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TazzJayz President of ECW2k/
RIP ECW Writer
Name: Tazzjayz
Hometown: Montreal,Quebec Canada

Favorite ECW Wrestler: Taz

Favorite ECW Tag Team: Unholy Alliance (Tajiri/Whipreck)

Favorite ECW Match: Tanaka vs Awesome (Heatwave 9 

ECW in 21 Words: After I lost hope in the WWF, I discovered ECW which was without a doubt the greatest show ever in town. 

Poopsicle316 Vice-President of ECW2k
Head Writer
Head of Tape Trading Section
Name: Poopsicle, Big Poppa Poop, Poop Daddy, Poopy Anton
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Favorite ECW Wrestler: Yoshihiro Tajiri, Lance Storm

Favorite ECW Tag Team: FBI, Eliminators

Favorite ECW Match: Guerrero vs. Malenko (2/3 falls farewell)

ECW in 21 Words: E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! 

Augie680 Vice-President of ECW2k
Head Webmaster
Whole F'n Column Writer
Name: Augie680
Hometown: Somehwere in Ontario

Favorite ECW Wrestler: (TIE) RVD and Rhino

Favorite ECW TagTeam: The Dudleys!

ECW in 21 Words: I'm still rather new to ECW, but it kicks some serious ASS. It's the most Innovative Wrestling Idea since the Suplex. 

El Loco Hombre69 Staff Writer
In ECW We Trust Writer
Head of E-Federation
Name: El Loco Hombre
Hometown: Dorchester, MA

Fav ECW wrestler: Rvd

Fav Tag Team : Sabu & RVD

Fav Match: malenko vs. Guerrero 2/3 falls

Best thing about ECW: NO BOOTY MAN!

Worst thing: NO BOOTY MAN!

ECW in 3 words and a bunch of periods: Best....Fed....EVER!

SuicidalByNature42 Crossing the Line Writer/Genius Name : Suicidal By Nature
Hometown : Buffalo, NY

Favorite ECW Wrestler : Rob Van Dam

Favorite ECW Tag Team : The Eliminators

Favorite ECW Match : Malenko Vs Gurrerro 2/3 Falls

ECW In 14 Words : The most influential American wrestling promotion since the WWF decided to try going national... 

Gilleys22 Head of Media/Pictures
Staff Writer
name: Gilleys22

fav wrestler - Raven

fav tag team - The very short lived Raven/Dreamer combo

fav match - Michinoku Pro 6 man Tag/Sandman vs. Sabu- Stairway to Hell

ECW in 9 words - The greatest, innovative, revolutionary promotion there ever was.....period 

Dilk Bathoon Staff Writer Name: Dilk Bathoon
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Favorite ECW Wrestler: Raven

Favorite ECW Tag Team: Unholy Alliance (Tajiri/Whipreck)

Favorite ECW Match: Guerrero vs. Malenko (2/3 falls farewell)

ECW in 21 Words: The greatest federation in North American history, ECW revolutionized wrestling and gave many of today's main event wrestlers their big break. 

MikeyWhipreck666 Staff Writer
Platypus_Fool Staff Writer
PPV Reviewer
RDMrWhite4 Staff Writer
Ringside With Mr.White Columnist
Name: Devin Anderson-Ruddon a.k.a. RDMrWhite4

Favorite ECW Wrestler: Sabu

Favorite ECW Tagteam: Kronus and New Jack/The Dudley Boys

Favorite ECW Match:Sabu vs. RVD Stretcher match (The one where they do the Fishermans Buster through the table and RVD loses)

ECW 32 in words: ECW will forever be the most important American federation in history. Extreme, hardcore, suicidal, all these styles were derived from ECW then stolen for profit. To the most influential fed ever, Thankyou 

Kurt LaMont  ECWHistory Owner
Tom Misnik  ECWHistory GM
Craig King ECWHistory Columnist