“The Golden Days Of The Tag Team Division Are Over”
- Spyderweb84 on IGN Boards.

 I would happen to agree with Old Spyder there. The WWF Tag division in the past two years was as good as the division had been in all of the WWF’s history. But now….. It’s all over.

Take a look at the once amazing roster of Tag Teams in the WWF:

The Hardyz: They’re mainly singles wrestlers now and a breakup has been hinted at since before Wrestlemania.

Edge and Christian: As of last Monday they’re broken indefinitely and should feud for a long time to come most likely.

X-Factor and T&A: Both have been broken up for awhile now, and I don’t see any sign of reunion.

The Dudleyz: They’ve been too preoccupied lately to go for the Titles. Unless the WWF/Alliance War ends I don’t see them becoming dominant champs, especially against UT and Kane.

Really the only good remaining teams are The APA, Kronik and UT and Kane. But that’s really not enough considering all three teams are power based. If the WWF wants to fix their division and make it a force again there’s a few decent ways to do so, but one excellent way.

Imagine this setup:

 It’s Monday night and continuing on wit the WWF/WCW war angle, and The Alliance has forced William Regal to give to of their superstars a Tag Title Shot. So the Alliance announces that Rob Van Dam and Rhino will be taking on the Undertaker and Kane for the Tag Titles (By then they would be merged), and UT and Kane aren’t happy about being shoved into this impromptu match. So they decide to get a little revenge against them by taking out Rhyno earlier in the night, making it impossible to compete. So all throughout the night RVD is shown trying to get a partner, but alas, none of the Alliance will, either previous matches, injuries or the fact that they are scared to face UT and Kane. SO RVD proclaims he doesn’t need anyone and decides to go it alone. So the match comes and sure enough, RVD is alone, the match goes on for about five minutes and they go back and forth, but then RVD starts to get overwhelmed by the Brothers of Destruction.  After a few minutes of beating, it looks like RVD is done, then all of a sudden the arena goes dark, and Sabu’s old music plays (The Arabian one, they could use that one, it’s not by a regular band right?). All of a sudden Sabu comes from behind in the ring and nails Kane with a chair sending him flying to the outside and RVD recovers to tackle Undertaker to the outside.

Meanwhile JR is screaming, “Who is That?” While Heyman just laughs, and finally he says “You wanna know who that guy is JR?”, “He’s Homicidal…. He’s Genocidal…. He’s Suicidal…. He’s Sabu”!

Back in the ring Sabu has set up the chair runs of the far rings ropes and comes back to jump off the chair, off the ropes to nail an Air Sabu to the outside on the Kane, leaving the fans chanting “ECW, ECW, ECW!”.  Then Undertaker gets back up steaming and runs in to get Sabu but Sabu throws the chair at him, knocking him backwards, then RVD and Sabu both slides back in. Sabu whips the chair at Undertaker, who catches it, but is simultaneously kicked in the face by RVD, to nail a devastating Van Daminator. RVD falls down to pin the bleeding Undertaker and the ref counts to three as the Fans Chant “Holy S**T! Holy S**T!”. The Raw ends with the new Champs taunting their opponents, JR screaming and Heyman laughing and the fans craving more.

The next night (Smackdown) opens with a recap of Last Monday’s Main event, and the RVD and Sabu coming down to the ring with Paul Heyman. The cut wicked promo on UT and Kane being too old and crappy to wrestle beat them, and they say if you want a match, just ask for it. UT and Kane promptly accept and a match is set for the next Pay Per View between the two, in an Anything Goes Match, that sees Kane move over to the alliance, and Undertaker injured after being put through a table by a triple Jump Moonsault.

So after the Pay Per View RVD and Sabu go onto face the best teams of the WWF, X-Factor, The Dudleys, The APA, Kronic etc. Six months has passed and no one seems to be able to beat RVD and Sabu, but one way or another they always mange to beat the teams thrown at them by the WWF. Finally after a great reign as champs the Hardyz come back together (they would break up about 5 months beforehand) to challenge the seemingly unbeatable Tag Champs. The Hardyz would challenge them to a TLC match at the latest PPV (I’m guessing Wrestlemania) and in a match filled with the most amazing spots ever The Hardyz pull out a win after either Sabu or RVD accidentally screw the other over.

The Former tag champs would try and regain their titles, but because of infighting between the two they can never win them back and eventually RVD and Sabu break up entirely. This leads to another amazing feud between the two, that sees RVD win in a Loser Leaves Town Match (Sabu would have been fired because of Backstage Problems by then) and sees him on a quest to win the Heavyweight Title.

I don’t really know what you could do with the Tag Titles after that (who cares), but you’d definitely have six months of incredibly cool Tag Team Matches.

Notes: - I hate seeing the Hardyz beat RVD/Sabu just as much as you, but you have to take the titles off them eventually and this seemed like the best way.
- I realize that they probably wouldn’t feud with Dudleys and or Krnoic, being on the same time, but I figured that it didn’t really matter.
- I know that the Sabu run in would probably be considered a DQ in the WWF, but who really cares.