Mikey Whipwreck
From: Buffalo, New York

Weight: 204 lbs

Height: 5'7

Real Name: John Watson

Finisher: The Whippersnapper

Title History: ECW World Heavyweight Champion (1)
ECW World Television Champion (2x) 
ECW World Tag Team Champion (2x with Cactus Jack, 1x with Yoshihiro Tajiri)

Wrestling History: Trained by New York area wrestler Sonny Blaze, Mikey Whipwreck was so small Blaze refused to take money for his training, believing he would never make it. While training, Mikey found a job working on the Extreme Championshio Wrestling ring crew. While working out in the ring with then-best friend Paul Lauria, the pair were spotted by ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman, who hired them on the spot. Mikey made his debut wrestling Mr. Hughes in a match that would foreshadow Mikey's rookie months, a terrible beating. 
ECW History: After several months of competing both on his own as himself and under masks as the Young Dragons, Whipwreck continued to wrestle for ECW, while Lauria soon lost interest and left. On his own, Mikey was faring no better than the enhancement team, taking beating after beating at the hands of the most hardcore wrestlers in the most hardcore promotion. 
The month of May 1994 changed all that when Mikey was wrestling ECW Television champion Pitbull 1 Gary Wolfe. It appeared Mikey was on his way to another emergency room visit when Tazz interfered. Wolfe ended up crotched on the ropes, and a barely conscious Mikey rolled over atop of him. Three seconds later, Mikey Whipwreck was the least likely Television champion to ever be crowned.
As Whipwreck was helped out of the ring, a quick-thinking sound technician punched up Beck's "Loser" (at that point a Top 40 radio fave) and the song became Mikey's anthem. Doing his first Television promo backstage at the ECW Arena, Mikey proudly showed the title off on camera for his Mom. 
The softspoken kid from Buffalo, NY had accomplished the upset of upsets. It was only then that Poor Mikey was informed of what was in store for him the weeks to come by defending the title! Swallowing loudly, still wincing from a swollen black eye, Mikey listened to the list of challengers he had to face, on TV in the coming weeks-- Mr. Hughes, Kevin Sullivan, Rocking Rebel, Johnny Grunge, both Pitbulls, and 911
        Poor Mikey begged ECW to strip him of the belt...but his pleas were unheeded, and thus he began defending the title.
Mikey, as always, was destroyed. Unfortunately for him, All of his opponents found themselves getting disqualified, and thus Mikey kept retaining the title. "I hope ECW takes the title from me real soon. These guys are kicking the crap outta me." He said on television. His first title defense, against 911 consisted of Mikey getting chokeslammed three times, but 911 got over anxious and deciding to chokeslam the referee as well!
ECW fans, the most hardcore fans in the world, got behind the Underdog, chanting his name loudly, never actually expecting him to win his next match. Mikey's top nemesis at the time was, believe it or not, The Sexiest Man on Earth, Jason. The long-time loser turned manager was managing Gary Wolfe when the Pitbulls lost the TV championship, and Jason had become obsessed with destroying Mikey, who he was insanely jealous of. 
It was Jason that ended up as Mikey's first victim. During a title defense against early ECW standout the Rocking Rebel at Hostile City Showdown '94, Whipwreck leapfrogged over Rebel, and then rebounded off the ropes. Jason was standing on the ring apron, and ended up forearmed in the mush. The ECW Arena went wild cheering on Mikey's first offensive maneuver.
Jason sent Mr. Hughes, the Pitbulls, and Chad Austin after Mikey, but all ended up disqualified. Jason's jealousy grew to the point he refused to let Mikey win by pinfall..at all. In a TV match against a rookie Stevie Richards, Mikey has actually controlled the match, and had Richards pinned, but Jason ran in and broke the pin, causing a disqualification.
Mikey, tired of the beatings, challenged Jason, to a No Disqualification match at ECW's first Hardcore Heaven event. In that match, in August 1994, Mikey destroyed Jason, even using a chair, to the shock of ECW fans, to bloody the "Sexiest Man on Earth." Mikey got a little ahead of himself, and hit the referee as well, leading the way for the Pitbulls to attack him and put Jason atop of Whipwreck for the pinfall. With that loss, came the end of the Mikey Whipwreck story. Or so everyone thought.
