salutes ECW's annual showcase event
November to Remember

Live on Pay Per View from the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois
Sunday November 5, 2000 - 8pm Eastern Time

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner were in the ring getting the crowd pumped for the PPV. Gertner made his usual "dirty" introduction of himself, which was followed by Simon Diamond making his way to the ring. As he walked down the aisle, Diamond asked Styles and Gertner what it would take to get put over on television. Gertner got told him he loved his gimmick, but couldn't remember his name since he was an undercard-jabroni, which led to Diamond attacking him. Johnny Swinger hit the ring, followed by Christian York and Joey Matthews and the match began.

Match #1: Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Christian York & Joey Matthews Simon and Swinger controlled most of the match with a lot of double-teaming. York finally threw Swinger to the outside of the ring and York hit the huricanrana from the top rope on Diamond. CW Anderson was on the outside and interfered, which allowed Swinger to get back into the ring and get the pin.

Winner(s): Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger

Match #2: Kid Kash vs. CW Anderson Right after the previous match, Kid Kash's music fell over the arena and he made his way to the ring. Once he was in the ring, Kash hit a huge plancha from off the top rope onto CW Anderson, Swinger and Diamond. CW Anderson and Kid Kash got into the ring and began their match, which was not booked for his PPV, and Kash got the early advantage in the match. Anderson and Kash fought on the outside and Anderson hit many chairshots on Kash and left him laying out by the rail as he got back into the ring. The match continued on the inside of the ring and the match went back and forth with each men going for pinfalls repeatedly. Anderson finally hit his finisher, but Kash kicked out. Anderson got Kash up to the top and hit a huge Superplex on him, and went for the pin. He only got a 2 count once again. The match continued and Kash continued to fight, and Anderson hit his famous spinebuster. Kash once again kicked out and got up. Anderson threw him off the ropes and Kash reversed Anderson's attempt to follow up and hit huge swinging DDT. Kash got the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Winner(s): Kid Kash

After Kash's victory, they finally showed the November To Remember opening video and music.

Match #3: Hot Commodity w/ Elektra vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill Chris Hamrick got on the microphone and a "You Suck D*ck" chant quickly started. He said that since Kash got his ass handed to him in the last match, it wouldn't be fair, but too bad, and they all began fighting. Shortly after the match got started, Spike Dudley's music hit and he came out. He took off his jacket and hit the ring. As soon as Spike stepped into the ring, he kicked Hamrick and he flew through the ropes onto the outside. All hell broke loose after that and all men involved in the match were fighting on the outside. Doring and Roadkill got back into the ring and double-teamed EZ Money. Doring hit a huge elbow from the top rope while Roadkill held him down. This brought in Julio Dinero and control was finally restored in the match with all men in their respective corners. Doring and Dinero were the legal men and battled for quite some time until Hamrick was tagged in. Hamrick hung Doring on the top rope and swept him off hard. He then tossed him into the ropes and Doring reversed it and tagged in Roadkill. Roadkill came in and hit a huge flying elbows and leveled Hamrick and then Hamrick tagged in EZ Money. Roadkill then tagged in Spike and he went right after Money. Spike controlled Money for quite some time until Chris Hamrick got back into the ring. Roadkill entered the ring and grabbed Hamrick and at the same time, Spike hit an Acid Drop out of nowhere and pinned Hamrick for the win.

