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Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 285 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1999
Catch Phrase: "You'll always remember the name Rhino!"
Championships Held:
ECW World Television championship
The World Television champion is a frightening young man. Rhino is massive, strong and intense. One punch from this behemoth could shatter a man's jaw. One piledriver could break a man's neck. What is a normal wrestling hold to any other performer, is a lethal weapon in Rhino's arsenal.
Even more frightening is that Cyrus and The Network have pledged their loyalty to Rhino, naming him their hand-picked champion here in ECW. Despite ECW's best efforts, Rhino captured the World Television Championship from Yoshihiro Tajiri and has been out to decimate anyone who dares stand up to The Network since.
Nothing is beneath this intense competitor. He's broken the legs of Rob Van Dam and Spike Dudley. He's beaten The Sandman half to death. Rhino has even used his massive gore to try to break The Sandman's wife Lori Fullington in two. Nothing seems to stop this behemoth's reign of terror.
With the power of The Network behind him, Rhino is on the warpath. Even regaining the ECW World Television championship from Kid Kash has done nothing to satiate his hunger for destruction.
An unstoppable monster that continues to run through everyone in his path, Rhino is a force to be reckoned with in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

C.W. Anderson
Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Year Turned Pro: 1992
Catch Phrase: "That's What Happens When You Mess With An Anderson!"
"The Enforcer" C.W. Anderson is a throwback to the old days of pro wrestling. The days when wrestlers picked an extremity and worked on it. When wrestlers stayed to the mat and stretched their opponents. When wrestlers prided themselves, not on championships, but on how many teeth they knocked out.
Trained at WCW's Power Plant, C.W. Anderson turned down a contract with the promotion to begin his career in the tougher rings of Extreme Championship Wrestling. True to his surname, Anderson is a tough competitor with one of the best left hands in the business and a devastating spinebuster to boot.
After several months as part of Lou E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance, Anderson struck a pact with Simon Diamond and Swinger, helping the team maintain their competitive edge and preventing them from being distracted.
As Anderson's harder edged attitude continues to come out, he has found himself making a bevy of enemies for the trio, including Tommy Dreamer and Beautiful Bobby Eaton. If C.W. has his way, he'll take them on, one at a time or all at one, it doesn't matter.
After all, he's an Anderson.

The "Kingpin" of Da Baldies, the brash youngster Angel, makes up for what he doesn't have in experience, with ferocity
Although one would not suspect it based upon his wild brawling style, Angel is actually a skilled performer who broke into the wrestling business under Hall of Fame Wrestler Johnny Rodz' wrestling school.
After being invited to compete in Extreme Championship Wrestling based upon his impressive showings in Northeast Independent wrestling promotions, Angel quickly grew tired of doing things the right way, by paying his dues. He soon broke out on his own as a member of Da Baldies, looking to make his own breaks.
Angel showed how far he was willing to go to make those breaks when he attacked the "Original Gangsta" New Jack with a staple gun and stapled him in the eye. The incident was brutal enough for Joel Gertner to declare Angel the new "King of the Streets."
Since that horrific act, Angel, along with the rest of Da Baldies, stalked the Original Gangsta, finally putting him out of action with numerous leg and ankle injuries. Angel has declared himself and Da Baldies as a force to be reckoned with in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
 Once overlooked as a competitor, the self-proclaimed "King of Old School" Steve Corino has shocked the world by becoming the new ECW World Heavyweight champion at the November to Remember 2000.
A performer with highly touted scientific skills, something he is not shy to brag about, Corino uses his technical skills to outclass opponents. Once considered a comedic performer, Steve Corino's rise from manager to World Heavyweight champion right here in Extreme Championship Wrestling took many strange turns.
At one time, claiming he would bring back the Old School wrestling style to Extreme Championship Wrestling, Corino began speaking out against all forms of hardcore entertainment. He crashed a Limp Bizkit concert in Peoria, Illinois to berate their fans and lead singer Fred Durst.
Corino soon fell in with The Network, doing the bidding of Cyrus. In turn, Cyrus brought Corino to greater heights than he ever had been before.
Following a victory over the legendary "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, the once cowardly Corino underwent a remarkable transformation. The nightly wars in ECW would often leave him a bloody mess, but Corino refused to back down. Instead, he faced his challenges head on. This was a remarkable metamorphosis for a man who once bragged that he would never soil himself by becoming a victim of hardcore wrestling.
Corino wasn't bringing himself down to anyone else's level. He was rising to a new level, proving himself to be the epitome of the Old School professional wrestler, one who doesn't back down to any challenge.
Corino has struck out on his own, leaving The Network in violent fashion when he felt his hard work was ignored. Creating a bevy of new enemies for himself, Corino discovered he had something else he never imagined - the respect of Extreme Championship Wrestling's fans.
That wave of respect followed Steve Corino in his bid to become the World Heavyweight champion. At the November to Remember 2000, Corino was victorious in accomplishing that dream, defeating not one but three men in the Double Jeopardy match to become the thirteenth competitor to be crowned ECW World Heavyweight champion.
In the year 2000, it is "Old School" that holds the key to the future of Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Justin Credible
Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Lance Storm)
With a mean streak in him unlike even the most grizzled veterans, the youngster known as Justin Credible is vile, cunning, decadent and disturbing. The former ECW World Heavyweight champion has stopped at nothing to destroy his competition and rise to the upper echelon of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Credible's hit list reads like a who's who of Pro Wrestling. He broke the leg of the Japanese Legend, The Great Sasuke, and stole his sacred mask. He stole The Sandman's Singapore Cane and "Hardcore Icon" status. He ran Shane Douglas, Lance Storm and Sid Vicious out of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Perhaps the most disgusting of all, he spit in the face of a ceremony honoring Tommy Dreamer's deceased grandfather. These disgusting acts have made Credible's success even more nauseating to ECW's fans.
Managed by "The Queen of Extreme" Francine, Credible is an intense wrestler, utilizing a spinning tombstone christened "That's Incredible" to take out opponent after opponent.
Credible claims he is "The Impact Player" in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and with the World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist, no one could argue.
With his loss to Jerry Lynn at Anarchy Rulz!, however, Justin finds himself back in the role of the hunter. With the atrocities he has committed in the past, one question lingers above like a dark cloud waiting to pour.
What will Justin Credible do to return to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling?
 "The Mouthpiece" of Da Baldies, the cigar-chomping Tony DeVito is the most experienced of this group of New York City tough guys, having competed for several years on the Northeast Independent wrestling circuit.
Although he favors the brawling his street upbringing has taught him, DeVito can take to the air when he needs to, maintaining an impressive moonsault press in his arsenal.
After several months of wrestling for Extreme Championship Wrestling with relatively little impact, DeVito found his niche as a member of Da Baldies, making him a member of one of the most feared tag teams in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
A core member of one of the most brutal tag teams ever seen in Extreme Championship Wrestling, when the "Mouthpiece" speaks, violence soon follows.