Two weeks later, Cactus Jack, one of the three Faces of Mick Foley was left without a partner against then-ECW Tag Team champions The Public Enemy when Terry Funk failed to make the show (well, it was probably for the best…I mean…him WALKING is extreme all in it's own!). To the amazement of everyone, Cactus, who had promised to leave Extreme Championship Wrestling if he did not win the championships, dragged poor Mikey out by the seat of his pants and made Mikey team with him. Mikey, scared to death, and forbidden to win another championship by his mother, ran from the match for the safety of the locker room.
As he watched Jack get destroyed by the two hoodies, Mikey was overcome with courage, and to the shock of everyone in attendance, Mikey made the save with a 2 by 4 (Ok, not really a 2 by 4….more like a piece of plywood) and cleaned house on The Public Enemy, turning the tide until he was destroyed by a double team move), and pinning Flyboy Rocco Rock for the championships (after Rocco got kicked in tha NUTS!)
Cactus Jack instilled confidence in Mikey, who found himself teaming with his idol. Jack told Mikey that when he watched Mikey's Television championship matches, he knew it wasn't luck that Mikey won, it was heart, the same heart that a young man named Mick Foley had, and fought with, even if he was as horrible as wrestling as Mikey was. 
For Mikey it was the best of times and the worst of times. He was teaming and traveling with one of the all time greats of hardcore wrestling, but listening to Foley proudly brag about losing his ear to Vader and his teeth to Sting, Mikey began to realize that teaming with Cactus Jack was only going to lead to the same punishment Jack had taken physically through the years. He attempted to flee at the sound of danger, but Foley's trust and faith in him helped Mikey mature into a courageous young wrestler.
The oddest couple in wrestling history, and they held the World Tag Team championships for 3 months, eventually losing them back to The Public Enemy at the Second Annual November To Remember.
Mikey suffered neck and back injuries in that match, and called upon a special substitute for their rematch--Kevin Sullivan. Foley didn't want to team with a man who had once turned on him and run him out of WCW, but Mikey promised Cactus that if Sullivan doublecrossed Jack, Mikey would take care of him. 
When Cactus and Sullivan faced The Public Enemy, Sullivan indeed turned on him, and Mikey sure took care of the "Gamesmaster." Well, to be honest, he didn't, but he sure tried! Whipwreck jumped on Sullivan's back, flailing away with kicks and punches. A far cry from the kid who begged ECW to strip him of the TV championship!!!
1994 ended with Mikey's popularity at an all time high, but his personal well being at an all time low after an attack on Mikey both physically and mentally. During a ringside interview at "Holiday Hell '94," Mikey was confronted by his old partner in the Young Dragons, Paul Lauria who attacked him. 
Before he had a chance to defend himself, Mikey was knocked unconscious by Lauria, who then announced he had signed with Mikey's rival Jason. Jason proudly bragged he had gotten to Mikey's best friend, and was going to run Mikey out of wrestling. Although losing his first match against his old partner, Mikey soon ran Lauria out of ECW, where he was never seen again.
In March 1995, Mikey finally got his long-waited revenge on Jason, outclassing him in the ring with a leap off the top rope into a FrankenMikey. The humiliated Jason was gone from ECW within a month. That same night, Mikey was forced to mature again as while he was dressing in the locker room, 911 grabbed him and dragged him to the ring....to meet the homicidal, suicidal, genocidal human highlight reel…the one…the only… Sabu.
        Sabu's scheduled opponent Marty Janetty was nowhere to be found, but Mikey, frightened to death, was in the line of fire. Unable to escape, Mikey took the lessons he learned from Cactus and almost defeated Sabu, shocking the wrestling world. The miracle of Mikey indeed was sustaining.
The next few months saw Mikey continue to pay his dues, beating Steve Richards and Ron Simmons, but losing bouts to Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, and Chris Benoit.
In July 1995, Mikey beat the 500 pound Big Van Puccio, but suffered a separated shoulder in the process. Mikey missed several weeks but returned during ECW's July Florida tour, where he won a Tampa Bay Brawl to win an ECW World championship match shot against the then-champ the Sandman. Sandman destroyed him in minutes after sneak attacking him. Once again, pooling from the guts Cactus taught him to have, he mustered the courage to challenge the Sandman again, with the Loser being caned 10 times with the Sandman's Singapore Cane.
