Real Name – Scott Levy

Height – 6’ 1”

Weight – 237 lbs.

Date of birth – 09/08/1962

Hometown – Short Hills, New Jersey

Finisher – The Evenflow

ECW Titles Held – ECW Championship Title (2 times)
ECW Tag Team Title (4 times) – Stevie Richards (twice), Tommy Dreamer, Mike Awesome

Other Notables - 3 time NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champion, NWA Pacific Northwest Television Champion, 3 time NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, WCW World Light Heavyweight Champion, USWA Tag Team Champion, MEWF Mid-Atlantic Champion, WCW US Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, 11 time WWF Hardcore Champion

Bio – Scott started wrestling in 1988 at Larry Sharpe’s “Monster Factory” training facility. Which after months he joined Don Owen’s Pacific Northwest Wrestling under the name of Scotty the Body. Then he joined Global Wrestling Federation using the name Scotty Anthony. But that was all of Scott Levy’s wrestling on the Indies as he joined WCW in 1991. Here Scott went by Scotty Flamingo, where Diamond Dallas Page managed him and he joined up with the Diamond Exchange. 2 years later Flamingo won the WCW lightweight Title but lost it 15 days later. After that I went downhill and he became a jobber, then when his contract ran out, the WWF quickly snapped him up. At first they didn’t use him right away so they sent Scott down to USWA where he tagged with Brian Christopher. In USWA they won the tag titles, but not for long, as the former champs won it back a week later. After that the WWF brought him back and gave him a horrible gimmick, named Johnny Polo. Here he managed such wrestlers like Adam Bomb and the Quebecers. Then after his contract ran out he quit the WWF, and had his first stint in ECW between ’95 and ‘97. Then Raven joined WCW where he had iffy success where he captured the US title and the Tag titles. Eventually, near the end of his career in WCW he began to become unhappy, as his character wasn’t being utilized. So, when Eric Bishoff said that all unhappy campers would be released if they wanted, Raven left for his second and final stint in ECW. After that he made his second debut in the WWF with Tazz on September 24. Where he remains now.
Raven’s Days in ECW – 

When ECW was just beginning it was emerging as one the most dominant independents around, where Stevie Richards began to dress up as Stevie the Body, and Stevie Polo and so on, making fun of Levy’s old gimmicks. Then Richards challenged his nemesis Tommy Dreamer to a match at Holiday Hell ’94, which he lost to Dreamer, than Stevie vowed revenge from his “idol”. Raven debuted as Stevie’s idol on January 7, 1995, as the antisocial, grunge freak. Raven quickly adapted to the hardcore and extremeness style of ECW, and became very popular. Raven began tag teaming with Stevie Richards, who than brought in Raven’s high school sweetheart Beulah McGillicutty, which created Raven’s Nest, along with the Pitbulls, and different Dudleys. Soon Raven and Richards defeated the Public Enemy for a taste of their first championships in ECW. Later on September 16, 1995, Raven and Richards lost the championships to the Pitbulls who had broken away from the flock. But on October 17, 1995 Raven and Richards won back their titles from the Pitbulls, but would lose the belts to The Public Enemy in a 3-way dance with the Tha Gangsta’s that same night. Raven continued making the rounds in ECW and became a massive feud with the Sandman. The feud marked Raven's style of bringing "real life" issues to the centre of the feud. In this feud Raven and the Sandman get very personal, and Raven even turned the Sandman's wife and children against him. The war between the two end in Raven taking the ECW World Title from the Sandman on January 27, 19960. Raven managed to hold onto the title for nine months until a tag match with Stevie Richards between Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. But Raven never showed up, so Stevie substituted Brian Lee and on top of it all Richards had to put Raven’s belt. The stipulations were that if Richards were pinned whoever made the pinfall would be the new ECW champion, which led to The Sandman pinning Stevie. This lead to Stevie and Raven having a feud for Richards losing the belt. 

