Rhino AKA the Man Beast

Real Name: Terry Gerin

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 285

Date of Birth: 

Home Town: Detroit, Michigan

Finisher: Gore, Piledriver

ECW Title History: 2 Times ECW TV Title Champion
ECW Heavyweight Championship

Bio: The Man Beast has been wrestling since 1994 in the Indies in northern America and Southern Canada. His first big break came in 1997 when he joined a group called “Thug Life” which consisted of Joe E. Legend (formerly Just Joe), Christian Cage (The WWF’s Christian) Sexton Hardcastle (The WWF's Edge) and Bill Skullion. The group took part in American bashing, not unlike The Old Hart Foundation. After the group dissolved Gerin proceeded to tour all over the world including Austria and Germany in 1997-1998 eventually winning the CWA (Catch Wrestling Alliance) tag titles with his old friend Joe E. Legend. He also managed to work a dark match for the WWF before RAW in June of 1998, and he went to their training camp, but nothing ever came of it, due to obligations in Europe. He went back and forth between Europe and America, but his best break would come after returning from Europe and making his way to Philadelphia and wrestling in what would be one of the biggest matches in his career!
ECW History: After having a try out match with Taz, Rhino caught the attention of ECW promoter Paul Heyman and after a short time he was working full time with the Extreme Promotion. He made his ECW “Official” debut as Rhino in helping Steve Corino on his way to the top of promotion. He made his first PPV appearance on September 19, 1999 at the Odeum in Villa Park, IL at ECW's Anarchy Rulz. He teamed with Steve Corino to lose to Raven and Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Tag Team belts. But the loss would not keep the monster down.
He managed to redeem himself at the next pay per view helping The Impact Players defeat Raven, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman at November to Remember 1999, giving Rhino his first PPV win! But Rhino did well on his own as well and eventually tore through the ranks of ECW leaving broken bones everywhere. He broke the leg of both Rob Van Dam and Little Spike Dudley and took out all the competition in scary fashion. It was only a matter of time before Rhino got a shot at singles gold. Rhino would get that shot, competing in a tournament for the recently vacated TV Title (Rhino broke RVD’s leg, causing him to drop the title), but eventually lost in the final round of the tournament to the up and coming Super Crazy at Living Dangerously 2000. But Rhino soon got his revenge by beating Yoshihiro Tajiri (who beat Super Crazy) soon after. This would lead to Rhino’s most famous feud yet.
The Sandman had been in ECW for a long time, but had never won the Television title, and he wanted it, but there was one thing standing in his way, Rhino! The two began an intense feud that lasted over 4 months. Every match The Sandman would come down as the favorite, but every time The Man Beast destroyed him in a scary manner. The intense feud got so heated that The Sandman’s wife got involved, BIG MISTAKE! At Hardcore Heaven 2000, Rhino was fighting with Sandman, eventually Sandman’s wife made it down to the ring, and Rhino showed the Sandman that it wasn’t a smart idea. He proceeded to Piledrive her off the apron through a table in one of the sickest spots in ECW history! The match ended shortly with Rhino winning, and the feud continued to escalate for months, but The Sandman could never pull out a win over the Man Beast. 

Rhino’s title reign continued with big wins of over New Jack (at November to Remember 2000) and a gigantic win over former Champion Rob Van Dam at Anarchy Rules 2000. It seemed like the Man Beast couldn’t be stopped as no challenger could beat him. But Rhino proved to be not as invincible as everyone thought.

After a bunch of huge victories over his challengers, Rhino lost to the high flying Kid Kash and lost the title, but again Rhino wasn’t done. A few weeks later he won back the belt, making everyone forget he even lost it. But probably the biggest night in Rhino’s career came on January 7th, 2001, guilty as Charged 2001, after an evening of surprises and extreme action, the Man Beast had been suspiciously absent, well by the end of the night we all new why. Shortly after winning Rhino’s longtime rival The Sandman had won the ECW Heavyweight Championship title (by beating Steve Corino and Justin Credible), Rhino came out on a rampage. Ranting that since ECW wasn’t on TV anymore his title didn’t matter, and if The Sandman didn’t give him a title shot right there, he would KILL the Sandman’s family at ringside! After a short match (and a huge Gore and Piledriver) The Sandman was finished, Rhino had won the ECW Heavyweight Championship. He had done what no other competitor could do, unify both ECW Singles titles, The Man Beast had accomplished more in just over a year than most ever had in a career in ECW. Unfortunately ECW was on shaky financial ground at the time, and Guilty as Charge would be ECW’s last show, and Rhino never got to defend his newly earned title. 
Where Rhino is now: Shortly after the demise of ECW, a bunch of wrestlers were signed by thew WWF, at the top of that list? The Man Beast Rhino! A few weeks later, a slimmer Rhino appeared helping his old friends Edge and Christian win the WWF Tag Titles, and eventually help them dominate at WMX-7 shortly after. Almost a month after that Rhino won the WWF Hardcore Championship and ever since he’s been the dominant figure in that division, destroying all challengers, just like in ECW!

Memorable Matches: 

Rhino, Justin Credible, Lance Storm Vs Sandman, Raven, Tommy Dreamer: November 2 Remember 1999(07/11/99)
Rhino Vs. Super Crazy: Living Dangerously 2000 (12/03/00)
Rhino Vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri: (22/04/00)
Rhino Vs. The Sandman: Hardcore Heaven 2000 (14/05/00)
Rhino Vs. Rob Van Dam: Anarchy Rulz 2000(01/10/00)
Rhino Vs. The Sandman: Guilty as Charged 2001(01/07/01)

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