Ringside With Mr.White
Issue #5
By RDMrWhite4
Itís time to pull the Fín plug.

Tommy Dreamer is in the ring, screaming like a little bitch. Tazz is getting whipped by Austin than thanking him later. Justin Credible is showing off his vocal prowess. Does this remind you of ECW? I sure as HELL donít remember the legend of ECW when I see Raven doing the total J-O-B for Kurt ďgot milkĒ Angle in an ECW rules match up. Yes, yes, Iím complaining about ECW guys doing jobs and not getting pushes. BLAH BLAH BLAH! But instead of complaining I put forth a new idea. One so radical, so heinous, so blasphemous, it might just save the credibility of ECW. STOP IT; Just quit, brake up, turn on each other, join the other players, leave all together...I DONíT CARE! ECW has become a joke to me. I didnít like ECW for singing, for cheap hardcore matches, for Tazz to just let someone walk all over him. What has ECW become?


ECW is a joke now!
When ECW, and Iím talking EC fín W, was first placed in front of the hungry public, every match, angle, drip of blood, was devoured with a need for more. Wild wrestling, wild brawls and wild women all made ECW what it was. So many wrestlers got their starts in the states in that dirty little bingo hall that I actually made my mom take me to see it, even though I knew all I would see was a locked up warehouse. I want you all to think of something for a moment: Do you get more excited watching New Jack Dive off a 20 foot balcony or Jessica Hardy hitting a Swanton Bomb off the top rope? I am under the assumption that you chose New Jack, and if I am wrong it might just be time for you to stop reading my article. My point is, ECW is what everyone wanted, especially the WWF and WCW.  

More Exciting than Jessica Hardy?
Lets Reminesce for a momen. *FFFFAAAAAAARRRRRRRTTTTTT*...sorry about that. WCWís Mexican contingent all hailed from the ECW arena. Cactus jack bled for a living on that slimy floor before donning a leather mask and becoming one of the most popular wrestlers of all time. And none of us will forget Stunning Steveís series of matches with the Sandman before heading off to suck Vinceís...Iíll stop (I hope you find the irony in me saying ďheadingĒ). Then Vince and whichever poor sap that was in charge of WCW went for more; they tried to take ECWís ďattitude.Ē WWF Attitude was born and WCW crap (at least I think thatís what it was called) was spawned from ECWís hardcore style, and imitated poorly. After some more time, it was time to steal talent. I mean, why not, Itís another way to rip off the best thing to happen to wrestling since the actual ring. satan...I mean Vince, took the before mentioned wrestlers, along with the Dudley Boys, 2 Cold Scorpio, Tazz, Raven, and others I canít think of. WCW bought away Mike Awesome, The whole Mexican contingent, The Public enemy, along with many others (sorry about the brain farts, itís 2:33 am right now). None of this helped ECW.   

Vince Stole them!
Though ECW fought to the goddamn end, the loss of so much top talent, along with their loss of television coverage, punched ECW in the nuts so hard they couldnít survive. When they filed for bankruptcy and the end was final, I wasnít going to let myself become blue. I could smile with ease at the memories of Dreamer falling off balconies, The Dudley Boys starting riots, and most of all Beulahís fine ďASSets.Ē Then over a course of a month or so, all these ex-ECW guys were in the WWF kickiní some serious ass. Then Dreamer and RVD showed up and it all went downhill from there. Now ECW is aligned with WCW of all the things in the world, jobbing on a nightly basis. Every time a ECW guy goes out and doesnít put on a five star hardcore, and Iím not talking trash can hardcore, I mean EXTREME, they are soiling the memory of ECW. Every time I see Raven doing a shitty job because he has to job, or every time Tazz grabs his head (if you watch his matches closely youíll understand what the hell I mean) instead of doing a Tazplex, ECW means a little less and less. When I see Dreamer, DREAMER OUT OF ALL THE F**KING PEOPLE IN THE BACK, crying like a little bitch Ďcuz his ankle is being twisted, I see ECW stepping in the shit a little bit deeper.   

Nice ASSets!
 In the future, fans will look back at the 90ís and 00ís, thinking of The Rock, The Hulksterís bald spot, Mankind falling off the top of the cage, Many other things, and of course ECW. But my deepest fear is that the uneducated fan of the 2020ís, or any year for that matter, will not see the ECW we have come to cherish, but a mere watered down form of its original entity. They will not see Sabu going through tables, or the sacrifice of Tommy Dreamer, they will see the Alliance. They will think of how Dreamer Cried when he had the Ankle lock on him, or Justin Credible singing a love ballad for Stone cold. They will soon forget about The Sandmanís infamous bump in Stairway to hell or The Public Enemy being buried in the chairs, but they sure wont forget Mike Awesome loosing to Jessica Hardy! Whoopee! Blow my goddamn brains out now. I donít want to try to explain the impact of ECW to my kids who will only have seen Tazz losing in four minutes. ECWís credibility as a federation, but most of all, their memory, their legend, their legacy, have all been tarnished by this alliance and I would much rather see ECW fade away again then be bastardized by the WWF writers. I know many are happy of ECWís return and would rather have some ECW then no ECW. Hell, I would too. But what we are getting now is not ECW, it is a JOKE! I cannot stand by and have the name of ECW be pissed on in the way it is now. It isnít fair to the true ECdubbers and it sure as hell isnít fair to the legacy we here at ecw2k are trying to preserve for the generations to come.   

Tommy's Sacrifice!
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