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Official Wrestler Sites

ECW Wrestling- The Official Site (No Longer works, but would be wrong not to put here)

Atlas Security- The guys who protect the Wrestlers.

Axl Rotten- On Crazy Guy!

The Baldies- The Thugs of ECW!

The Blue Meanie- The Blue Boy!

Chasity- The former Manager from ECW!

Chilly Willy- The Homeboy of ECW!

Chris Benoit- The Crippler!

Chris Candido- And Tammy Sytch!

Chris Hamrick- ECW Star!

Chris Jericho- The Lionheart!

C.W. Anderson- The Anderson of ECW!

Cyrus- The Virus!

Dawn Marie- One fine ECW girl!

Danny Doring- The Danaconda!

Dusty Rhodes- The American Dream!

Elektra- ECW/Playboy star!

Francine- The Queen of Extreme!

Gabe Saplosky- The guy who does lots of ECW related Stuff!

Harry Slash- The Music Guy!

Jasmine St. Clair- ECW Babe!

Jerry Lynn- The New F'n Show!

Jim Molineaux- ECW Referee!

Joel Gertner- The Quistessential Studmuffin!

Justin Credible- The One Man Crime Spree!

Kid Kash- One awesome High Flyer!

Lance Storm- The Impact Player!

Angelica/Miss Congeneality- Know known as Lita!

Lou E. Dangerously- The Dangerous One!

Mikey Whipwreck- The ECW Underdog!

Nova- The Most Innovative Pro Wrestler in the World Today!

Roadkill- The Amish Warrior!

Rob Van Dam- The Whole F'n Show!

Sabu- Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal!

The Sandman- The Hardcore Icon!

Perry Satun- One of the Eliminators!

Shane Douglas- The Franchise!

Simond Diamond- ECW star!

Steve Corino- The King of Old School!

Super Crazy- He's Crazy!

Taz- The Human Suplex Machine!

Tommy Dreamer- The Innovator of Violence!

Unofficial ECW Sites

All ECW- One of the BEST ECW Sites on the internet.

ECW: Hardcore Live- An Amazing ECW Picture Site.

ECW: All Live- Great ECW photo site of all live photos.

ECW: Fueled by The Revenge Goes On- Good ECW bio site.

ECW Thugs- Good ECW Information site.

Biggie J's ECW Site- Another good ECW site.

Just ECW- Good site with a bunch of interviews.

ECW Empire- Amazing ECW Information site.

Revolution ECW- Nice site, with some interviews.

ECW Zone- Fun site, with a good amount of media.

ECW Heatwave- Lots of information on your favorite federation.

LWorld's ECW Wrestling- Out of date site with some cool stuff.

Hardcore Revolution- Nice site with lots of History.

Sabu Num 1 Site- Nice Sabu Tribute.

The Man Beast- Decent Rhino site!

Justin Credible Experience- Justin Tribute site.

ECWHardcoreWrestling- Nice ECW Tribute site.

Ravens Bowery- Nice Raven Tribute site.

The Dudley Clan- A Dudley Boys tribute.

Mamaluke Madness- Tony Mamaluke Tribute Site.

Tajiri.8m- Out of date Tajiri website.

ECW2k Affiliate Sites!

Biz World Order- A site run by a friend of ECW2k, The Business! Launches Soon!

Mexican Badass- An awesome site for Reviews and Crituqes of Shows and more! Wrestling, Sports, Comics, Babes, Music and More! Plus HTMLer Augie680 writes a column!

TazMark's Board- A cool board, from a fellow IGNer!

The Gore- Damn Good Rhino site! Another Damn Good Rhino Site!

Wrestling Community Board- A Wicked Cool Board, home of the ICW!

Al's Tazz Page-A Great Taz Page! site by TheIcon2 with some Funny Stuff!

VideoWinger-A Great Canadian Tape Trader Site Run by Augie680

Burning Spirit Tape Reviews-An excellent site for reviews of Puroseu Matches!

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