Simon Diamond
This brash, disdainful newcomer to Extreme Championship Wrestling has impressed ECW management with his looks, technical skills and charisma. Now if only they could do something about his attitude...
A former standout on the Northeast Independent circuit and one-time draft pick for the San Diego Padres, Simon complained for nearly a year that he was overlooked, considered to be a comedy act. Believing he wasn't getting the respect as an All-American blue chip athlete, Simon truly "had a problem."
Regardless of his complaints, Simon and his partner Swinger found themselves surrounded by an entourage full of erratic characters. Simon's frustration with the situation was compounded weekly, until the solution to his problem appeared.
C.W. Anderson arrived on the scene, destroying Simon's "circus act" and forming a pact with Simon and Swinger. In one fell swoop, Simon's career was redirected into exactly what he claimed to be all along: a serious athletic performer, proving himself by going all the way to the finals of the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament.
Extremely outspoken, Diamond is able to back up his mouth with his well-rounded technical skills. Diamond can stand toe to toe with any opponent in the ring, whether it's on the mat or in the air.
As his partnership with C.W. Anderson and Swinger continues to solidify, Simon says he is on his way to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Danny Doring
Dastardly Danny Doring proved to all doubters that he is without a doubt, a star to be reckoned with upon his victory for the ECW World Tag Team championships. Already revered in the wrestling industry for his partying ways, the self-proclaimed "Danaconda" easily kicked his competitive spirit into high gear after he and partner Roadkill were ambushed by the Full-Blooded Italians.
After the FBI cut his hair and Roadkill's beard, Doring's intensity grew by rapid leaps and bounds, culminating at the Massacre on 34th Street where he and Roadkill realized their dreams of becoming the top tag team in the world by defeating the FBI. Now comes the hard part: maintaining that position.
This former college football standout has much in his favor however. He sports impressive mat skills from his days training under Tazz at the ECW House of Hardcore. His aerial arsenal is always improving. The Dastardly One has also created several impressive offensive maneuvers. The most prominent is The Bareback, in which Doring brings his opponent's face smashing down into his raised knee.
He also has his solid tag team and bound with "Angry Amish Chicken Plucker" Roadkill working for him. Doring's neon attire is offset by Roadkill's plain attire. The unusual duo's hard work over the past several years has created one of the most popular tag teams in Extreme Championship Wrestling history.
Whether alone in the ring, or with Roadkill as his partner, Doring has morphed into one of the finer young performers in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Now, he has the gold to prove it.

Tommy Dreamer
Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Raven)
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Masato Tanaka)
"The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer is the heart and soul of Extreme Championship Wrestling, set to defend it against all outsiders.
This life has not been easy for Dreamer. He has been placed in situations that would conquer a normal man, but he has always somehow prevailed in the end.
The one-time protégé of Terry Funk, Dreamer may look like a matinee idol, but he is more likely to pick up a chair than throw a hiptoss. With the incredible ability to turn anything into an offensive weapon, Dreamer is at one with the ECW fan base, putting himself and his body on the line for his fans.
In the dark world that encompasses Extreme Championship Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer is the heart. Even more so, he is the light.
That light never shined brighter than at Cyberslam 2000. Dreamer not only realized the culmination of a lifelong dream by defeating Tazz to become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. After years of hard work for ECW, Tommy Dreamer was finally reaping the reward.
That reward was ripped from Dreamer's clutches when Justin Credible immediately challenged Dreamer and won the World Heavyweight Championship, with the help of Francine. Credible, a man who had once spit on the memory of Dreamer's deceased grandfather, now held the belt Tommy had rightfully earned with years of his blood, sweat and tears.
Throughout his career, Tommy Dreamer was always fighting towards a goal. Whether it was for ECW or for the honor of Beulah McGuillicuty, Dreamer was always fighting for something. Now, Extreme Championship Wrestling's "Innovator of Violence" is fighting for himself, to regain the championship he rightfully earned.

Spike Dudley
Championships Held:
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Balls Mahoney)
Little Spike Dudley is the Giant Killer of Extreme Championship Wrestling, with heart and ability that greatly overshadows his diminutive height.
Spike uses his finishing maneuver, the Acid Drop, a swinging stunner off the ropes, to pin nearly every opponent who has ever towered over him. The list of his victims include Bam Bam Bigelow, Viscera, 911, Buh Buh Ray Dudley, and Lance Storm.
Currently rehabilitating a knee injury suffered at the hands of Rhino and The Network, it's only a matter of time until the most courageous member of the Dudley family is back in the ring, doing what he does best, beating the odds.
Whether it's diving off balconies of buildings onto hapless opponents, or pulling off upsets over competitors three times his size in a matter of minutes, Little Spike Dudley is as hardcore as they come.

