quite a while.
  Matt: Ok, and finally, where does Lance Storm go from here in the business?
  Lance Storm: Well, right now, I'm very happy in ECW. I don't really have a
desire to go to New York or Atlanta. I'd really like to wrestled in Europe
again, and in Japan as well.
  Matt: Lance, I really appreciate it, and best of luck to you.
  Lance Storm: No problem Matt, thank you.