Winner(s): Danny Doring, Roadkill and Spike Dudley

Match #4: Chris Chetti vs. Nova Lou E. Dangerously, who accompanied Chetti to the ring grabbed the mic and ribbed Chicago for thinking they are "bad" and told them that Chetti can kick all their asses. Chetti then got on the mic and said that ECW was not big enough for both him and Nova, and he said that once he wins, Nova will leave, and that the match would a "Loser leaves ECW" match. Nova ran down the aisle and went right after Chetti with a high impact chin breaker. He then threw Chetti through the ropes and onto the outside and he attempted a splash from the top rope, but missed and hit the floor. Chetti then grabbed Nova and tried to throw him into the guardrail, but Nova reversed it and Chetti was sent into the rail. Nova then grabbed a chair and went after Chetti. He threw Chetti into the guardrail face first once again and Chetti was cut open. They both got back into the ring, and Nova went for a crucifix, but only got a 2 count. He then picked up Chetti and went for his finisher, the Kryptonite Krunch, but Chetti maneuvered out nearly pinned Nova. Nova got up, and set a chair up in the corner and sent Chetti into it, which left Chetti down holding his leg. Chetti continued to grab his leg, but then went after Nova proving himself to be faking the leg injury. Chetti then took control beat Nova to the point to where it looked like he was about to pass out. Chetti sent him into the ropes and Nova fell onto him as he got to Chetti and went for a backslide and almost got a 3-count. Nova kept control of the match after his near win and continued beating on Chetti. Nova hit a big move on Chetti and got the 3-count, but Lou E. was on the outside and put Chetti's leg on the bottom rope. Nova went off the opposite side and slid under the bottom rope knocking down Lou E. Nova got back into the ring and hit two piledrivers on Chetti, and as he went for a third, Lou E hit him in the back of the head with his cell phone. Chetti took control and Lou E then got on the ring apron and attempted to hit Nova with a chair, Nova stuck his foot up and caused Lou E to hit the floor. Chetti got nova on the top, but Nova reversed it and hit a Kryptonite Krunch from the top rope and got the win.

Winner: Nova

New Jack was in the back and had a chain. He talked about his thug life and told Rhino he would make him squeal like a pig later in the night when they would battle for the Television Title Match.

Match #5: Flaming Tables Match - Da Baldies vs. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy Da Baldies, Devito and Angel came out first followed by Balls and Chilly. Balls and Chilly went to the ring fast and quickly took down both members of the Baldies. They went to the outside and threw a table into the ring. Da Baldies got up and they all began going at it on the outside of the ring. They made their way into the crowd and fought out near all the fans. Angel and Chilly eventually made they way even further up into the crowd and onto the second level. A huge "ECW" chant broke out and the two men continued to fight while Balls and Devito also kept fighting down below in a huge sea of fans. Mahoney hit Devito with a few chairshots and Devito looked to be cut open. Chilly Willy and Angel got out of the seating area and fought on the ramp near the entrance. Chilly Willy had good control over Angel and slammed him hard onto the hard walkway. Angel got up and hit Chilly square in the head with a chair and Chilly was left on the ground. Mahoney and Devito then also got onto the ramp way and soon Mahoney and Chilly both had control over their opponents and once again, Angel got a huge chair shot on Chilly, which again left him out on the ground. Devito and Angle then double-teamed Balls and threw him into the ring. After they got him down on the ground, they set up a table. Da Baldies grabbed Balls and threw him into the ropes. Balls came back and got each man with a kick and took and then DDT'd Angel. Angel then rolled under the bottom rope and was on the outside. Devito then hit Balls with a standing dropkick as he turned around. Devtio got Balls into the corner and Balls ended up hitting a big move, which took out Devito. Chilly Willy got back into the ring and joined Balls. They both grabbed bottles of gasoline and completely drenched the table in gas and lit it on fire! Balls then got picked up Angel and powerbombed him through the flaming table.

Winner(s): Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy

Sinister Minister was in the back with Tajiri and he went on about the Main Event match. He then went on to say that Tajiri would win the titles later tonight. He then lit the table on fire in front of him and it showed Mikey Whipwreck on the table with an apple in his mouth tied up screaming and Minister just laughed as they switched to the ring for the TV title match.

