Barely Legal 2001
 ECW Goes Out With a Bang Not a Fizzle!
ECW went out with a fizzle, with a dud. It went out with a small statement by Paul Heyman saying that ECW is dead. Many people thought that ECW should have went out with a bang, with one final PPV with a card filled with classic matches, and it is even today still rumored that this might possibly happen. But all of us can dream of what should be a night of champions, so here are my picks for what I would want to see in the final ECW PPV, which I would call Barely Legal 2k1. Barely Legal was ECWís first PPV, and it should go out as ECWís last PPV. So without further ado, here are my picks.

The First PPV!
-Match #1
Spike Dudley vs. Mikey Whipwreck

This would be a good opening bout, with the battle of the little men. This match would decide who is the real Giant Killer of ECW. This would be a well fought back and forth battle, with little Spike Dudley coming out victorious with an acid drop through a table.

Battle of the Giant Killers!
-Match #2
Jerry Lynn vs. Sabu

Now this match would be just plain awesome. The matches that these 2 put on against such heavy hitters as RVD, Taz, and Terry Funk have all been incredible, and in the case of Jerry Lynn vs. RVD, and Sabu vs. RVD, some of the best matches I have ever seen in wrestling altogether. So what better matchup would it be to put these 2 guys against each other? This match would be a combination of nice high spots and technical wrestling, and a couple of broken tables and Sabuís bones thrown in for an instant classic. I think that Sabu would work through the pain, and that his experience would win out in the end, beating Jerry Lynn with an Arabian face buster.

Battle of the Hardcore High Fliers!
-Match #3 
RVD vs. Taz

Weíve all seen Taz vs. Sabu and RVD vs. Sabu, but I donít think weíve ever seen RVD vs. Taz. I mean, Taz still must have some hatred in him after he attacked Taz at Barely Legal, setting up the ultimate double cross by Bill Alfonso. After a nonstop 30 minute match, Alfonso gets involved in the match, but this time turning against RVD. Taz locks in the Tazmission on RVD to pull out the win.

A Brand New Feud/ Battle!
-Match #4
The Sandman vs. New Jack in a flaming table barb wire scaffold match

So far, this event has been filled with technical wrestling, but ECW is probably most known for bringing hardcore to the mainstream, and this match would be hardcore at itís finest. The wrestlers would start on the scaffold, then work there way down to the pile of tables and lighter fluid set up, with the ring ropes replaced with barb wire. And who better to put in this match then the 2 hardcore icons of ECW themselves, The Sandman and New Jack. This would be a hardcore fans wet dream (hardcore wrestling fan you pervs!). New jack would gain the upper hand by suplexing Sandman from the scaffold through double flaming tables. However, once they would get to the barb wire, Sandman would get the upper hand and would pull out the victory by wrapping New Jack in barb wire, setting him u on a table, climbing back up to the scaffold, and jumping 16 feet crushing New jack, and taking himself out as well. 

One Hardcore Battle!
-Match #5
Taka Michinoku, Dick Togo, Mens Teioh & Super Crazy vs. The Great Sasuke, Gran Naniwa, Masato Yakushiji & Tajiri

I donít think Iím the only one who thought the 6 man Michinoku Pro tag match was the best match of Barely Legal. So what better way to the celebrate the last ECW PPV the to bring back all of the participants of the first match, and to also add in Super Crazy and Tajiri for good measure. I can see this match going on for around 30-45 minutes, and would go down as probably the greatest match ever wrestled. This match would combine high spots, technical wrestling, some funny moments (courtesy of the reunion on the BWO), great ring psychology, maybe even a couple of weapons. I thought about this one long and hard, and decided that Taka Michinokuís team would come out on top courtesy of a Michinoku driver on The Great Sasuke. At the end, a 5 minute standing ovation would no doubt be given to these 8 men from the lucky few thousand that were able to get into the ECW Arena.

Battle of the Foreigners!
-Match #6
The Eliminators vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Impact Players

This would no doubt be the ultimate triple threat tag match. All of the best tag teams of ECW in one ring to decide who is the best of the best. After a hard fought match no doubt filled with all sorts of weapons (tables especially courtesy of the Dudley Boys), Justin Credible would hit his trademark Thatís Incredible spinning Tombstone piledriver on Perry Saturn to score the victory for the Impact Players.

Tag Team Triple Threat!
-Match #7
Shane Douglas vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit vs. 2 Cold Scorpio

Because Pitbull #2 was not available for this classic TV Title rematch, a surprise mystery opponent has been mentioned throughout the show, and that opponent turns out to be the Crippler himself, Chris Benoit! This match would push each of these men to there limit, thrilling the crowd at the same time. When all is said and done, Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas would be the only remaining wrestlers left. After 15 more minutes of fighting, Francine would distract Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas would hit a german suplex into a pin on Benoit, gaining the victory while slapping Benoit in the face by using his own trademark move.

A Classic Reamatch!
-Match #8
Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven

When all is said and done, when all of the classic matches are played out during the course of the night, one last match would remain with 2 opponents, Dreamer vs. Raven. One last match would decide the winner in what was the most intense rivalry to grace the ECW ring. The biggest heel and most popular face would go at one last time to finally settle the score. This match would be the definition of intensity, a pure bloodbath of a match filled with run ins from everyone that was involved in this rivalry including Terry Funk, The Sandman, Big Dick Dudley, The Flock, Beulah, Stevie Richards, Francine, etc. In the end, Dreamer would hit a Spicoli Driver through 3 tables from the Robinís Nest on Raven to score the win, and getting I the last word on this legendary feud. 

Ending the Feud!
After all is said and done, a ceremony for the fans would be held at the end of the show, with almost every wrestler to step foot in an ECW ring showing up. A few words would be said by Joey Styles and Paul Heyman, and the camera would fade out to a shot of most of the ECW wrestlers smiling, tears running down their cheeks as the last, and loudest E-C-Dub chant would be chanted by the fans, joined by the wrestlers themselves to close what would be the greatest night in professional wrestling.

El Loco Hombre69

Out with a Bang!