Mikey had the champion on the run, but slipped off the top rope, and was pinned. In what is remembered to this day as one of the most brutal incidents in ECW history, Sandman destroyed Mikey with the Singapore Cane, beating him bruised and bloody. Mikey Whipwreck did not back down however, challenging The Sandman again and warning everyone, that it was time for Mikey Whipwreck to become a real man.
Mikey went after Sandman again, pinning him in a non-title match, and returned the caning, although Woman's interference caused him to be the one who ended up being carried from the ring.
        When the Sandman aligned himself with the Gangstas, Mikey found himself with the least likely of partners, his former enemies The Public Enemy, who took him to the rough streets they grew up on and taught him to be a hoodie. The once innocent Mikey not only learned how to cheat, but also how to rob, hugging ECW ring announcer Bob Artese before a match and swiping his watch and wallet in the process!
At Gangstas Paradise in September 1995, Mikey scored a six man Steel Cage match victory for his team as he again pinned the World Heavyweight champion. In the fall of fall of 1995, Mikey kept coming within a hair's breath of winning the World Heavyweight championship as he chased the Sandman. The chase took it's toll as Mikey suffered a multitude of injuries including a broken eardrum.
Mikey etched his name in the permanent wrestling history books on October 28, 1995 in the ECW Arena during a ladder match. Mikey knocked the Sandman out by slamming the ladder into his forehead, splitting the Hardcore Icon open, and pinning him with a flying splash. One problem. The ladder was atop of the Sandman, and the force of impact knocked Whipwreck out as cold as the Sandman. Whipwreck became the World Heavyweight champion while he himself was knocked out. 
The first person to run into the ring and hug Mikey? His old pal, Cactus Jack. In the grittiest wrestling promotion in America, 188 pound Mikey Whipwreck had attained the Triple Crown. Mikey left the ring carried out on the shoulders of most of ECW's stars. 
Once again, Mikey had to defend a championship, but this time, he was ready as the Sandman, Raven, Rey Misterio, Jr., and even Steve Austin fell is a series of Stone Cold upsets!
In December 1995, Mikey faced both Austin and Sandman a Three Way Dance at the ECW Arena. Despite having both on the run, Whipwreck was pinned by Austin, and thus lost the World Heavyweight championship.
And that ended the story of Mikey Whipwreck. Or so we all thought (This is the SECOND time we thought Mikey was finished! THE SECOND!! We all need to learn that no-one can beat Mikey…..NO-ONE!!)
        Mikey Whipwreck barely had a month to relax and recover from his run as World Heavyweight champion when he was scheduled for ECW's New York City debut, Holiday Hell '95. 
Whipwreck was slated to face 2 Cold Scorpio for both the the ECW World Television & The ECW World Tag team championships. Beaten and spent, Mikey seemed prime to defeat, but his old friend Cactus Jack interfered out of nowhere, and Mikey scored the pinfall. 
To Mikey's dismay, Jack proclaimed himself Mikey's championship partner. Cactus, by this point was a darker, depressed person, one that had turned his back on most of what had given him his greatest successes, although Mikey tried to stand by his idol. Jack brought Mikey to his mentor, Raven, who refused Mikey into his "Nest." Standing up to his idol, Mikey proclaimed he wasn't happy with Cactus, but was not willing to deal with or be associated with Raven. This statement hurt Mikey more than helped him, as Raven interfered in Mikey's rematch against Scorpio, causing Mikey's loss of the World Television championship. Like it or not, Mikey was in Raven's nest……let's think about that….Mikey in the greatest stable of all time…..Mikey, Raven, Stevie, Blue Meanie, Dudleys…..LIKE IT OR NOT!?! ARE YOU KIDDING!?! I LOVE IT!!!
The second tag Team reign of Mikey & Cactus began, with Mikey as a champion against his own will, and often being abused by the various members of Raven's nest. The Odd Couple defended the title successfully against the Dudley Boyz, Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer, and several other tandems, mostly with Mikey carrying the load and Jack chastising him for various strategies.
Cactus announced his intentions to leave ECW for the World Wrestling Federation, and informed Mikey he would be going with him. Mikey refused, saying he was happy in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Jack was less than enthused by the answer.