Match #6: Television Title Match - Rhino vs. New Jack New Jack came out following Rhino with a baby's pacifier in his mouth and he rolled his usual shopping cart of weapons to the ring. New Jack came right in and used tons of weapons on Rhino. He got a pool cue and broke it over his back and then grabbed a chain and began to choke him out. He then threw Rhino into the ropes and Rhino stayed on the ring apron. New Jack bragged a "Left Turn Signal" sign and nailed him in the head, which sent him into the guardrail on the outside. New Jack then beat Rhino for a while longer on the outside and then grabbed the sign again and jumped off the ring apron and his Rhino with it again. Rhino managed to get back into the ring before Jack and hit him with a sign as he entered the ring and then he propped a table up in the corner. New Jack then hit a clothesline on Rhino and then nailed him with a low blow. Rhino attempted to fight back, but soon ended up in the corner as Jack hit him with a garbage can. New Jack got back into the opposite corner and again came after Rhino with the garbage can. Rhino grabbed the ref and blocked himself with him. Jack then bragged a staple gun. He grabbed Rhino and was getting ready to staple him in the head and then the ref tried to stop him. New Jack bragged the ref and stapled him in the head and then picked him up and tossed him over the top rope. He turned around and got scooped slammed by Rhino. New Jack retaliated fast and grabbed a guitar and smashed it over the head of Rhino. There was a huge cloud of chalk from the guitar and after it cleared, Rhino was still on his feet. Rhino kicked Jack in the stomach, then slammed him through the table in the corner and got the pin.

Winner: Rhino

Steve Corino was shown in the backstage area after the match and walked into the Sandman's dressing room with Jack Victory. Sandman was in the bathroom and he came out as Corino was dumping out his beer. Sandman saw him and Corino threw the can and missed him and they began to fight and then they cut back to the ring for the Tag Team Title Match.

Match #7: Tag Team Title Match - The Full Blooded Italians vs. Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck Following the announcement of each team, the FBI huddle together and then Tony Mamaluke and Mikey Whipwreck started off the match. The two wrestled at a fast pace and the match went back and forth until Mamaluke finally got two near falls on Whipwreck. He went for a third roll up and Mikey nailed him with a tilt-the-world backbreaker and then he quickly tagged in his partner, Tajiri. Mamaluke got up and tagged in Guido and the two fresh men in the match also went at it at a very rapid pace and kept reversing each others' moves. The crowd applauded after they got to a standing point in the match at they performance. Tajiri and Mikey then both got chairs and put them around the head of Guido and then both dropkicked the chairs and he hung on the ropes. Mamaluke was thrown to the outside and he was hung on the top of the guardrail. Whipwreck got both FBI members in the ring and onto the top rope. He hit a double Whippersnapper on them and hit hard on the mat. Both FBI members were down and Whipwreck rolled to the side of the ring, and was taken out on a stretcher by EMTs. After he was taken out, Tajiri was left alone taking on both Mamaluke and Guido, and then music hit. Shortly after, Super Crazy came out and made his way down to the ring to help Tajiri. Crazy is back in ECW! Crazy came in then went right after Mamaluke and hit two moonsaults on him and then took out Guido and sent him to the outside. Tajiri and Crazy then began to double-team Mamaluke and hit a double back body drop on him. Guido started to crawl back into the ring, but Crazy nailed him in the head with a chair as he tried to get through the ropes. Tajiri then dropkicked a chair that was laid against Guido's head. Mamaluke came back in and order was restored in the match. Mamaluke tagged in Guido and he went after Tajiri. Tajiri went for a backslide, but Guido got out of it, but was hit with a big superkick as soon as hit got on his feet. Mamaluke then got in and went after Crazy and was soon laid out with a powerbomb. Crazy then sent Mamaluke to the outside and wanted to go for the Asai Moonsault, but Mamaluke grabbed his legs and pulled him off the ring apron. They battled into the crowd and Big Sal E. soon followed them into the crowd as Guido and Tajiri kept on fighting in the ring. Crazy went up to the second level and was shown jumping down at least 15 feet and hit Big Sal, and all at the same time, Mamaluke was able to escape and get back into the ring. Tajiri got him in the Tarantula, but then was attacked by Guido. The FBI double teamed Tajiri and hit their finisher while Crazy was still in the audience and got the win. The FBI left and after the match, Crazy and Tajiri shook hands in the middle of the ring.