Chris Hamrick
"Confederate Currency" Chris Hamrick is as proud of his heritage as he is of his own ability.
A spectacular aerial artist, Hamrick truly rolls the dice every time he takes to the air, gambling that his next move will be the one that ends the match, not his career.
This style has led to many an instance where it appeared Hamrick had finally gone too far, only to see the Southerner get up as if nothing happened and continue on to victory.
With his primary weapon "The Confederate Crunch," an amazing top rope legdrop that gets phenomenal hang time, Hamrick has been compared favorably to the legendary "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton.
Hamrick has found a solid alliance in fellow ECW newcomers EZ Money and Julio Dinero. With the assistance of Elektra, Hamrick guided them all the way to the semi-finals of the grueling ECW World Tag Team championship tournament in New York City.
While the South may never rise again, it's a sure thing that Hamrick's hand will rise in victory many more times before all is said and done.

Kid Kash
Championships Held:
ECW World Television championship
A fine representative of the young locker room in Extreme Championship Wrestling, former ECW World Television champion Kid Kash has been turning the heads of ECW's fans and performers with both his amazing aerial arsenal and his refusal to back down from any challenge.

Debuting in ECW in 1996, Kash spent the year taking his lumps while he gained experience. Returning to ECW in 1999 after nursing a leg injury, Kash soon worked his way up the ladder in the eyes of the fans and ECW management with show after impressive show.

When Kash suffered a broken jaw at the onset of 2000, he refused to be removed from his matches by ECW Management, showing the heart of a true future champion. That heart and loyalty rocketed Kash into one of the most popular competitors in ECW.

As Kash's experience grew the past year, he found himself shooting like a rocket to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Proving himself to be one of Justin Credible's most difficult World Championship contenders, Kid Kash's aerial offense hits his opponents from all directions.

When Extreme Championship Wrestling made its way to downtown New York City, Kash found the opportunity of a lifetime before him and grabbed the brass ring with both hands. With the help of tag team partner Rob Van Dam and the Sandman, Kash toppled the behemoth Rhino to win the ECW World Television championship.
The long journey to the top of the wrestling industry behind him, Kash found a moment to bask in the celebration of the New York City fans with one of the most electric championship victories in ECW history. Although he later lost the championship back to the Big Fn' Deal in Canada, no one can take Kash's accomplishments away from him.
With the fans behind him and all the ability in the world, Kid Kash continues to prove that "Kid Kash is Money!"

Jerry Lynn
Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
After over a decade of being a performer who was utilized to make stars out of others, Jerry Lynn achieved his dream, becoming the new ECW World Heavyweight champion only to have that precious gold strap taken from around his waist at the November to Remember 2000.
A scientific genius when it comes to the mat, the former World Heavyweight champion is also well versed at flying through the air. Injured or not, Jerry Lynn lays it all out on the line.
A true journeyman wrestler who had competed in every major promotion before making his way to Extreme Championship Wrestling, Lynn immediately proved himself to the hard-to-please ECW audience with his incredible work ethic.
After a series of breathtaking matches with Rob Van Dam for the ECW World Television Championship, Lynn found himself a favorite of the ECW fanatics. With his popularity booming higher than ever before, Lynn was rocketing to the top of the wrestling industry, until a freak ankle injury forced him out of the ring.
While rehabilitating a broken ankle, Lynn found himself consumed with rage and anger when he saw the media and Internet focus on Van Dam's own recovery from a broken leg, seemingly forgeting about Lynn. When he returned to Extreme Championship Wrestling, Lynn intensely confronted Van Dam and made it quite clear that he would prove to everyone who the "Real F'N Show" was.
When Lynn and Van Dam collided again, Lynn indeed came out the victor in a hard fought bout. His place as a superstar in Extreme Championship Wrestling solidified, Jerry Lynn became a true become a hardcore hero to ECW's fans.
That hardcore hero had the opportunity of a lifetime at Anarchy Rulz! when he was given the opportunity to challenge Justin Credible for the World Heavyweight championship in his home State of Minnesota. With a national forum to prove that he was deserving of being a top star in the pro wrestling industry, Lynn grabbed the brass ring with both hands and yanked.
When the dust settled Jerry Lynn had a bright new future to look forward to. A future as the ECW World Heavyweight champion, but it was not to be. Lynn found himself eliminated early on in the Double Jeopardy match at the November to Remember, forced to watch as a spectator as Steve Corino was crowned the new World Heavyweight champion. Following the match, Lynn slapped and challenged Corino, proving to the world that he won't rest until the championship is back around his waist...where it belongs.

Balls Mahoney
Championships Held:
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Masato Tanaka)
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Spike Dudley)

Imagine standing in the center of the ring as Balls Mahoney's music begins to blare, fidgeting in your wrestling boots. Imagine standing there as you see Balls, steel chair in hand, heading for you, the fear swelling within as the sweat drips from your forehead.
Now imagine the impact of that chair when it crunches against your skull and the unconsciousness that follows. That's what Balls Mahoney's opponents have to look forward to.
Mahoney is a hardcore competitor, willing to put his body on the line, even if it means going through tables covered in thumbtacks, barbed wire or fire! An old-fashioned slugger, Mahoney does show flashes of scientific greatness at times, and even at his girth, can take to the air if needed!
Proclaimed the one and only "Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freak" by his enormous fan base, Mahoney is sure to leave his mark on ECW, as well as any opponents who are unfortunate enough to taste his steel chair.

Tony Mamaluke
Championships Held:
ECW World Tag Team Championships (with Little Guido Maritato)
The younger member of The Full-Blooded Italians, Tony Mamaluke is quite possibly the most spectacular of the troupe when it comes to aerial maneuvers.
Hailing from Little Italy, Mamaluke has no fear of injury whatsoever in the ring, launching himself into the air with ease and reckless abandon.
Although the youngster is recognized for his fearless aerial skills, he is a fine scientific performer as well, trained by none other than former ECW World Television Champion Dean Malenko.
United with Little Guido and Sal E. Graziano, by becoming one half of the ECW World Tag Team champions, Mamaluke has begun to to make his name in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Italian style: by earning it. Even with the FBI's recent loss of the championships to Dastardly Danny Doring and Roadkill, it is impossible to deny how impressive Mamaluke is inside the squared circle.

