Issue 3

By TazzJayz

My Top 10 mark out moments 

10 Dudleys come back in Queens after a Joel Gertner introduction, I had goosebumps when I 
watched that type the fan reaction was amazing, it was a great move by the WWF allowing the 
Dudleys to come back and perform in EC-DUB!!!

9 Sabu&RVD vs Hayabusa and Shizake: After weeks of hype for this match, it delivered. 
This was without a doubt the best tag team match ever in ECW and the finishing spot owned!!
The hype wasnt overrated, Hayabusa and Shinzake were indeed amazing performers.

8 RVD comes back at the last PPV ever and fights a hell of a match with Jerry LYnn. There was
a lot of talk about a surprise at GAC 2001 but deep down inside of us we all knew that it
was the return of RVD and it didnt fail, RVD returned to a huge ovation and fought a classic match.



7 Jerry Lynn wins the world title. Even though it was a short reign I was so happy that he
won the title cuz he deserved it more than anyone in the game. Now I see Jerry Lynn I'm
just sad to see how the WWF is treating him.

6 ECW shows up on WWF TV. I forgot how it went, but I think that it started with Jerry Lawler
bashing ECW on RAW, a few weeks later Heyman and Dreamer showed up and then everyone shows
up from RVD, Sabu, Taz, Raven, Candido and THe Eliminators. That was a hell of an angle that
worked perfectly, if the Invasion angle played out like this the rating wouldnt have

5 Buh Buh Ray tells a woman in the crowd that she teached her daughter how to suck dick, her
daughter was with her which made it badder. Even though it was very rude to say I couldnt 
help marking out like a little baby when I heard that I laughed like I never did.

4 Psycosis vs Tajiri: That whole match was crazy I was marking out after every sequence
of moves. Still to this date this match is the best ECW match I ever watched. 

3 Taz hands Tommy Dreamer the world title, even though it was handed out it felt so good to
see Tommy with the title, after years of hard work he finally held the big one.

2 RVD performing the Van Terminator for the first time, after weeks of speculation of RVD's
new finisher the whole world saw it and WOW!!! I marked out like crazy when I saw that move.
Too bad the WWF dosent let him use it anymore.

1 Taz comes back and defeats Mike Awesome for the ECW title, I didnt watch this live, but I
watched in on a tape a few weeks later and I had goosebumps all over my body.

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