Live Notes From N2R 2000
By Zombie71

Hello everybody, I was in attendance for ECW's November to Remember last night, and I thought it was a great show. As usual this could be just because I was seeing it live, sitting front row, but based upon other reactions many agreed with me. I wont spend the time explaining what happened in all the matches as I'm sure you already know all about, but mainly what I thought from a fans live POV.

This was the same building in which last year's Anarchy Rulz was held, which I also attended. It was a lesser draw, as last year they added a whole other bleacher section that was not needed this year.

Before the show started, Tommy Dreamer came down to the ring and announced that Sinister Minister has blown off 2 fingers in a pyrotechnic accident. He said this was completely a shoot and to pray for him, and that the entire November to Remember will be dedicated to him.

Dark Match: Blue Boy vs. Bilvis Wesley- Huge pop for Jasmine, but the match itself was nothing special. PPV audience didn't miss much. Simon & Swinger vs. York & Matthews- Fans didn't seem to be too into this opening match, but it still was entertaining as the show started off on the right foot. Many "Hardy Boyz" chants to York & Mathews.

Kid Kash vs. CW Anderson- Great match, both guys are great together. I have loved Kash sense I first saw him, and the fans are really picking up on him and eating it up. Anderson is a great opponent to such a talented and rising star like Kash, both have a great future. The suspended suplex by Anderson was right in front of me and very impressive, as with of coarse all of Kash's high flying moves.

Julio Dinero/Chris Hamrick/EZ Money (w/ Elektra) vs. Doring/Roadkill/Spike- Pretty good match, very entertaining either way. Great to see Spike back doing his thing. I'm not big on Dinero or Money just yet, but I do really like Hamrick. He took several bumps to the floor right in front of me that were VERY hard. Fans loved Roadkill but not so much for Doring.

Chetti vs. Nova- This turned out to be a very good match, as I really wasn't sure what to expect. The Looser Leaves Town stipulation was a very nice addition, as I had no idea about Chetti's WWF deal. Nova's no selling of Chetti's chairshot then going crazy was awsome. I'm a big Nova fan, but always though a log had more charisma than Chetti - so I liked the turn out.

Da Baldies vs. Balls Mahoney/Chilly Willy FLAMING TABLES- These types of matches live have a HUGE hype and adrenaline rush before hand. I wasn't sure whether or not Balls was gonna take the table bump, so it was a nice little surpise to see Angel go up in flames. The brawl around the building was GREAT, I only expected back and forth punching to just delay the table spot, but boy was I wrong. Much better match that I expected.

Rhino vs. New Jack- Horrible match. New Jack really needs to spice things up a bit, as his act is oooold. Unless working with guys like Balls, Spike, Axl, and of coarse the Dudley Boys, stick to occasional run-ins cause you cannot hold a match alone. The finish was very lame also, as New Jack was on offense the entire time then Rhino hit the predictable spear and got the pin.

FBI vs. Tajiri/Whipwreck- My favorite match of the evening. I love each participant, and saw the Super Crazy thing a mile away but still loved his return. His moonsault off the balcony was amazing, the balance is very high up.

Main Event- I has absolutely no idea how this was gonna turn out, let alone end. The delayed Sandman entrance is really taking its toll and getting predictable and lame. The match I thought was very good. Lynn is one of my favorite wrestler's today, so seeing him loose the belt was a shame but we all knew it wouldn't last. I also really wish he would have been in the match long, cause he can go 110% all night. The Corino vs. Credible part was very nice, as it was something different and a new champ was to be pinned either way. The last near fall was great. Corino winning was very cool, even though I cannot see him as a world heavyweight champion, let alone a reigning champion for more than a month or two. Either way the ending was a nice surprise and the fans really digged it.

After the show went off the air, Corino and Victory came back to the ring with Corino's mother. He thanked us all, and said all of his bleeding and getting his ass kicked was worth it for this. He thanked his mother, who had traveled from North Caroline as a surprise. He then said that it was all for his son. He was very emotional and teary eyed. Very cool of him and nice to see.

Overall it was a great show and I had a blast. Hard to compare with last years Anarchy Rules that I was at because of the roster difference. It was better though than this years Hardcore Heaven which I also was at.