Guido Maritato
Championships Held:
ECW World Tag Team Championships (with Tracy Smothers)
ECW World Tag Team Championships (with Tony Mamaluke)
The leader of the Full Blooded Italians, The "Sicilian Shooter" Guido Maritato is one of the most well rounded performers in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
As unbelievable as it seems now, Maritato was once overlooked as a mid-card performer. In the last several years, Maritato has worked his way up the ladder of success, proving each and every one of his detractors and critics wrong by stringing together an impressive series of victories.
Bringing a strong amateur wrestling and shootfighting background to the ring with him, Maritato was trained by the legendary Billy Robinson and has competed in the UWF in Japan.
Possibly the best-conditioned wrestler in professional wrestling, Maritato gets more dangerous the longer his match goes. Whether he's forcing an opponent to tap on the mat, knotting up an opponent's body with kicks or flying through the air, Maritato can adapt to, and excel in, any wrestling style. He can take out an opponent from all angles.
Always accompanied by the massive Sal E. Graziano and Tony Mamaluke, the days of Maritato being overlooked by his opponents is long gone. When Maritato steps inside the squared circle, the laughter is over. As a former ECW World Tag Team champion, Maritato is cemented in his place on top of the wrestling world.

EZ Money
Perhaps the most arrogant of Extreme Championship Wrestling's newcomers, EZ Money is also among the most talented. This standout in the Southern Independent scene turned heads shortly after his ECW debut with a phenomenal performance against Kid Kash, continuing to impress since.
Coming from a wealthy background, Money grew up used to getting things his way. When he doesn't, Money has several impressive maneuvers he uses to enforce his will.
Chief among them is "Money in the Bank," his patented reverse tombstone. Then, there's Money's impressive flipping clothesline over the ropes, "The Money Clip."
Money is not adverse to taking to the air either, as he's shown with his "Tom Tom," a standing moonsault.
EZ Money has formed a formidable unit with another ECW newcomer, Julio Dinero. This duo, led by third partner "Confederate Currency" Chris Hamrick and Elektra fought all the way to the semi-finals of the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament this past August.
Like a sound investment, EZ Money looks to be a sure bet for continued success in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Nova is a proud example of a member of the ECW locker room paying its dues.
Nova is renowned for his inventive maneuvers, most of which end up being copied by others on Monday nights including his devastating "Kryptonite Krunch," a reverse Michinoku driver that has racked up numerous wins.
Originally brought into ECW by Raven to assist his nest, Nova broke out on his own as a founding member of the Blue World Order. He later formed a promising tag team with his best friend the Blue Boy, before eventually going out on his own, dropping "Super Nova" as his moniker in the process.
Announced as simply "Nova," he did away with the trademark cartoonish makeup and cape, replacing it with a more aggressive in-ring style and a sleeker physique. This intensity helped propel Nova and partner Chris Chetti into one of the top ranked tag teams in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Many pegged the duo as the next World Tag Team champions, but in the first round of the tournament, a faux paux by Chetti caused the duo's elimination in the opening round. The next evening, Nova was shocked as Chetti brutally attacked him and left him unconscious in the ring, striking him with a steel chair. Nova took no time to avenge the attack, running the first graduate of the House of Hardcore out of Extreme Championship Wrestling in violent fashion at the November to Remember 2000.
A textbook example of someone graduating from being overlooked as just another performer into a respected wrestler in his own right, Nova looks to continue that ascent straight to stardom in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Unleashing a more intense, violent side of himself at the November to Remember, Nova is prime for stardom.
 A former standout at the House of Hardcore, Tom Marquez is an impressive physical specimen. Trained by former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Tazz, Marquez was christened "The Prodigy" due to his many similarities to his trainer.
Brimming with raw power and intensity, Marquez is never seen without his twin sister The Prodigette. Amazingly however, the Spanish speaking Marquez seems forever locked into an endless argument with his sister, who is known to only speak English.
After spending several months backing up Simon Diamond, the argumentative Gemini have forged an impressive tag team on their own merits.
Domestic disputes aside, there is no doubting The Prodigy's ability. It's just a matter of time before he proves to all how brutal and monstrous he is in the squared circle.

One half of the ECW World Tag Team champions, The "Angry Amish Chicken Plucker" is one of the more unusual sites to behold in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Competing in full Amish garb, this 300 pounder will walk along the ropes with perfect balance before delivering his devastating elbow.
This graduate of ECW's House of Hardcore has continued to add more to his aerial arsenal, moves that have brought many a victory in the ring to his partnership with "Dastardly" Danny Doring as well as a unique following for this one of a kind combatant.
Roadkill's team with the Dastardly One has risen to become one of the most popular tandems in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Offsetting his colorful, expressive partner, Roadkill is a man of few words, or to be exact, one word, "Chickens!"
Behind the homemade clothes lies a true hardcore competitor however. When the Full Blooded Italians attacked Roadkill and Doring, shearing off the Amish Warrior's beard, a fire ignited within the youngster. The fire continued to burn white hot until the Massacre on 34th Street where Roadkill and Doring soundly defeated the Full-Blooded Italians to become the new ECW World Tag Team champions!

The Sandman
Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with 2 Cold Scorpio)
When one thinks Extreme Championship Wrestling, they think The Sandman. After all, the three-time former ECW World Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate anti-hero in the world of professional wrestling, and that's just how he loves it.
With a pre-match workout of firing up a cigarette, popping open a cold brew and smashing the can against his head to draw blood, The Sandman epitomizes the Extreme Attitude of ECW. An incredibly popular mainstay in Extreme Championship Wrestling from its inception, the Sandman truly is ECW's Hardcore Icon.
The Sandman lets it all hang out in the ring, preferring to rely on his primal brawling instincts rather than scientific wrestling. It means nothing for him to crack an opponent with his trusty Singapore cane, suplex a table on their head, or wrap his body in barbed wire to create a human barbed wire battering ram.
The Sandman's wars with Tommy Dreamer were a turning point in the career of the "Innovator of Violence," and the two maintain a strong friendship to this day derived from that mutual respect. The Sandman's wars with Raven took mental and physical pain to an all new extreme when Raven enlisted The Sandman's then-estranged family as a way to defeat The Sandman. The Sandman's wars with Sabu created some of the most violent and brutal encounters ever seen in wrestling.
In the end, The Sandman reigned supreme, all the while teaming with Dreamer to protect the borderlines that separate Extreme Championship Wrestling from other promotions.
The greatest challenge to The Sandman's status as ECW's Hardcore Icon has been the beast known as Rhino, who is backed by Cyrus and The Network. After several months of challenging and attacking The Sandman, Rhino took tastelessness to an all new extreme by attacking The Sandman's wife, Lori Fullington, and piledriving her through a table on Mother's Day.
With a fire matched only by his lit cigarette and vengeance on his mind like never before, the Beer Chugging, Cigarette Smoking, Cane Swinging Son of a Bitch continues his quest to destroy Rhino and The Network.

