Ringside With Mr.White
Issue #1
By RDMrWhite4

So You Think ECW is dead.

SO, every time the crowd chants "ECW! ECW!" at a WWF show, you shrug it off as chants for a dead, worthless part of wrestling history. I believe ECW still lives in many ways. The WWF's "Attitude" was derived from the very ideas Paul E. used to get ECW on the map. Now the WWF has made millions with there "own form of crass entertainment." Bullshit! They ripped of ECW and have made millions because of it. And when Tajiri first debuted in a wrestling match, he acknowledged the crowds ECW chants. This to me means if the wrestlers still
remember ECW is not gone. And Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Raven, PAUL E., as long as they wrestle ECW will live, for they are the embodiments of ECW. 

The Embodiment of ECW
I do not mean to sound raving (which I am), but the fact that so many are shrugging off ECW is sad. Do you think that people like Spike would turn down an offer to join back in a new ECW? Do you think any ex-ECW wrestlers would say, "Sorry Paul, I know you made me who I am today, but ECW means nothing to me!"

DO you actually think that? If you do you don't know what wrestling is, and how much of a family the ECW locker room was.

Turn Down a new ECW?
I truly believe ECW cannot die, we cannot let it die. You can see ECW is still impacting the world with this board even! There is a board for a "dead" federation. If you were not impacted by ECW and can say "good riddance," think I'm a raving loser. But to the true fans of the federation that has produced so many good things for the wrestling community, take comfort in my words. ECW will be around for years to come, and as long as the great men of ECW wrestle, and as
long as I breathe, ECW will be, forever.

Cannot Die!
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