        Mikey and Cactus' championship reign continued until February 1995, when Mikey was pinned in a title loss to the Eliminators, Perry Saturn and John Kronus, after a miscommunication with Cactus. Raven attacked Mikey, and to the cheers of the ECW fans, Cactus Jack came to Mikey's rescue, but only to shockingly attack Mikey on his own, DDTing Whipwreck on a chair.
With his idol, the one who taught him to be a man, having against him, Mikey found himself alone in ECW. His buddies the Public Enemy were nowhere to be found, having left ECW months before, so Mikey had no choice but to take his greatest challenge into his own hands. He was a man and would defend himself as such. 
In February 1996, Cactus, increasingly erratic, found himself on the wrong end of a beating by "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and called for Mikey, of all people, to help him. Mikey ran to ringside, chair in hand, and helped Jack...right to the hospital, slamming a chair to Cactus Jack's defenseless skull……..that's right, you DON'T SCREW WITH THE WHIPPER!! THAT'LL LEARN YAH, CACTUS JACK!!!
One month later, at the Big Ass Extreme Bash, Mikey faced Cactus Jack in what was to be his final appearance for Extreme Championship Wrestling. Whipwreck entered the ring with a neck brace, courtesy of an injury from wrestling The Human Wrecking Machine, Taz….which is in the intro to Barely Legal….and my god…Mikey is the toughest S.O.B (TAKE THAT, STONE COLD!) to even be walking…..
Before the match, Foley told Mikey that one day he could tell his children that he had Cactus Jack's last match, but Foley would be damned if Mikey could say that he beat Cactus Jack in that bout. Mikey took what he was taught by the madman from Truth or Consequences, and used it, pummeling Jack with many of Jack's own signature maneuvers.
        Mikey was even able to score with an awe-inspiring plancha from a huge loudspeaker to Jack down on the floor 2 levels below……TWO FLOORS BELOW, PEOPLE!! FOR GOD'S SAKE….MIKEY IS A MADMAN!!! It was the perfect storybook ending for the Mikey Whipwreck story, but alas, this is wrestling, and not fiction, and the young Whipwreck was piledriven on his injured neck and pinned…….*starts to cry*
Cactus Jack immediately took the mic, and told Mikey how proud he was of him. The two friends embraced and reunited.
As 1996 continued, Mikey once again found himself on the opposing side of Sabu, but this time, he didn't try to run, Whipwreck stood his ground, and came close once again to pinning the Human Highlight Reel from Bombay, India, but eventually fell to Sabu. After the match, Sabu reached out and shook Mikey's hand in a show of respect. Mikey had gained Sabu's respect in their series of awe-inspiring rematches, and the pair even teamed to challenge for the ECW World Tag Team championships at one point.
Mikey continued on with his dream to regain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, showing strong efforts in matches with Shane Douglas, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, and Stevie Richards. Mikey continued on his winning ways, adding yet another championship to his resume, with a European Junior Heavyweight championship victory over British wrestler Dirt Bike Kid, defending it for several months against international competition before losing the belt on a British tour.
The punishment Mikey had been putting his body through however, was unable to maintain itself with his high impact style. During the tour of England, Mikey suffered a knee injury, but refused to admit it to himself and to others, and continued on with a heavy schedule of matches. 
Mikey continued to wrestle hurt until the beginning of 1997, where he blew his knee out in a match with Rob Van Dam in Long Island, New York. The injury kept Mikey off of ECW's debut Pay-Per-View, Barely Legal. For once, Mikey Whipwreck had met an opponent even he could not upset, his own health.
        Now, I'm kinda glad that Mikey was injured….because if he kept wrestling, he would have hurt his leg even more, and we would not be able to see him wrestle……and that would be like viewing the Apocalypse
        Whipwreck fought back to return, but in all honesty, returned to soon, and it showed in his ring work. Mikey found himself injured during a match with the late Louie Spicoli, and ended up missing ECW's second Pay-Per-View, Hardcore Heaven.
After all his years of working hard as Extreme Championship Wrestling grew, Mikey was missing out on the fruits of his labor. It was several months before he was able to return to the ring, and when he did in November 1997, he was within the sites of a newcomers to ECW, Justin Credible.