Super Crazy
Championships Held:
ECW World Television championship
The most insane of all of Luchadores, Super Crazy has wowed Extreme Championship Wrestling fans with his uncanny ability to land on his feet like a cat from any position, and his willingness to put his body on the line to attain victory.
Utilizing a variety of springboard maneuvers, including Asai moonsaults and twisting planchas, Crazy is able to wear down his opponents with his aerial attack.
Since debuting in Extreme Championship Wrestling, Crazy has added American maneuvers like the powerbomb into his repertoire to make him even more dangerous.
Once one of the hottest commodities in Mexico, Crazy has impacted ECW like no other Luchador before or since, becoming one of the ECW faithful's favorite performers. Crazy rode that wave of popularity all the way to the ECW World Television championship, defeating both Little Guido and Rhino at Living Dangerously 2000 in the tournament finals.

Swinger may very well be the all around perfect wrestling package. He's got the look, the walk, the ability and most of all, the attitude. You can't miss the attitude, since arrogance is just dripping off him.
An extremely solid youngster with impressive scientific wrestling skills, Swinger comes to ECW with experience from wrestling internationally, yet seems more concerned with his looks than being victorious inside the squared circle.
This brought concern to Swinger's tag team partner Simon Diamond, already obsessed with breaking out of the pack in ECW and being recognized as a legitimate force within the promotion. That concern ceased with the appearance of C.W. Anderson, who has used his intense personality to keep Swinger in line and focused on success. Anderson's presence benefited the duo greatly, leading them all the way to the finals of the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament.
At the Massacre on 34th Street, Swinger added yet another new weapon to his arsenal in the addition of Dawn Marie. Declaring that Swinger and Diamond were man enough to fill her needs, she has begun aiding this ever-improving duo to the squared circle.
Despite his extracurricular interest in himself, Swinger wields a dangerous finishing maneuver, a combination cobra clutch-Russian legsweep he uses to put away opponents, titled The Swing Shift.
As the tag team competition in Extreme Championship Wrestling heats up, Swinger looks to impress everyone as much as he impresses himself.

Yoshihiro Tajiri
Championships Held:
ECW World Television championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Mikey Whipwreck)
Hailing from the land of the Rising Sun, the "Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshihiro Tajiri comes armed with an arsenal of some of the hardest hitting kicks in the Pro Wrestling game.
Meshing a combination of shoot style kicks, Lucha Libre aerial maneuvers, and a unique variety of mat wrestling and pinning combinations, Tajiri can defeat his opponents in any number of ways.
Tajiri is the creator of The Tarantula, a unique maneuver where he entraps his opponent's arms and legs between the ring ropes and Tajiri himself.
Utilizing a brainbuster as his favorite finishing maneuver, Tajiri had won over the Extreme Championship Wrestling fan base, later shocking them when he aligned himself with The Network.

That alliance lasted until Cyrus demanded Tajiri hand the World Television Championship over to The Network, leaving the Japanese Buzzsaw with nothing. They found out exactly what every Japanese wrestling promoter that ever worked with Tajiri has learned. You don't push Yoshihiro Tajiri around.
Tajiri valiantly fought against The Network, before falling to the massive Rhino. This loss saw Tajiri win the respect of the ECW fans and send his career into that of a new direction: defender of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Aligning himself most recently with Mikey Whipwreck and the Sinister Minister, Tajiri continues to buzzsaw his way through International competition here in Extreme Championship Wrestling. After his sensational victory with Whipwreck in the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament, the unlikely duo have proven themselves as one of the most popular and successful teams in ECW history.
Whether it be singles or tag team competition, Yoshihiro Tajiri is one of the most dangerous performers in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Rob Van Dam
Championships held:
ECW World Television championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Sabu)
The man known as "Mr. Pay-Per-View" is as brash and arrogant as they come, but even his opponents admit RVD can back it all up. As quick as a cat, able to engage any opponent with a flurry of aerial maneuvers and martial arts, Van Dam once maintained the longest undefeated streak in Pay-Per-View history, a feat unlikely to ever be matched by anyone in pro wrestling.
Utilizing his finishers, the Van Daminator and the Van Terminator, Van Dam has run through the competition worldwide. Always seen with the "Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonso, Van Dam claims that he is the "Whole F'N Show" and with his record, one is hard pressed to argue.
The creator and holder of the "Van Dam Lift" weightlifting record, Rob Van Dam has found his success leading to many roles in films and on television, as well as national magazine articles about his habits within, and beyond, the squared circle.
In order to prevent ECW on TNN from being canceled by a power-hungry Cyrus, RVD vacated his World Television Championship just one month short of a two-year reign. Van Dam worked his way back from a broken leg, more intent than ever to prove to the world that he is "The Whole F'N Show."
That intention was set back by a loss in his return match to his greatest rival, Jerry Lynn. The fact that it was a loss mired in controversy after Van Dam's closest friend, Scotty Anton, turned on RVD, has made that setback even harder to swallow.
Van Dam focused his energies on his goals. First he defeated Anton at Heatwave 2000, unleashing the Van Terminator in the process. Now, he is in pursuit of Rhino and the Network
Van Dam has redemption on his mind as he battles his way back to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Jack Victory
There is a saying around the Extreme Championship Wrestling locker room, "For the right price, Jack Victory will gladly do the deed."

