Issue 5

By OlympicSharpShooter

"What the hell?What the f**k were they thinking?!". This is me literally screaming at my television set watching Jakked last week.Not only did Billy Gunn go over on Mike Awesome, but in his debut singles match, Tommy Dreamer does the J-O-B to the W-O-R-F'n-M! These are two ludicrous examples of ECW Icons being degraded in the worst way possible. Want some more?Of course you do!Jerry Lynn gets a great view of the arena ceiling against Mark Jindrak. Justin Credible humiliated by Crash Holly. Crash's "cousin' Hardcore single handedly changes Tazz's nickname from the Human Suplex Machine to the Human Punching Bag.And Raven,well raven's everybodies bitch.I mean Kurt Angle, Tajiri, Essa Rios, Terri...

The above represent the remains of ECW.With the exceptions of RVD, Rhyno, Tajiri and a handful of others, ECW alumni are becoming lost in the shuffle. Is Tommy Dreamer not being pushed because of his ECW legacy? Well if so, ECW may as well stand for End of Career Wrestling.
Having an ECW past has always and still is a badge of honour for many wrestlers. It helped get people like Raven and Awesome over in WCW, and it's a valuable asset on many a wrestlers resume. But is it becoming a curse? Why? My opinion? Well want it or not I write this shit so you're going to get it! I think it's because of the fact that even though the WWF owns the entire ECW tape library it is not utilyzing it. Paul Heyman can sit at his little announcers chair, with his little ECW hat and fake pony tail, and spew out all the statistics and title histories all he wants, but the average mark doesn't give a damn! What does he give a damn about? ACTION! High spots, sick hardcore brawls, career shortening stunts, and overall the proverbial 5 minute quickie. 

End of Career Wrestling?!?
ECW fans KNOW that Tommy Dreamer can provide big time action. We KNOW Jerry Lynn can work his ass off and provide an unforgettable show. We also know that Raven can cut masterful promos and create innovations on the fly, Tazz can suplex you out of of your boots and tie you up in knots, that Spike Dudley is probably the ballsiest preformer to step inside the ring, and that Mike Awesome can float like a butterfly and sting like a freight train. We know these things,and much more. But it's pretty obvious that you're average fatass mark does not.
Maybe the biggest question is whether or not the next gen of ECW refugees can avoid the fate of their forefathers. Will Nova rise to the top, or will he simply slip into the dark depths of the indy circuit? Will Kid Kash awe the crowds with his high flying dynamics? Will Chris Chetti , in the words of our own TazzJayz , end up crying like a little bitch in some submission hold? I don't have the answers to these questions, and with the possible exception of the WWF writing team, I don't think anyone really does.
Legions of ECW fanatics sit at the edge of their collective seats. The fate of our hardcore heroes rests in the hands of the World Wrestling Federation. Please, don't let us down.



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