Credible was looking to make his mark in the promotion, and after defeating Japanese legend the Great Sasuke, immediately looked to defeating the former Triple Crown winner to increase his stock even more. Mikey faced Credible at ECW's November to Remember on Pay-Per-View, but Mikey was not to be denied, snapping Justin with the Whippersnapper-a move that Stone Cold Steve Austin stole from Mikey and called it "The Stone Cold Stunner"- and winning his PPV debut.
Credible was outraged and challenged Mikey at the ECW Arena show which followed the November to Remember. Mikey utilized the Whippersnapper again to defeat the so-called Impact Player. Mikey Whipwreck was back and ready to take on all comers!
Unfortunately, Credible was not one to allow a loss to remain standing, and in Mikey's hometown of Buffalo, New York, beat on Mikey's knees to the point Whipwreck needed to be stretchered from the building to the hospital. That's Mikey for yah: One tough S.O.B who will not give up until he is carried out. This time, there would be no rehabilitation. Mikey Whipwreck needed surgery, and it would be some time before he was able to return to the ring.
After all he had fought back from, Mikey was right back where he started. Injured and unable to compete.
        It was a long four months that Whipwreck fought to return to the ring, finally making it back in May 1998 at WrestlePalooza '98: On Enemy Turf. In Marietta, Georgia, Whipwreck faced down the man who put him out of action again, Justin Credible. Whipwreck controlled the violent grudge match. This was a far cry from the youngster who once cried for ECW to a championship away. It was a man out for revenge against one who had wronged him. After the match, one thing was clear. Mikey was back.
The Mikey Whipwreck who returned however, seemed to lack the fire of the boy who grew into man under the eyes of the world. He gained victories, but seemed to be aimless within the ranks of Extreme Championship Wrestling's contenders.
As the days turned into weeks turned into months, Mikey found himself increasingly angry and upset with the situation. When the November to Remember came about in the end of 1998, he found himself scheduled to referee a match between Jerry Lynn and Lance Storm.
He was the first Triple Crown champion, and he was booked as a referee.
Mikey Whipwreck had nowhere to go in ECW. No matter what he did, he wasn't gaining momentum. He began taking out his frustrations on everyone.
And then, he was gone.
"….And the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse arrived, marking the end of life as we know it"
Mikey left Extreme Championship Wrestling without any fanfare, signing with World Championship Wrestling.
After several months of training and finding his competitive spirit, Whipwreck debuted at WCW Uncensored 1999, with a match against Billy Kidman that was named the best of the event by every observer within WCW and outside of it.
Mikey Whipwreck was back and ready to go.
The only problem was, in World Championship Wrestling, letting it all hang out there and fighting with your heart the way Mikey had learned to do from Mick Foley and matured doing in ECW, was the best way to find yourself going nowhere fast. In the political waters of WCW, the edict was clear- Mikey was to be kept as far away from advancement as possible.
Mikey found himself pulled from most events. When he did appear, he was booked into Hardcore matches against the likes of his former foe, the Sandman, then wrestling as Hardcore Hak. Although Mikey became one of the most popular guests on the WCW Live Internet Radio show, he rarely appeared on television, and when he did, it was in ways devised to dilute his strengths. See….I WASN'T kidding about the Apocalypse.
Mikey had gone from ECW looking for a new home, and he was back with the same problem he had before...no matter how hard he wrestled, and no matter how bad he wanted it, he was just going to be treading water.
Mikey Whipwreck became complacent, then depressed, and finally angry.
He walked out of World Championship Wrestling, more disillusioned than he had been walking into it.
Mikey Whipwreck was seemingly gone from the wrestling industry. Then, one fateful night in October 1999 in the ECW Arena, Lou E. Dangerously announced that he was going to shock the wrestling world by bringing back a former ECW World Heavyweight champion.
Mikey Whipwreck came to the ring. The ECW fans gave a standing ovation (something he deserves EVERYTIME HE GOES TO THE RING) to one of their own. It was like he had never left. Mikey was home.