A veteran of old-school wrestling territories such as the UWF, World Class Championship Wrestling and Continental Wrestling, Jack Victory returned to the wrestling world in 1998 when he was paid a hefty sum to attack the "Original Gangsta" New Jack.

Finding ECW nothing like the wrestling world he left behind, Victory nonetheless excelled in feuds with New Jack and Tommy Dreamer, providing muscle for the likes of Justin Credible.

No deed goes unpunished in Extreme Championship Wrestling, and Victory soon found himself in an emergency room in New Orleans, Louisiana with a broken leg courtesy of New Jack. Never one to be defeated, Victory resolved to get back in the ring and to get in better shape while doing so.

Then, Steve Corino came along.

In Jack Victory, The "King of Old School" found the perfect person to back up his claims. After all, Victory had brawled his way through every territory that ever existed. Victory soon began joining Corino at ringside in a wheelchair, providing advice and interference when needed.

The alliance with Corino soon led to Victory becoming a loyal member of Cyrus' Network, hell-bent on the domination of Extreme Championship Wrestling. When Corino broke off from The Network, many wondered where the veteran's allegiance would lie. Victory proved that with age comes wisdom, as he chose loyalty to Corino over the wealth of The Network.

Jack Victory continues to lead Steve Corino into battle, Old School style, in Extreme Championship Wrestling!

Bilvis Wesley
At first glance, one might think Bilvis Wesley has lost his mind. After all, this one-time member of the Dangerously Alliance seems to live to emulate the late Elvis Presley. Beneath the acquired southern accent and snarl however, lies one formidable wrestler.
Raised on the East Coast, Wesley worked his way into the pro wrestling industry the dirty way, the hard way, by breaking down and setting up wrestling rings. Waiting for his break, Bilvis finally was given the forum to show his abilities, earning his place in Extreme Championship Wrestling with several impressive showings.
Wesley quietly formed an impressive team with the Enforcer, C.W. Anderson. There was no fanfare or pageantry to the duo, just two bad asses who relished the chance to prove how tough they are. Their matches caught the eye of Lou E. Dangerously, who christened them his "Dangerous Alliance."
When the Alliance splintered apart, Wesley was on his own again, the same as when he started in the pro wrestling industry. Given the chance to be his own person, Wesley looked inward and began to publicly display the devout affection he already had privately for Elvis.
This love was not unknown to the ECW Locker Room, but many scoffed at Wesley's sudden insistence at referring to himself as "The King." Wesley's newfound swagger and attitude did earn him a pair of new associates in The Prodigy Tom Marquez and The Prodigette however.
Of course, no one can scoff at his success in the ring.
As this old school scrapper steps into the ring, he's certain it won't be announced that "Bilvis has left the building" until after his hand is raised in victory.

Mikey Whipwreck
Championships Held:
ECW World Heavyweight championship
ECW World Television championship
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Cactus Jack)
ECW World Tag Team championship (with Yoshihiro Tajiri)
European Junior Heavyweight championship
Mikey Whipwreck has undergone a shocking transformation from lovable underdog into a raving, paranoid, violent schizophrenic. Advised by the mysterious Sinister Minister, Mikey is in fact the first person to ever attain the ECW Triple Crown. Every belt attainable in Extreme Championship Wrestling has found itself wrapped around Mikey's waist.
After wrestling only a few scant weeks, Mikey found himself to be the ECW World Television Champion by way of a fluke victory. Begging ECW to take back the belt, Mikey instead found himself taking beating after beating, still ending up the victor against the most heinous and ferocious of opponents! When he finally lost the Championship, he was sure the worst was over.
However, when Cactus Jack, Mick Foley, needed a partner to challenge The Public Enemy for the ECW World Tag Team Championship, he dragged an unwilling Whipwreck to the ring against The Hoodies. Although Mikey first ran in fear, he returned to rescue Foley from a brutal double-team and win the World Championships, the first of a pair of World Tag Team Championships they would go on to attain.
Cactus Jack said it best about Mikey's ring skills, "It wasn't just luck, it was a man holding on for dear life itself!" Taken under the Hardcore Legend's wing, Mikey learned valuable skills about defending himself in the cold world that is professional wrestling, lessons he would go on to use when he accomplished the greatest upset of all, winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship from The Sandman.
Now Mikey was the hunted underdog. Everyone was gunning for him. But a more confident Whipwreck went on to gain victory after victory over such impressive competitors as Steve Austin and Rey Mysterio, Jr. The victory over Austin was a Stone Cold Stunner that was accomplished in less than five minutes!
When Mikey finally lost the World Championship, he had already gained the greatest victory of all: the knowledge that he wasn't a fluke. It wasn't luck that brought him his success, it was his heart.
That heart which once endeared him to the ECW fans has grown dark and erratic in recent months, as Mikey's mild mannered look has been replaced with his new fiery red visage. Paranoid over conspiracies only he truly understands, Mikey trusts only The Sinister Minister and his tag team partner Yoshihiro Tajiri while at the same time becoming obsessed with fire.
This obsession has led to Mikey's mastering of the element, throwing fire with ease. An act so disturbing it is only outmatched by the cackling that has become the calling card of both Mikey and The Sinister Minister.
Whether it is that obsession, the presence Minister or the immediate melding of his talents with partner Yoshihiro Tajiri, Mikey Whipwreck's descent into madness has served to make him a more dangerous opponent for anyone who face him.
With his recent victory in the ECW World Tag Team championship tournament with Tajiri, it is only a matter of time before Mikey is in contention for another championship here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Chilly Willy
 Everybody's homeboy, Chilly Willy, loves to dance and have a good time with the ECW fans, but once the bell rings, this youngster is all business.
An incredible physical specimen, Willy is heralded for entering tough man competitions in the heavyweight division on his off days, just as an additional training method for his wrestling career. Even more amazing is that he is undefeated in these tough man efforts.
While Willy's punches could rock anyone this side of Mike Tyson, it is his variation of the Falcon Arrow that is putting many an opponent out for the count.
With a recent partnership forged with The Sandman, The future is bright for the "Ghetto Superstar." Chilly Willy intends to keep winning, and dancing, here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Bill Alfonso
 The "Manager of Champions" Bill Alfonso is the manager of "Mr. Pay-Per-View" Rob Van Dam.
Considered by everyone in the ECW Locker Room to be an all-time legend in the sport, Alfonso was a world-traveled referee for every major wrestling promotion before he entered Extreme Championship Wrestling. Debuting in May 1995 as a trouble-shooting referee, Alfonso literally turned the promotion upside down!
Moving on to managing performers, he led Tazz to an incredible undefeated streak which lasted well over a year before leading Rob Van Dam to the longest World Television Championship reign in the history of ECW.
Declaring himself as the man who "calls it right down the middle," Alfonso never stops moving and never stops blowing his whistle at his charges or anyone else. Not above interjecting himself into Van Dam's matches, Alfonso is a major cog in the RVD machine, as well as an essential piece of Van Dam's success here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
With his years of experience empowering Rob Van Dam, Alfonso remains one of Extreme Championship Wrestling's most successful managers

