CW Anderson Interview (Part 2)

Welcome to Part II of the ECW News interview with CW Anderson. In part II CW discusses his upcoming match at N2R with Super Crazy, his past matches with Steve Corino, his look at the current lockerroom of ECW, and much more.

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ECW News: What does being in your first N2R singles match mean to you?

C.W.: A lot, N2R is our big one, it is to us what Wrestlemania is to WWF and to be in a singles against Super Crazy, the best Mexican wrestler on the planet (BAR NONE) is one I'm looking forward to.

ECW News: You have faced Super Crazy a few times in the past. How do you feel you match up with him?

C.W.: I like the match-up. Its a classic example of the collision between airborne and infantry.

ECW News: How does your strategy differ facing a high flier like Super Crazy as opposed to someone who is more mat oriented?

C.W.: I try to go into every match with the same game plan, wear down a body part, but my matches with Super Crazy always have ending up with tables, chairs and us just seeing how we can use those things to try and get an advantage on the other, so my game plan will be the same but will have an audible when those factors are brought in.

ECW News: Who will between you and Super Crazy?

C.W.: I'm looking for a hard match between us 2 but I look for me to come out on top.

ECW News: What other match at N2R are you most looking forward to seeing?

C.W.: Steve Corino vs. Jerry Lynn (Double Jeopardy match also including Sandman and Justin Credible). I was in a 3 way dance with them not to long ago, so I know what they are capable of doing so it should be a good one and I'm watching this one closely cause who ever wins has got me waiting for them.

ECW News: You and Steve Corino are pretty good friends as you have traveled the Indy scene together. Was there any apprehension from either of you about facing each other at Anarchy Rulz?

C.W.: None, we were looking forward to it, to see how far we've come in 3 yrs since the last time we faced each other and we knew we were gonna beat the hell out of each other.

ECW News: Do you wrestle someone that you are good friends with differently than someone that you aren't as close with? And if so, how?

C.W.: Not at all, you go out there focused with everyone and go all out every night.

ECW News: Were you pleased with your match with Steve Corino at Anarchy Rulz, and do you feel that it helped to elevate you in the fans' eyes, and in the eyes of ECW in general?

C.W.: I was and I hope the fans gave me a little respect for my work ethic after that night.

ECW News: In today's wrestling environment of high spots, do you find it tough to go out there and just wrestle a more mat based game to win over a crowd? What do you do to overcome this?

C.W.: Its very tough, it helps when you're a little more established and can come up with some innovative moves to throw into your style.

ECW News: How do you see yourself fitting into the overall picture in ECW as the months and years progress?

C.W.: Being in title contention and then holding it.

ECW News: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

C.W.: Hopefully on top.

ECW News: What has been your favorite match in ECW to date?

C.W.: My Heatwave 2000 6 man tag (C.W., Simon, and Swinger vs. Doring, Roadkill, and Kid Kash)

ECW News: Who is your favorite opponent?

C.W.: Everyone I've faced or gonna face, its to hard to single out just one.

ECW News: Who have you never wrestled that you would like to get in the ring with?

C.W.: Justin Credible and Spike Dudley

ECW News: If you were to have only one last match, who would you want to face and where would you want it to be? Any special stipulations?

C.W.: Wow that's a tough one, probably Tommy Dreamer, Steve Corino and Jerry Lynn in an all out brawl.

ECW News: If you could participate in an inter-promotional 3 Way Dance representing ECW against WWF and WCW, who would you want to square off against and how do you see the pinfalls coming?

C.W.: The Hardy's, Shane Helms and Shannon Moore against me and Simon Diamond with us winning of course

ECW News: Outside of ECW who do you think are the top wrestlers?

C.W.: HHH, The Rock, Benoit, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels.

ECW News: Who are your favorite wrestlers to watch?

C.W.: Shawn Michaels, Benoit and HHH

ECW News: Who are the 3 most underrated wrestlers in ECW?

C.W.: Not counting me, Chetti, Danny Doring and Chris Hamrick

ECW News: Who do you think is going to be the next big star(s) in ECW?

C.W.: Joey Matthews and Christian York

ECW News: Where do you see ECW 2 years from now?

C.W.: Opening a lot of eyes around the world.

ECW News: ECW has run the Carolinas a few times in the past, would you like to see them return and what cities do you think would work best?

C.W.: Oh yeah, Raleigh and Fayetville

ECW News: What do you think of wrestling in the ECW Arena?

C.W.: Love it

ECW News: What do you think about your mini cult following at the Arena?

C.W.: I like it, all those guys are great guys

ECW News: What are your favorite buildings to wrestle in and why?

C.W.: The Danbury, CT Building cause I'm 4-0 in that building

ECW News: Least favorite building and why?

C.W.: The Rave in Milwaukee, too many steps to get up the stage from the dressing room,

ECW News: What are your favorite cities to work in and why?

C.W. Florida period cause its Florida

ECW News: Least favorite cities to work and why?

C.W.: Wisconsin, TOO cold

ECW News: If a major newspaper were to run a front page headline on you, what would the headline be and which paper would it appear in?

C.W.: "Milleneum Enforcer takes it to the EXTREME" in USA Today

ECW News: Did you remove the listing of people's heads who were crushed by your chairshots from your site due to losing count or to protect the identity of the maimed parties?


ECW News: There's a picture of yourself on your website where you are an absolute bloody mess (8 out of 10 on the Corino blood meter). What was the story behind that picture?

C.W. Wrestled Super Crazy in a Mexican Death Match in Cincinnati

ECW News: What is the best rib that you have played on someone? What's the best rib played on you?

C.W.: Put about 500 crickets in someones bag on the indys.....hade a b-day wish played on me at a restaurant where they threw a pie in my face.

ECW News: Word Association - what are your first thoughts on each of the following

ECW...Great workers
WWF...Everything turns to gold
WCW... Struggling
Paul Heyman...Genius
Vince McMahon...Great business man
Vince comment
Eric comment
Jerry of the best
Justin Credible...great champion
Rob Van Dam...what an athlete
Steve Corino...young Barry Windham
Tajiri...vicious kicks child
Super Mexican wrestler
CW heel