Issue 4

By OlympicSharpShooter

Hey,hey,looks like it's time for another WFC.I've decided that todays column will be about Raven,or more specifically, why he can't seem to climb the ladder of success in the World Wrestling Federation.

People have suggested a plethora of different reasons as to why this former ECW legend and popular WCW star cannot attain main-event statis in the WWF as others such as Steve Austin,Mick Foley,and Chris Benoit have done in the past. Is it because, as some say, the WWF hasn't allowed Raven to display his marvelous psychology? Is Ravens offense outside of the hardcore environment to limited,leaving many of his matches near squashes with Raven often limited to one or two attacks per match perhaps killing his face heat and discrediting his heel persona?Is Raven simply being lost in the shuffle?Or is Raven reverting back to the type of lazy slacker that almost ended his career in ECW?


From ECW to the Main EVENT!

After Ravens debut interfering in a match between Taz and Jerry Lawler,Raven went under the radar for several weeks.Upon his return Raven captured the Hardcore title, his first and only title in the WWF.After trading the title back and forth with Al Snow,The Bigshow,and Blackman,Raven jobbed the title to kane at WM 17,in a reasonably high profile match. Raven followed it up with a grade-A title defence against another former ECW star Rhyno.

Raven subsequently began a face turn,and by KOR he had some major face heat,which was translated into several European title shots against Eddie Guerrero.Maybe Raven would finally climb the ladder to the top.


Grade-A hardcore bouts!
But we'll never know,as the Invasion angle rocked the WWF,giving Raven the lucrative job of being beaten pillar to post by Kurt Angle,Tajiri,and pretty much everyone else he's in the ring with.Raven is now languishing on Jakked and Metal with the other might-have-beens like Jerry Lynn,Justin Credible, and Taka Michinoku.

Has the Raven Effect been permanately negated? Or will the Raven, like it's fellow bird the Pheonix, rise from the ashes of Invasion and be dominate once more?Only time will tell.


Only Time Will tell!

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