Issue 2

By Augie680

Please Note that this was written before the return of ECW on Raw

 Hey People, Iím back finally with the newest edition of the WHOLE FíN COLUMN. Sorry itís taken me so long to get this out, but my commitments as the Webmaster of ECW2k take up most of my time. I was originally going to review some Full ECW Matches I have on my computer, but that will have to be pushed back until the next Column, because I have a new idea. I was watching RAW tonight and I was watching the WCW Wrestlers get booed badly by the fickle WWF crowd, and I noticed something, The WWF fans like prefer ECW over WCW. Let me Explain in greater detail, just so you get my point.

Before I go any further, let me just go into detail about WWF fans. In recent years, many NON-Wrestling fans have started attending WWF Events and Watching WWF TV because of the huge exposure of the WWF in the Mainstream. These fans have no respect or knowledge of Wrestling History or any wrestling outside of the WWF (Not all, but most)! They mark for the dumbest stuff and are unfairly mean to wrestlers they donít understand or know. They boo Hard Working Indy Wrestlers for Jakked Tapings (Chris Daniels, Low Ki) who have more talent than most of the WWF Main eventers. So know that you know what Iím talking about I can get to my point.

ECW gets over Awesomely!
On Raw this week, Tajiri got wayyyyyyyyyyyyy over as usual, and the fickle WWF fans mark like Crazy for Rhynoís gore, and on the same show, saw them boo the crap out of Buff Bagwell and Booker T. This be all means, shouldnít be happening. For years both of these WCW guys were on National TV wrestling in WCW, and the ratings were good for most of the time. The other Two guys (The ECW Guys) were wrestling Indy Cards and on TV on a poor station with awful ratings, but how the hell do these guys get over faster? Why is it that these fans are praising and marking for guys they wouldnít have any knowledge of rather than guys that have had more mainstream exposure and are more recognizable to the average fan?

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy Over!
I honestly donít really know the answer, but Iíll take a stab at it. The reason (or my theory) is that ECW has paved a trail all across the Wrestling World. Fans who never even seen an ECW show, but through Word of Mouth (is that the term?) fans have come to love and praise ECW like crazy (me!). So all these fans learn of ECW and watch all the classic matches and eventually become so obsessed with it that they mark out on RAW. Thatís my ideas, but Iím not a genius, so itís just an opinion, not a fact.

Well Iím going to have to cut this short, remember to keep coming back to ECW2k weíve got some cool stuff coming up.


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