Announces The First Nominess to be Inducted into the Hall of Fame
June 22nd 2001- Philadelphia
       In a Press Conference Today, Webmaster Augie680 released the nominations for the First ever ECW Hall of Fam Inductment Ceremony. "We realize that some people will be upset with some choices, but we will get around to inducting everyone who deserves to be in the Hall, into the Hall." he stated before the conference. The Ceremonies are set to take place on Friday July 6th, and will be a true show for all ECW fans.
     "So with Great pleasure, here are the Nominations!"
For The Single Wrestler Categoy, 2 of the following 5 will be inducted.
  - Taz
  - Tommy Dreamer
  - Shane Douglas
  - Mikey Whipwreck
  - Terry Funk
For the Tag Team Category, 1 of the following 5 will be inducted.
  -The Dudley Boys
  -The Eliminators
  -Da Gangstas
  -Sabu and RVD
  -Public Enemy
For the Feud Category, 1 of the following 5 will be inducted.
  - Raven/ Tommy Dreamer
  - Tajiri/ Super Crazy
  - Mike Awesome/ Masato Tanaka
  - Eddie Guerrero/ Dean Malenko
  - Rhino/ The Sandman
For the Other Person Category, 1 of the 5 will be Inducted
  - Joey Styles
  - Bill Alphonso
  - Francine
  - Joel Gertner
  - Jim Molineaux
For the Misc. Category 1 of the Following 5 Will be Inducted
  - The ECW Arena
  - The Elks Lodge
  - Stariway to Hell Match
  - Barbwire Rope Match
  - ECW Table (As a weapon)
For the Match Category 1 of the Following 3 will be Inducted
  - Guerrero vs. Malenko 2/3 Falls Fairwell Match 
  - Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn – 5/16/99 
  - Shane Douglas vs. Sabu vs. Terry Funk –The Night the Line Was Crossed – 2/5/94 
For the Lifetime Acheivement Award 1 of the following will be Nominated.
  - Tommy Dreamer
  - Paul Heyman
  - Joey Styles
  - Taz
  - Rob Van Dam
Those are the Nominations that will be sent out to the ECW2k Staff.
Expect the awards to be released soon!
Would All Staffers Please Respond in the Post in The Staff Board!