Two months later on December 12, 1996 Raven won the title back from the Sandman in a bloody Barbed Wire Match in ECW Arena. Raven won the title, but there was no rest on the horizon. Raven was engulfed in major blood feuds with Stevie Richards, Tommy Dreamer, and the Sandman. The feud with Tommy Dreamer began to heat up because of Raven's valet, Beulah McGillicutty. Beulah was a beautiful girl who was not afraid to interfere in Raven's matches. She did interfere in a number of matches, costing Dreamer numerous shots at the title. Eventually Raven was treating Beulah so bad that she ran away into the arms of none other than Tommy Dreamer. The boiling point in their relationship came when Stevie was grilling Beulah about her attitude, and she revealed she was pregnant. Raven was incensed, and became more angry when Beulah revealed the child was not his. When Raven demanded to know who the father was, Beulah said it was Tommy's. Dreamer attacked Raven, and Beulah left with him. Raven was incensed and promised to end Dreamer's career. Raven debuted his new valet, Kimona Wanalaya, who helped neutralize Beulah in confrontations Raven had with Dreamer. Eventually it was revealed that Kimona and Beulah were having an "affair" and Kimona left Ravens side, after the infamous dance atop ECW. But in the ring, no matter how bloody and brutal the match, Raven was beating Dreamer in match after match. Raven had Dreamer's number in this devastating feud. Than as ECW was beginning to thrive, Paul Heyman decided ECW would have their first ever Pay-Per-View “Barely Legal”. It was decided that there were three top contenders for the ECW Title: Sandman, Stevie Richards, and Tommy Dreamer. The contenders would have a 3-way elimination match at the Pay-Per-View to decide who the number one contender would be. Than that person would go on to battle Raven in the main event right after. Tommy Dreamer was a mentee of Terry Funk, who was then 52 years old. Funk also wanted one more shot at the title, and his mentee, Dreamer, gave up his spot in the match to Funk. 
Funk then just barely made it out of the 3-way dance, and a fresh Raven misjudged him, and was defeated with a little help from Tommy Dreamer. Raven than angered blamed everybody especially Dreamer for the loss of his title. Raven jumped Dreamer at every chance that he could and lead both to agreeing to a Loser Leaves ECW match at Wrestlepalooza 97. These two battled all over the arena. Than Chastity, Raven’s new valet, and Beulah, Dreamer’s valet, got into to it on the outside. Raven Evenflowed Dreamer but didn’t go for the pin instead he pulled Chastity off of Beulah and begged for her to take him back, which allowed Dreamer to get back up and attack Raven. A short while later Dreamer got Raven into a front facelock, yelled out the infamous line “E C Fucking W” and DDT Raven for the win. Which led to Raven’s time in WCW where he became US Champ and created his own Flock in there. He also had memorable feuds with DDP, Chris Benoit, Saturn and Kanyon. Raven became disheartened with WCW lack of use for him; Eric Bishoff than stated whoever isn’t happy with their contract can be released if they want. Which led into Raven’s second stint in ECW. Raven returned to ECW at the TNN show (taped August 26), which aired on September 3. During the show the ECW Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz ranted about going to the WWF, which of course brought Raven's old nemesis Tommy Dreamer to the ring. A match then began which the Dudley's dominated, when the locker room wanted to come to the rescue of Dreamer, Raven showed up and planted Buh Buh Ray Dudley with the Evenflow and then covered him, and so Raven and Dreamer became ECW Tag Team Champions. Dreamer then wanted to hug Raven, but he just left the ring. At ECW Hardcore TV, September 11, Raven and Dreamer had their first "title defense", as Steve Corino and Rhino were having their fun with Dreamer, Raven ran in and Evenflowed Rhino, meanwhile Dreamer did the same to Corino. Raven and Dreamer then pinned their competitors, after the match Raven jumped into the crowd to celebrate. But afterwards began a weird relationship between the two with Raven coming down to Dreamer’s matches and sometimes helping him, and most times Evenflowing him. At the TNN show, October 22, Raven again came to the rescue of Dreamer, who this time was getting beaten by Lance Storm and Justin Credible. The Impact Players then wanted destroy Raven, but Dreamer made the save. When the two had chased the heels away Raven blasted Tommy with an Evenflow again. Dreamer who was pissed off called Raven out, but before anything could happened Raven left the ring.