Once the most eloquent color commentator in wrestling, the one-time Network representative Cyrus is now focused on a new goal: the success of Jerry Lynn.
Best known in the wrestling industry for creating issues between performers with his gossip and attitude, Cyrus now has the power to match the mental chess games he likes to play.
Cyrus had used the power of The Network to censor the stars of Extreme Championship Wrestling, force himself onto Pay-Per-View broadcasts and even strip performers of championships. Drunk on power, Cyrus was one of the most dangerous men in Extreme Championship Wrestling without even stepping between the ropes.
Now, with that power gone, Cyrus is obsessed with returning to his former position, and sees Jerry Lynn as his means to do so. After weeks of scouting and recruiting Lynn to his side, it appears he may have brought the former World Heavyweight champion under his wing.
Cyrus also maintains a morbid fascination with Joel Gertner, continuing to harass and physically intimidate the "Quintessential Studmuffin." The heat between the two rose to such an intense level that even the rotund Gertner found himself defending ECW against Cyrus.
Incredibly astute and insightful about all aspects of the professional wrestling industry, Cyrus will use all of his remarkable traits to bring his new "best friend" Jerry Lynn back to what he once held: the ECW World Heavyweight championship.

Lou E. Dangerously
At first glance, the cell phone carrying Lou E. Dangerously may seem as if he's trying to pull some inside rib on Extreme Championship Wrestling, but the fact remains that his professional moniker isn't created from parody, but from hatred.
The current Music Supervisor of the Network, Dangerously originally made his managerial debut as Sign Guy Dudley. A talented manager and ring strategist, he lead the Dudley Boyz to a record eight ECW World Tag Team championships. When it came time for credit to be given, however, Lou found himself without the glory.
After the Dudleys' exit from Extreme Championship Wrestling, Dangerously spoke of how he worked hard to break into ECW, starting as a photographer just to get his foot in the door, and making it all the way to the top, but never receiving his just due from the fans or ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman.
After taking a leave of absence to recharge himself, Dangerously declared his intentions to never be forgotten in the successes he helped create and that he would prove to the world that he was the best manager in professional wrestling today.
Claiming that ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman never cared about him, Lou E. Dangerously would make a name for himself at Heyman's expense, taking on his old ring name.
Dangerously started out his revitalized managerial career in a major way by forming his own Dangerous Alliance of "The Enforcer" C.W. Anderson and "Beautiful" Billy Wiles, adding his own Director of Covert Operations, Elektra, to the mix.
After the Alliance split and went its separate ways, Dangerously found himself joining the Network and becoming the host of his own weekly interview segment on ECW's Television broadcasts The Danger Zone.
Using his position to incite the ire of Extreme Championship Wrestling's fans, Dangerously has crossed the line to the point even the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corrgan physically attacked him on several occasions.
As Dangerously continues his rise to prominence in Extreme Championship Wrestling, he will continue to aggravate and rub it in the faces of everyone who ever doubted him, from Paul Heyman on down to the ECW fans.

A gift from Cyrus to Danny Doring when he was in his deepest misery (for about 15 minutes), Elektra once provided ringside assistance and distraction for Doring and Roadkill, until turning against them.
Siding with Lou E. Dangerously, Elektra maintained a position as the Director of Covert Operations for his Dangerous Alliance until the demise of the unit.
Without a moment to spare, Elektra hooked up with the up and coming trio of EZ Money, Chris Hamrick and Julio Dinero, providing a dangerous new element to their already talented partnership.
Amazingly beautiful, Elektra shows no fear when it comes to defending her men in the ring, whether the assailant is male or female.
Elektra brings many assets (as you can all see for yourself) to the table for anyone she seconds here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

The manager of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Justin Credible, "The Queen of Extreme" Francine is perhaps the most successful manager in Extreme Championship Wrestling history.
Having managed numerous performers to every championship attainable in the ECW, Francine is not content with just being a beautiful woman with a brain for business. She makes no bones about getting physically involved in the action and has scored victories over both men and women in the past.
When Francine left the side of "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer, many thought she had taken herself out of the championship picture in Extreme Championship Wrestling.
However, just as her critics were declaring her demise, Francine switched alliances to Justin Credible, helping him capture the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Once again, the "Queen of Extreme" added another championship to her resume and rose to the top of the ECW mountain.
Whether she is managing her champion or tantalizing the ECW fans with her latest outfit (or lack thereof), Francine will continue to be one of the most controversial figures (pun intended) in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Big Sal E. Graziano
Big Sal E. Graziano makes up one-half (or is that three-quarters?) of the Full Blooded Italians with Guido Maritato.
Weighing in at a massive six hundred pounds, the "Big Salbowski" provides muscle and power to offset Guido's strong shooting and scientific wrestling skills. When Guido's opponents least expect it, the swift-for-his-size Graziano is upon them with a devastating attack, adding to the already difficult task of facing Guido.
After spending many months overseeing Guido's success, Graziano has begun to step into the ring on a regular basis, proving how ferocious he can be. With his massive girth and strength, Graziano can literally pummel an opponent into defeat, a fact Balls Mahoney discovered at Heatwave 2000.
As the "Leaning Tower of Pizza" looks down upon the rest of the wrestling world, this not-so-gentle giant is waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike down his next opponent.

