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By TazzJayz

Well, I have been a wrestling fan since 1989/1990. Always rooting for the good guys that were over or carried titles on their shoulders. In the mid 90's my favorite wrestlers were Diesel, Lex Luger and Ahmed Johnson. But one day I was shocked as I was watching Nitro and saw Scott Hall appear, before that day I wasn't a big WCW fan, I was a WWF "MARK". So I started watching WCW, the NWO angle made it exciting and little by little I saw myself becoming a WCW fan, no more Raw on monday. 

As I used to watch Nitro, I started noticing their mid card players, guys like Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera. I was at a point where I would scream out of anger if they had more promos, I wanted wrestling technical or cruiserweight action nothing else. July 1998, I finally got a PC, got an internet connection, at first I used to check sport sites and music sites and rarely wrestling sites, but every time I used to surf on a wrestling website, I see the word ECW and I noticed the praise it always gets. I knew what ECW was, I happened to still have tapes of the ECW invasion in the WWF. So I started reading show reviews and going to the ECW website to know the more this company who was now considered one of the big 3.

Which One?

Lots of Praise!

One day I accidently landed on a wrestling site, but I was surprised at the vast amount of ECW videos they had so I started downloading some. I got some videos of Taz and Sabu which at this time were the two names that I recognized the most. I also got a few minutes of the Guerrero vs Malenko farewell match, after that day I knew that I should get my hand on some tapes, I live in Canada, we didn't have ECW on TV.

So around late 1999/early 2000 I ordered a few pay per views, including Heatwave 98, Bad Ass Extreme Bash and a few others. After watching the Heatwave 98 which I consider ECW's finest pay per view ever I knew that I should get some more, and I got some more. Finally ECW landed a deal with TNN and my cousin had a dish which had TNN so every friday I used to watch the show, never missed it until it got dumped.


Never Missed!

Now as I watch the WWF sometimes, I keep on noticing how my favorite stars from these days are now nothing but jobbers or mid carders. But the worst case of them all is Taz, the man that was once known as the human suplex machine is nothing but an announcer on Sunday night Heat a show that gets barely 2.0's in ratings. After defeating Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2000, the WWF buried him. WHY??? Nobody knows, he got huge pops even when he was feuding with Crash Holly, the guy is definitely over with the fans but the WWF decided into turning him into a full time announcer! And then they keep on wondering why their ratings are slipping.

The only ex-ECW wrestlers that are getting their pushes now are the Dudleys and Rhino, and the reason for that is because they kept the same style as ECW, The Dudleys kept on putting people through tables, and Rhino is goring everybody.I'm still hoping for Tajiri to get a decent push, if they bury Tajiri, I would never watch the WWF again and this is a guarantee.

Extra 'Z' = Buried.

Getting a Push in the WWF!

I have two regrets in my life one is that I never saw, met or watched perform the late 2Pac Shakur and two, I never watched an ECW show in person, only if time machines existed...But they don't. So this is why I decided to start an ECW tribute site with fellow friends that I met on the Internet. I hope everyone will enjoy this site, either if it's for reliving some old memories or searching for info, we will do our best to help any ECW fan. 

Helping the fans!
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