The relationship between Raven and Dreamer turns stranger every day, at the TNN show Dreamer took on Lance Storm, Raven hit the ring and nailed Tommy with an Evenflow so Storm would get the victory. In the aisle Raven was blindsided by Justin Credible, whom together with Storm busted Raven open, until Dreamer made the save. Raven stated that he didn't need help, which Dreamer responded to by DDT'ing Raven. 
Raven and Dreamer then teamed up to take on the Impact Players at the ECW show, which ended when Rhino entered the ring to help the Impact Players. The lights then went out and the Sandman returned to ECW to save Raven and Dreamer. Which didn’t make Raven too happy. On November 7, Raven joined Tommy Dreamer and Sandman to take on Justin Credible, Lance Storm and Rhino. Raven didn't work to well with his partners, because he avoided tags and took his own tags whenever it pleased him. Raven Dreamer and The Sandman lost after Raven nailed Sandman with a Singapore Cane by accident, which le Justin Credible to easily get the pinfall. But Raven just shrugged his shoulders and left. At the following TNN show, Raven rescued Dreamer and Sandman from a beating from Justin Credible, Rhino, and Steve Corino. When Raven had cleared the ring, he wanted to help Dreamer up, but Sandman caned Raven. Raven then cut a promo to Dreamer, as to why he let the drunk (The Sandman) beat him up. 
Raven and Dreamer took on Rhino and Chris Candido at the TNN show in late November. Raven and Dreamer suprisingly worked together very well in the match and won. After the match the two were jumped by Steve Corino and Jack Victory. The Sandman came to the rescue and cleared the ring, which led to Raven attacking him. Dreamer than tried to stop the two from fighting, but Sandman ended up caning Dreamer. The Impact Players then attacked and laid the three men down. The Impact Players who were feuding with Dreamer and Raven at the time and on Guilty as Charged Dreamer and Raven lost the titles to Credible and Storm. Raven and Francine began to have feelings for each other, which led to Francine leaving Dreamer, and Raven beginning another feud with Dreamer. Raven than teamed with Mike Awesome to win the ECW Tag Championship from Dreamer and Masato Tanaka. At Living Dangerously, March 12, Raven and Mike Awesome entered the 3-way dance against the Impact Players and the team of Dreamer and Tanaka. It was a surprising short affair for Raven and Awesome, who were the first team eliminated and thereby they lost the ECW Tag Team Title. Awesome than turned his back on Raven and left for WCW. Raven than feuded with the Impact Players for the next short while. Later while Raven was cutting a promo he was attacked by Credible which ended up with Dreamer making the save, But out of nowhere Scotty Anton jumped them both. Raven than had a small feud with Anton and the Network. At ECW Hardcore TV, July 15, Raven went up against Rhino for the ECW TV Title. Raven hit the Evenflow, but Rhino kicked out and hit the Gore to win the match. The next night at ECW on TNN, Raven worked his last TV show, Raven came out and thanked the fans for their support, but Cyrus and Anton came out. It all ended with Raven getting Gored through a table by Rhino and that was Raven’s last time in the true ECW. He than left for the WWF and is now in the Alliance faction where he is being horribly misused. He has won the WWF Hardcore championship approximately 11 times. 
Memorable Matches: 

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer – Loser Leaves ECW – Wrestlepalooza 97

Raven vs. The Sandman – Barbwire Match - December 12, 1996

Raven vs. The Sandman – Cage Match – Heatwave – July 13, 1996HEATWAVE - JULY 13, 1996 

Raven & Stevie Richards vs. The Pitbulls – 2/3 Falls Double Dog Collar match – Gangsta’s Paradise 95

Raven & Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs. The Impact Players & Rhino – November To Remember 99

Raven & Mike Awesome vs. Tommy Dreamer & Masato Tanaka vs. The Impact Players – Living Dangerously 00

Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven & Cactus Jack – November to Remember - November 18, 1995

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