Issue 3

By OlympicSharpShooter

As you can see this obviously isn't Augie writing.Well I'll explain. I was talking to Augie on MSN about ECW and out of the blue he offered me a J-O-B at the S-I-T-E,so I took it. I'll probably be doing this once every week or two,and it'll probably different every time,whether it be opinions or reviews or whatever,and I hope you all enjoy it. 

*Augie's Note: Hey Guys, do to my busy schedule running the site, I am unable to get The Whole F'n Column out on a Regular Schedule. I will continue to write articles occasionally when I find the time. So I wish the best to OSS, and hope he can give the column the time it deserves. Also check out the new CDN. Tape Trader Site I'm running now: VideoWinger. Thanks*


For this weeks WFC,I thought I'd talk about what ECW means to me,from when I first heard about it through until now. 
When I first heard about ECW it was a mystery to me.Who were these strange wrestlers?Who are Jerry Lynn, Sabu, Tajiri, Sandman,and Tommy Dreamer?And why were so many people into this bush league organization?I decided to find out. 
I hunted around the magazine racks looking for everything I could about it.I learned a lot,but at the same time very little.After all,what still frame could really show you the impact of Rhynos Gore,or the brutality of a Balls Mahoney chairshot? 
After a while ECW became more of an idea than an actual thing.It meant hardcore,it meant testicular fortitude,it meant wrestlers putting their bodies on the line for the fans.So yeah,I marked like hell every time a new ECW-ite strode unto my television set.At the time I didn’t know that this was the sort of thing that put ECW out of buisness. 
I started going to Indy shows and I was as loud as a motherfuck for Rhyno, Dreamer, Lynn, and all the rest.I bought merchandise, snapped up videos whenever I could,and got the autographs of some of my favorite ECW wrestlers. 

Who is this Man?!?
So fast forward 6 months.I was still an ECW mark,despite the fact that the company had folded.I still hadn’t seen much of the product,but what I saw impressed me.So imagine my surprise when ECW was “reborn” before my unbelieving eyes.Well at first I was ecstatic!Maybe some of the former ECW stars of the WWF would be getting pushes now! 
Over the next several weeks my enthusiasm diminished.I watched ECW’s credibility go up in smoke.Raven gets squashed by Kurt Angle. Rhyno comepletely dominated by Kane. Lance Storm? Defeated easily by Chris Jericho. But the worst indignity was yet to come.Stone Cold Steve Austin single handedly dominated the WCW/ECW alliance,delivering 16 or more Stone Cold Stunners. 
I refuse to believe what Vince and his team of spin doctors are trying to tell me.ECW has NOT returned. No,this,this is a ploy to spike the buy rates on a fued that has been fucked from the start.It’s trying to play for the dollars ECW fans who,like myself,haven’t seen all that much ECW can bring. 

Dominated by KANE!

“But OSS,it’s ECW!It’s got the music,the logo,the flash and flare!”WRONG!ECW was never about flash or flare.It was about 30 or 40 guys going out into the ring and working their asses off!Crash Holly hitting K-Kwick with a garbage can is not hardcore.Terry Funk being torn apart by barbed wire is. 
This “new” ECW is wrong.There are thousands of fans out there who’ve never even seen an ECW telecast who chant “E-C-Dub,E-C-Dub” during every great high-risk match because, hey, everybody knows that ECW set the ground work for the TLC’s,the Streetfights, and the Inferno matches of today. What do these fans see now?A glorified job-squad,seemingly incapable of winning a single clean match.This ECW isn’t even a shadow of the original.I know this sounds a bit extreme, and that seems to be a definate contrast from the companies current state. 
Thanks for reading,and I hope to write again real soon. 
The OlympicSharpshooter 
True Hardcore!

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