CW Anderson Interview (Part 1)

ECW News had the opportunity to interview one of the fastest rising stars in ECW, C.W. Anderson.  In the interview C.W. discusses being an Anderson, his pre-ECW career, The New Dangerous Alliance, his current position in ECW and much more.

Here is part I of the interview:

ECW News: What made you decide to become a wrestler?

C.W.: Growing up in the hot bed of NWA, seeing the Flairs, Rhodes and just being a huge fan.


ECW News:  When did you first decide you wanted to be a wrestler?

C.W.:  After I got out of college, just looking for something to occupy my time.


ECW News: When did you have your first official match? How old were you then?  How did the match go?  Who was the opponent?

C.W.:  Dec. 4, 1993....22....lost...some indy guy


ECW News:  You trained at WCW's Power Plant which has a reputation for being very tough. What was the experience like for you?

C.W.:  Well the first 3 days was a living hell, Sarge and Pez Whatley pushed my body beyond its breaking point. I had nightmares on the ride home about them yelling and screaming for 3 constant days. But after that it was good to learn under those guys cause they have so much to teach plus it was a good learning experience.


ECW News:  The natural progression from graduating from the Power Plant would seem to go right into WCW.  You decided to join the ranks of ECW instead.  What were the main factors that led to this decision?

C.W.:  The higher ups at WCW came into the plant one day to see all of us have a match because they had no idea who was at this school, it was very disorganized at the time and being there for over a year never saw any progress to make it to TV.


ECW News: What kind of a transition was it going from being trained in the Power Plant and wrestling in the Indys and then coming over to ECW and wrestling in their style?

C.W.: A different world. The guys over at ECW work hard night in and night out.  It took a little while to try and get my body use to that style.


ECW News:  How did you break into ECW?

C.W.:  A friend of mine had a tryout and I went just to meet everyone. After his tryout, Nova got me in the ring to workout and Paul Heyman was watching and liked what he saw in me. Put me in a match the same night and I've been there ever since.


ECW News: You worked with many wrestlers in the Indys who have since made it big  including (but not limited to) Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz, Kid Kash and Corino.  What's it like to see wrestlers that you work with on the Indys make it?

C.W.:  Its great to see all my friends do well for themselves and even though I don't get to see them much since most of them work for the other 2, I still try to keep in touch.


ECW News:  Any memorable Indy stories that you would like to share about any of those guys?

C.W.:  Well there’s a lot of stories but what I think about most is when myself,  The Hardy's, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Joey Abs, The Dupps, Lodi, Frog, Steve C. just use to sit around the locker room and cut up before all the TV exposure.


ECW News: What was it like working matches against the Hardy Boyz with the contrast in styles?

C.W.:  I thought we worked well together, the difference in styles always made for a good match and there was so much we could do.


ECW News:  Were they still wearing plaid back then?

C.W.:  And then some, Matt made their outfits and those outfits were different but cool.


ECW News:  Where do you fit on the Anderson family tree in relation to Ole and Arn Anderson?

C.W.:  1st cousins


ECW News: Were you a fan of the Anderson family while growing up, in particular Arn  Anderson, whom you seem to base a lot of your style after?

C.W.:  Oh yes, I loved the way they use to destroy people.


ECW News:  Who else influenced your style and who did you admire when you were younger,  or now for that matter?

C.W.:  Bobby Eaton


ECW News:  Do you consider it an honor to be compared to such legends as Arn and Ole Anderson?

C.W.:  Yes in some way but I'm not trying to follow in their footsteps cause I'm making my own.


ECW News:  Was there any apprehension on your part to use the legacy of the Anderson name as part of your character?

C.W.:  No not at all.


ECW News:  Have you received any feedback from Ole or Arn and what do they have to say about you?

C.W.:  Not yet


ECW News:  What's the secret behind the Anderson left?

C.W.  Well its just a coincidence that I punch left handed, I do everything else right handed except write but I do have the best punch in wrestling, HANDS DOWN!!


ECW News:  You were paired up with Lou E and Bill Wiles as the New Dangerous Alliance.  What was it like working with them?

C.W.:  Great, Lou was great to work with. He is such an untapped talent and has so much experience coming from the Dudleys and doing a great job as Lou E.  He has a lot to offer to younger guys and is only gonna get better w/ time.  Bill was learning just like I was and as a tag team, we came along way quick surprising everyone on how good we were in such a short amount of time and he complimented my style which made us a good tag team.


ECW News: What was Bobby Eaton's reaction to you, Bill and Lou as the New Dangerous Alliance?

C.W.:  He never really said anything.


ECW News:  Is there any chance in the future of you working a program or a match with Bobby Eaton, and has he had any kind of influence on you?

C.W.:  I hope so, and he had a tremendous influence on me.


ECW News:  What was your initial reaction to the DA being split up?  What do you think about it now?

C.W.:  I just do what I'm told. I liked being with those guys but it was time to move on, but it was all for the best.


ECW News:  Since your split with the DA your career has really seemed to be on the rise.  What do you attribute this to?

C.W.:  Getting more chances at singles to prove myself and with some guys leaving it makes room for others to step up to the plate.


ECW News:  What do you think of Bill's new persona, Bilvis Wesley?

C.W.:  I think its hilarious, he fits the character to a T.


ECW News:  You've gone from being managed in a tag team to being a manger of sorts for Simon Diamond and Swinger.  What has that transition been like?  Will you continue to manage Simon and Swinger when Swinger returns from his injury?

C.W.:  Well I'm not a manager just an ENFORCER, and if they need me I'll be there

ECW News:  What do you think of being paired up with Simon and Swinger?

C.W.:  Really like it, I think we're a great unit together and have a lot of potential.

Be sure to check back next week for Part II of the interview where C.W. discusses his relationship with Steve Corino, his future in ECW, what he thinks of the current ECW roster, and much more.