Winner(s): The Full Blooded Italians

Jasmine St. Claire was shown naked in the shower talking about how she likes to be squeaky-clean. The Blue Boy joined her and they encouraged everyone to go to the ECW website more things like what we were seeing.

Match #8: Double Jeopardy World Title Main Event - Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible; Sandman vs. Steve Corino All the competitors for the match came out but there were no signs of The Sandman. They waited for him, but he never came out so they match had to start without him. The commentators made jokes that he was probably at the closest bar. Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible started the match and all Corino could do was look on. After fighting for a while, Lynn rolled up Credible, and Corino came over and kicked him in the chest, stopping the count. Corino kept going after Lynn, and then started fighting with Justin as Lynn was down and out. Lynn soon got up and hit a double bulldog on Lynn and Corino as they were fighting. Corino and Credible got up and double-teamed Lynn. At the same time, the crowd all stood up and shortly after, The Sandman's music hit and the house erupted. Corino and Credible stopped beating on Lynn and stood up waiting and looked around for Sandman. Sandman's music kept playing and he finally made his way through the crowd. He stopped in the crowd and as usually, the audience sung along with his music and he poured beer in people's mouths. Lynn was finally picked up by Credible and him and Corino started going at him once again. Lynn looked to be very worn out and could barely stand up. Lynn, with blood all over his face already finally got up and delivered some punishment on both Credible and Corino. Sandman was still on the outside, but he came in with his Singapore cane and smashed Lynn over the head. Sandman then stood face-to-face with Steve Corino, drank down one last beer and then pummeled him in the head with the can. Sandman got Corino on the outside and hung him on the top of the rail and hit a leg drop on the back oh his neck from the ring apron. They both kept fighting on the outside, as Lynn and Credible, both bleeding, battled on the inside. Sandman grabbed a ladder from the outside and pushed it into the ring. He pulled Corino into the ring, propped it up in the corner and slammed Corino into it. Sandman then picked up Lynn and threw him onto the outside along with Justin Credible and then he went back to work on Corino and suplexed him into the ladder. All men were on the outside and Corino slammed Sandman into the rail. Jack Victory threw Corino a chair and Corino set up four chairs and laid a piece of the guardrail onto it. Sandman ended up suplexing Corino through the thing he created. Justin Credible was then tombstone piledriven by Lynn and almost got pinned but Francine came in and stopped the pin. Dawn Marie was pissed and got into the ring. We almost saw a cat fight, but Jack Victory pulled Dawn out of the ring. The match went on and Jerry Lynn and Sandman both got nailed by their opponents' finishers and were pinned and eliminated almost at the same time. At this point, we know that there will be a new champion crowned.

It was now down to Steve Corino and Justin Credible, but Sandman stayed out there and went after Justin Credible after Corino sent him to the outside. Before Credible got back into the ring, Steve Corino set up another table in the corner and him and Justin began fighting once again. The two exchanged chops to the chest and then Corino got a low blow on Credible and both men went down. They both got up and Corino missed a shot to the face, there was a standing switch and Credible ended up getting back suplexed into the table. Francine came in and tried to help Justin. Corino attempted to superkick Credible, but he pulled Francine in front of himself and she was knocked out. Dawn Marie came in and got a low blow on Steve Corino and he fell over. Justin got up and had the Singapore cane, he nailed Corino in the head at least four times, Corino stayed up and turned around with a huge Superkick on Credible for the 1-2-3 and the victory. Steve Corino became the new ECW World Champion! As he celebrated after the match, Jerry Lynn came in and gave him some words and then left, and Corino kept on celebrating.

Winner: Steve Corino