Joel Gertner
Insolent, arrogant and cavalier, Joel Gertner is the co-host of Extreme Championship Wrestling on The Nashville Network and, allegedly, every woman's dream. After all, he's the "Quintessential Studmuffin."
A former ring announcer and timekeeper for Extreme Championship Wrestling, Joel Gertner took ECW by storm when he became the manager of the Dudley Boyz, leading them to a record six ECW World Tag Team Championships in two short years.
A brilliant strategist, Gertner provides valuable insight into the minds of ECW's competitors with his commentary.
Holding a black belt in linguistics, Gertner possesses a vocabulary as dangerous as his self-proclaimed sexual prowess, and is not above using ECW's television network as a means to his personal ends.
Although his hiring initially led to Joey Styles' dismay, the "Golden Vocal Chords" of Extreme Championship Wrestling has found himself more at odds with The Network and Cyrus. Their war of words has escalated to the point that Gertner, for the first time in his life, stood up to defend not only himself, but also Extreme Championship Wrestling.
An unlikely cornerstone in the ECW product, Joel Gertner will continue to lead the hardcore charge weekly on "ECW on TNN," pushing the limits of censorship and good taste. He wouldn't have it any other way, and neither would the fans of Extreme Championship Wrestling.

"The Female Fighting Phenom" Jazz is a lot like the other women who populate Extreme Championship Wrestling. She turns heads. She turns heads because she is as athletically gifted as any other competitor, male or female, in pro wrestling today.
Initially entering ECW to provide ringside assistance for Justin Credible, Jazz found herself held back by the Impact Player, who denied her any credit for his success. He went so far as to refuse her name to be muttered by ECW's broadcast team.
One fateful night in New York City, Jazz had enough of Justin's abuse and attempted to stop him from viciously beating Jerry Lynn. When Justin's then-manager Jason turned his attack towards her, Jazz stood tall and challenged him to a match. She proceeded to beat him all over the ring at Heatwave '99 and defeated him.
Victorious, Jazz looked towards a brighter future, as her own person, here in Extreme Championship Wrestling battling the likes of Simon Diamond and Credible.
Indeed, when Justin Credible and Francine stole the ECW World Heavyweight Championship from Tommy Dreamer, Jazz immediately came to the aid of the "Innovator of Violence," watching his back and keeping "The Queen of Extreme" at bay.
Male or female, every competitor in Extreme Championship Wrestling needs to be wary of the Female Fighting Phenom, Jazz!

Dawn Marie
Dawn Marie may be the hottest woman to ever grace the rings of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Originally brought into ECW by Lance Storm as a way to get under the skin of his opponents, Dawn soon broke out into her own spotlight, craving the attention of fans and television cameras alike. After Storm's departure from ECW at the hands of Justin Credible, Dawn began a search for a new protégé to manage.

When the search was over however, Dawn didn't find one. She found two, declaring that no one man was enough for her. The promising young tag team of Simon Diamond and Swinger soon stepped to the plate to satiate the needs of Dawn Marie, shocking fans at the Massacre on 34th Street.

Dawn shows no fear in aiding her charges, to the point where she's ended up in the ring with male adversaries. Part valet, part showgirl, all woman Dawn Marie will continue to do whatever it takes to achieve success here in Extreme Championship Wrestling, especially as long as she gets some camera time for herself.

Sinister Minister
Out of nowhere, The Sinister Minister has integrated himself into the ever-changing world of Extreme Championship Wrestling, but exactly why still remains a mystery nearly a year after his first appearance.
Since The Minister's first appearance, former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Mikey Whipwreck has been drawn to The Minister's Luciferian appearance. Since coming into contact with this grifter, Mikey has undergone a startling transformation from mild-mannered youngster into a man overflowing with raving paranoia.
It serves no purpose to ask, since The Minister speaks in mysterious riddles, providing answers as vague as the images on the tarot cards he tosses around. A scarlet clad cross between PT Barnum, Jimmy Swaggart and Anton LaVey, the Minister seems to enjoy watching over the events in ECW, adding his own broth into the toxic cauldron and surveying the results.
Looking into the past of The Minister provides no answers either. He seemed to drop in and out of sight while managing his macabre charges, reportedly working as a carnival barker and palm reader, fleecing the marks to pay the bills and plotting the moment of his return.
That leaves only the actions of the present to provide clues to The Sinister Minister's true purposes. Is he a fast talking would-be con artist, an evangelist gone wrong or is The Sinister Minister using his appearances and actions to mask an even larger plot? Perhaps, it's all in the cards... if you know how to read them!
Despite the mystery surrounding the Sinister Minister, there is no doubting his success, as he recently led Mikey Whipwreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri to the top of Extreme Championship Wrestling with a victory in the World Tag Team championship tournament.

Joey Styles
The Television Host of Extreme Championship Wrestling's television programs and pay-per-views, Joey Styles is known for his clean cut nature, business attire, sharp wit, biting sarcasm and his trademark, the "Oh My God!" scream as chaos unfolds around him.
Joey has one of the most difficult tasks in all of wrestling; maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor on camera while everything explodes around him, as things are so apt to do here in ECW.
At ECW's first pay-per-view "Barely Legal," (April 13, 1997) Joey became the first and only broadcaster in the history of the professional wrestling industry to announce a pay-per-view broadcast alone, with no color commentator(s).
A 1993 graduate of New York's Hofstra University, Joey also puts his degree to work as ECW's New Media Manager, developing and managing ECWwrestling.com and the ECW Hardcore Hotline (900) RUN-4ECW.