Ringside With Mr.White
Issue #3
By RDMrWhite4
RVD and ____?____ vs. The Hardy Boyz
The Feud thatíd smoke that ass!

        So Iím sitting their in my three day old boxers (Ok, so I donít change that much), sipping on some Faygo as none other than Rob Van fín Dam makes his way to the ring. My friendís mom was kind enough to get my friend and I Invasion for helping her out. The PPV was going pretty well except for the fact that my friendís dad felt the need to fart in my general direction all night. Anyways, RVD is entering the ring and jumping around like he usually does, just without the ninja kick. Then Jeff ďBitch assĒ Hardy makes his way down to the ring and proceeds to get his ass smoked by the whole fín show. Jeff Hardy took a Van Daminator onto cement, a bump off a 20-foot ladder and the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin. Not only did he lose the title, heís now 0-2 against RVD in singles action.

One Amazing Bump!
Now Itís Monday and Iím wearing a clean pair of boxers as RVD announces that heís gonna beat Matt Hardy and retain the Hardcore title, which he ends up doing quite effectively. So heís beaten both the Hardyz and they will both want revenge, but how? This is where my own twisted thoughts come into play and dream up a feud so extreme it will go down in wrestling history.
        Itís Smackdown and the Hardyz want RVD in a ladder match, but Commissioner Regal will only let them Have Van Dam If he gets a partner. Rob later walks into Regalís office and says not to worry, the match is on and he has a surprise for the Hardyz. The Hardyz enter the ring soon to be followed By RVD, but where is his partner? Is that...it is; Jerry Lynn is heading towards the ring. A high flying ladder match ensues and is remembered for years.

Jerry Lynn/RVD: Together Again!
 Sorry, I just got a little hopeful there. But wouldnít that be a great way to carry the feud and push all four menís careers to the next level? The Hardyz are going to have a feud with RVD, Itís just going to be hard to work matches when there all going to be two on one, so why not have Jerry Lynn get a little push out of this? All four men are at a crossroad in their careers, and this would be a way to get them all on the right path. If this explosive talent were to face off against each other, it would mean millions in money and infinite possibilities in these talented menís careers.
        Jerry Lynn is slowly spiraling down the proverbial toilet at this moment. He NEEDS a way to showcase his talent or he will soon be the WWFís biggest waste of talent since Essa Rios. In ECW Jerry Lynn was damn near the greatest prospect in the business. He and Rhino were only men to ever be true competition for RVD, he beat Justin Credible for the Heavyweight title and held onto it for quite some time. When ECW folded he came to the WWF with quite a start. He beat Crash for the Lightweight title in his first televised event. He held onto the title until he lost is to...Jeff Hardy. There is a perfect excuse for him to align with his once greatest foe! He could complain about how heís always hated the Hardyz and especially Jeff for taking his first WWF title. He could say that they werenít extreme and it was time to meet the new team extreme, the new fín show and the whole fín show.

Damn that Hardy!
Rob Van Dam is on his way to the top anyways, but a feud with ladders and shit would let the WWF fans now who RVD really is. Every wrestler who has had ladder matches and put his opponents through tables has gone far in the WWF, and sine Van Dam is a high flyer, he and a partner could definitely be the next contenders in the classic TLC matches that only the WWF elite compete in. This along with his already existing talent would put him in the running for the Tag and IC titles in no time.
        The Hardy Boyz have been falling behind the tag team area for quite some time now, and I believe they are suffering because of it. Matt needs Jeff and Jeff only has his risk taking going for him at the moment. Together they are one of the most popular tag teams in all time. All their tag matches are at least decent, and their specialty matches are matches of the year contenders every time. Separate their matches are, mediocre at best. Jeff just limps around before he does a job and Matt doesnít have the finesse of his brother. If theyíre not careful the chance to tag again will be swallowed up by their ďpromisingĒ single careers.

Who RVD really is!
Now we all know what itís going to take to make this a first class feud. This would be the most beneficial thing for these menís careers in a long time. No other wrestlers would be a better partner for RVD and no other team in the WWF would be a greater match for them than the Hardy Boyz. Tommy Dreamer could be a possible tag partner for RVD with the same results, but I think everyone would want to see RVD/ Jerry Lynn vs. The Hardy Boyz in a TLC match at Summerslam. Broken bodies and broken tables have always been the way of success.   

Another Possibl Partner!
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