The first few months of Mikey's return to Extreme Championship Wrestling continued down the same dark path Mikey had been leading. The partnership with Dangerously was over before it began, and hard losses to Nova and then-ECW World Heavyweight champion Mike Awesome were hitting Mikey hard, and his anger grew to paranoia…..Oh thank god!!
It couldn't be his fault all these things were happening to him. He had given his heart and his body for competition, yet nothing was going his way. It was the fans, laughing at the fact that at his age, he was living at home. It was the management treating him like he was some punk kid, not a former World Heavyweight champion. Mikey Whipwreck's ire burned and burned...a scarlet red……Oh my god….Here comes the greatest wrestler with the greatest workrate and the GREATEST fashion sense in the history of wrestling….
Mikey soon fell under the influence of the mysterious man known only as the Sinister Minister. When Mikey was at his lowest point, the Minister provided support and counsel. Under his visage, Mikey Whipwreck was reborn in a flaming renaissance.
Gone was the clean cut kid from Buffalo. In his place stood the fiery haired Mikey Whipwreck, a man who had no qualms about beating his opponents in the ring, or outside of it. He could do it with his fists, his wrestling, and laughing maniaclly, Mikey Whipwreck could unleash a hellacious fireball at a moment's notice.
Mikey Whipwreck has ascended to the top of the wrestling world as World Heavyweight champion. He had fallen into a mirth of injuries, complacency and perceived ignorance and disrespect.
Now, Mikey Whipwreck, with the Sinister Minister at his side, has rejoined the frontlines of Extreme Championship Wrestling. 
Hell hath no fury like a Whipwreck scorned.
Just ask anyone who gets in the ring with Mikey.
After awhile…Mikey and Sinister Minister had their eye on a young Yoshihiro Tajiri……coming to his aid when he needed it. One night on "ECW on TNN" Tajiri had a mystery partner……who wants to guess who it was? C'mon…I dare yah!! That's right…The Whipper and the Holy Man walked out, showing their new found allegiance with Tajiri. Mikey and Tajiri then teamed up to form the Sinister Alliance (either that or the Unholy Alliance….either way, they had the coolest name in wrestling and were the best Tag Team of the Decade….Owen Hart [god rest his soul] and Davey Boy who? The Eliminators? THE FBI!? THE DUDLEYZ?! WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE PEOPLE SMOKING!?) and went on to win the ECW Tag Team Championships in an Eight Team Tourney held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (I think it was New York) by defeating the Full Blooded Italians. This was, in my view-point (and I don't think I'm alone, here) the BEST tag team match I have ever seen. Sadly, Mikey and Tajiri lost the tag straps the next week to The FBI…Dammit
At November to Remember 2000 (the only ECW PPV I ever ordered…JUST to see Mikey and Tajiri against the FBI) The Unholy Alliance/Sinister Alliance met The Full Blooded Italians in a highly anticipated match-up….which Mikey was taken out of in the middle when he performed a double Whippersnapper from the top rope on Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke. Mikey was out for the remainder of the match…blah, blah, blah….Tajiri was left without a partner…..Yadda, yadda, yadda…..The return of Super Crazy…..Yackity Smackity……and…Tajiri and Crazy lost…..mainly because Mikey wasn't there….Hmmm….how ODD!!
So, Tajiri and Crazy teamed the next Friday on ECW Hardcore TV….MIKEY RETURNED!!!…..and took out Super Crazy!! WHOO!! UNHOLY ALLIANCE BACK AND KICKING!! This led to the "Massacre on 34th Street" tag match: Super Crazy and Kid Kash….against Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck….
The match was voted the Best Match of 2000 and showed just how great all four men were. I honestly don't know who won….but I really don't care…..it was a great match, and I hope it's on the next ECW "Best Of.." DVD's. Hell, I hope any Mikey/Tajiri match is on the next ECW "Best Of.." DVD!!
Memorable Matches:

Unholy Alliance (Mikey/Tajiri) vs. The F.B.I-Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City-ECW Tag Title Tourney

Unholy Alliance vs. F.B.I. II-The next Friday on ECW on TNN

Unholy Alliance vs. The F.B.I III-November 2 Remember (Note: Mikey was taken out of the match in the middle due to an injury. The only reason this is memorable is becasue Super Crazy came back)

Unholy Alliance vs. Kid Kash/Super Crazy-Massacre on 34th Street (2000 Match of the Year winner)

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